Christian schools

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Christian schools

Is it ok for your parents to force you to go to a school were immense indoctrination is present.

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No sir.

No sir.

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Christian school is an

Christian school is an oxymoron, because schools don't teach lies.

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Parents can send children to

Parents can send children to whatever school they like as long as it is accredited in accordance with the law.

Your OP sounds like this is about you.parents are sending you to a religious-based school. If so, the lovely thing is that they CANNOT contol what you think. Only you can do that.

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Being sent to a christian

Being sent to a christian secondary school myself i can vouch that it makes no difference from a normal school except that it might be better.

mainly because the indoctrination is minimal(compared to the doses you get at home) and usually they give more attention to students then the average schools.

I have to admit I failed my religion exam twice in a church school but I passed with high grades in all other subjects.

I think it has to do with the age, since in that time period you tend to be rebellious to what adults tell you.
So in my case it had the opposite effect and thus I did not care about religion per se as a subject.

later in life I started to study it on my own as a personal interest though since when you are kid living in a country where 98% are Catholic Christians, there was no motivation to question everybody else around you.

Only when I learned that people opinions do not matter with regards to the truth and how to handle it, I started to push back.

I don't think church schools effects indoctrination much, maybe reinforce it if it is already there.

It is more like a recruitment center for those who are already indoctrinated or mentally damaged from their own parents indoctrination.

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Most kids dont get a choice

Most kids dont get a choice what school they go to. My parents sent me to religious schools, and it was actually while I was at my Catholic secondary school, that I started to question religion.

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Sadly kids really do not get

Sadly kids really do not get to chose where they go to school. I went to a Christian school from kindergarten to 8th grade. I started realizing in 7th grade how awful the religion actually was. Without intense classes and church during school every week, I do not think I could have come to the conclusion I have. If you are stuck in a religious school, power through it. It's really hard, but remember you are much smarter than them.

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My children go to an Anglican

My children go to an Anglican school. Mainly due to the fact that it provides a better level of education. Unfortunately the Australian public school system is struggling. My children too could probably be referred to as atheists, mainly due to their own decisions and judgements. It was my son at about age 9 that told me spontaniously without prompting, that "God is like Santa for grown-ups." So well put by a person of any age. The one thing we have instilled in our children is respect within reason. Do not directly disrespect the reverend in front of others as they (unfortunately) believe what they are saying and you are a student at the school. This does not mean that you have to believe anything and you can reason out all things with logic. My children are better people for it, as they see things with an open mind and as a result, are supportive and reasonably tolerant of others and their opinions.
Oh! and they are happy to attend the school, as we have always given them the option.

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O.K. or not, there's nothing

O.K. or not, there's nothing you can do about it.
Just keep an open mind and QUESTION EVERYTHING.

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