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In case you missed it, I thought that you might benefit from one of my replies to josh.

A discussion is a two-way street isn't it? I understand that you may not wish to get into a protracted argument, but to cut out all debate whatsoever as isobel seems to be doing is neither a discussion nor much of a learning experience.

Learning how to ride a bike is a hands-on experience. You don't just get it from a manual. Learning about atheists is also a hands-on activity that involves give-and-take discussions. Simply asking questions is better than hiding in a bubble, as some Christians do, but it will not give you the fullest understanding of atheism. You will always be seeing our answers through the filter of your own doctrines, a limitation that cannot be checked via a one-way question asking approach.

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" exposed to different ideas,

" exposed to different ideas, especially ones like atheism."

Atheism is not an idea. Atheism is the absence or lack of belief in a deity, or deities.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for a deity?

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idea: "an opinion or belief."

idea: "an opinion or belief." (according to the dictionary when pertaining to philosophy)
like y'all have been saying, u think there is no god because no convincing evidence has been provided. so, in your OPINION (weather its true or not), the evidence provided is not convincing to u, correct?

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Oh, Isobel.

Oh, Isobel.

Are you familiar with how the criminal court system works in the USA? Those accused of crimes are found to be either guilty or not guilty. Do you think that being found not guilty is the same as being found to be innocent? (Hint = no, it’s not.)

It is the same with a / theism. As someone who is identified as atheist, I am telling you that I do not believe your claim that a god exists. As someone who is identified as atheist, I am telling you I have no knowledge that one or more does or doesn’t exist. These two things are NOT mutually exclusive.

Please quit saying it is otherwise. You are incorrect when doing so.

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If the evidence is not convincing then the claim is not credible. That's different than saying that it is false. Furthermore, you are mistaken in that I also have positive reasons for rejecting some Christian views of God, especially the god of the literal Bible. That god is hung by his own Bible!

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Josh! This is a debate forum.

Josh! This is a debate forum. Be prepared to argue!

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@Isobel with her foolish

@Isobel with her foolish Dictionary crap again. Isobel, are you aware of the fact that dictionaries describe usage and not definitions? As the usage changes the dictionaries change.

@Josh: The bible is evidence for nothing. It is fraught with contradiction, bad advice, forgeries, and amoral dictates for its followers. It is a book written and composed unknown men. It took more than a thousand years to write and even then there are over 70 books that have been omitted from it. Your bible is not evidence for anything. What else have you got.

I suggest you watch Dr. Bart Erhman, here is the link. An honest Christian who can actually tell you about the construction of the Bible.

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@ Josh

@ Josh

Hi Josh,
I will give you the same consideration as I have given Isobel. A word of warning I will not answer "loaded" questions which come at me frequently in this sort of "student" guise. If I detect one I shall certainly let you know in a way that will melt your eyeballs.
Having said that, if you don't ask you do not learn

Ask away, it would be best if you PM me to avoid the rush of replies your questions will cause.

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@JoshtheStudent There's

@JoshtheStudent There's really no point in me trying to prove God to you.

So you're just going to abandon us to eternal damnation as unbelievers? I thought you Christians were duty-bound to follow in your master's footsteps as fishers of men.

It's like trying to prove a blind man that the sky is blue.

LOL. That's fighting talk! Trying to tell a theist about atheism is like convincing a baby that he's not the center of a universe controlled for his benefit by mummy and daddy.

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@JoshtheStudent There's

@JoshtheStudent There's really no point in me trying to prove God to you.

PETER 3:15 - You are wrong banana breath....
15 But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

You are mandated by the very words of Christ to justify your belief to us.


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