Burning The Atheist Straw Man

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Burning The Atheist Straw Man







It was only a question of time before this crap would trigger full-scale divine retaliation.

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Where the fuck is a strawman

Where the fuck is a strawman in the first video? It's a compilation of 'psychics' (aka fakes) getting it woefully wrong.

It is NOTHING to do with atheism which, because of your ignorance just exposes you as woefully uneducated.

I have not watched the rest of your links, well because: life is too short, you got your premise wrong in the first place and Nostradamus believers are laughable in their attempts to justify the language into actual predictions.

So you provided stuff and nonsense, and that is nothing to do with my lack of belief in a god or gods you muppet. .

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This user is reported as an

This user is reported as an internet spammer and has been blocked.

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It was a sockpuppet of: this

It was a sockpuppet of: this user.

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This same guy has been at

This same guy has been at work on at least one other forum I am a member of - posting the same exact crap. No "strawman" to be seen and nothing at all to do with atheism.

His real target seems to be skeptics - but apparently he doesn't have the mental capacity to figure that out for himself.

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He got banned at AF quickly

He got banned at AF quickly too today.
He sure is trying to make the rounds. Trying to see how fast he can get banned on various atheist sites? :P

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Could be, happy to oblige if

Could be, happy to oblige if it’s a banning he’s after. ;)

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Can someone tell me some good

Can someone tell me some good Atheist websites please? My phone's protection warned me away from Atheist Nexus.

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If you're referencing the


If you're referencing the comment I made about another site I am a member of, that site is actually "religiousforums.com". It is entirely clean - I'd bet it will pass your phone's site-protection with flying colors. The vast majority of the members there keep the conversation really respectable compared to a lot of other sites. I'm honestly not entirely sure how they've managed it. There are a lot of theists on there, but I would bet that any given group of like-minded theists is matched by the number of atheists also present. It ends up being a great place to learn/read all the arguments and all the counter arguments and generally just see a crap-ton of different views to react to.

They also have a lot of nice features - it is really very decked out in the forum department. Their text-editor for posts is slightly more WYSIWYG, allowing you to change font face, colors, bold/underline/italic, and even indentation of text. It notifies you when people vote your post up for any of various reasons, or reply to your post, or if then even mention you in the post, and provide links that jump you directly to the post being indicated. Quoting people in replies is also set apart within the text, making it entirely clear when you're writing and what you're referencing or replying to. It ends up being really easy to traverse the conversations going on.

Fair warning... it is more like being "on the front lines" than an atheist-dedicated site. There are atheist-specific sub-forums and areas of the site, but there is ample opportunity to debate and try to get people to see the errors in their lines of thinking directly.

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