Christian charity hate

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Christian charity hate

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Christianity IS a hate group.

Christianity IS a hate group. I see no conflict here at all.

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They're following their

They're following their deities barbaric rules set out in the bible, sadly this not much of a shock. Don't forget they think this kind of bigotry represents moral ascendancy, as morality is according to them impossible without the god delusion. Though they're reticent when asked to list these objective morals, now we can see why.

Jo will be along in a minute to denounce them as not really christians.

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why do they hate transgender

why do they hate transgender people?

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They hate, (actually fear) anyone that does not fit their group and their way of thinking. Transgender people represent something different, they fear that, which they turn into hate.

There is more to it than just the above, but I think that is the bulk of the "why."

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They are encouraged to hate

They are encouraged to hate transgender people and gays and lesbians and anyone else who they deem 'other' because old old books written thousands of years ago allow them to do so by ignoring the actual humans beings targetted by labelling them 'abominations'.

These books were written by pious but ignorant old men who feared the power that their normal sexual drives had over them and they justified their mysogyny over and against women as a means of protecting themselves from their own lusty urges. If you keep in mind the sexual discrimination these men promoted against women and such things as menstruation and pregnancy, things they did not fully understand, its not hard to realise their distaste for men who lay with men like women.
Basically as they did not trust and feared their women, homosexuals were bound to be abhored by them.
Main stream religions and apologists today pay lip service to 'hating' the sin but still fail to clearly identify the humans involved and continue to discriminate and persecute otherwise perfectly normal people.
Like all prejudices theirs is justified because their imagined god permits them.
My two cents adjusted for inflation.

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What is the reason religious

What is the reason religious people harbor so much hate inside of them? It is hard for me to understand how grown adults care so much about the lives of other grown adults. Live and let live.

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