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I’m not saying this applies to all but I think some atheists became atheist because of their bitter experiences which made them deny God then finally conclude that there is no God. Hope this won’t offend you…

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Not me...

Not me...

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Accusing atheist of hating

Accusing atheist of hating God because of bitter experiences, or "denying" god implies that they secretly believe yet claim they don't. In short you are accusing atheists of lying.

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Why would it offend it may be

Why would it offend it may be true in some cases not for me though a bitter experience may have brought me to question the church but not to deny God it was my questioning of the church that led to deep research of various religions which resulted in me comparing and contrasting them which ultimately lead me to see what you call God for what it is and what all gods are in general. Gods are tools made up by people which are used to control people.

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Well put. Zap

Well put. Zap

"bitter experience"
some yes but that is usually either the spark or they are not really atheist.

No offence, it is the truth.

The claim that there is a monster that claims that he loves us but does not care what happens to us in this life.

Is in itself an insult to our intelligence. I feel offended just by that claim alone.

To add insult to injury, this monster also claims that after he kills us in this life(shorten our life), he will judge us according to our actions in this life and depending on his own biased decision will either send us to eternal torture or to eternal worship of his greatness.
No appeal or anything. All lawyers are sent to hell :P
All this will surly separate us from our loved ones and somehow we have no chance to even say good by to them or come back.

Somehow this is our choice, in some sick distorted way.

Ahh sorry i am mistaken, it is not this monster that claims all this, it is just a human representing a private company(the church) that is speaking for him.
Which has been proven by history that they lied and manipulated the truth about this monster for their convenience many times over.

So yes we are offended and insulted every time you sprout such nonsense especially when we remember the people who died or were killed because they happened not to agree with your delusions.

We are just mature enough and have pity for you and your delusions.

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I agree that it might be true

I agree that it might be true to some people but there are also theists who chose their religions because they feel hope with the knowledge that there in no god.

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