Christians vs Atheists Fundraisers

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Christians vs Atheists Fundraisers

Three atheist women conducted an experiment raising funds for children:

People’s reactions are are the results.

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Depressing :/

Depressing :/

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One of the women in the video

One of the women in the video is Jaclyn Glenn. She has a popular YouTube channel.

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That was a really cool video

That was a really cool video because even though it's sad how badly the atheists are treated, it's a great representation of what religious people think of atheists.

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Yes it is sad. Jaclyn Glenn

Yes it is sad. Jaclyn Glenn is a very considerate and thoughtful woman. She covers a lot of topics in her videos. She is not shy to say what she thinks. She enjoys exploring lots of topics.

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The problem with raising

The problem with raising money is that it requires a certain level of marketing skills.

One of the main things you should know is to KNOW your market.

If you go raise money with a christian logo in an Arab country u wont make much money.
If you go in the bible belt(or any theistic majority place) with an atheistic logo you won't raise much money.

I know the video made more, but I do not think that is what will happen in most cases.

The probability is that the more people you have the more money you make.

There is also the fact that those christian people already gave money to other (real) christian charity groups and thus they gave less.

We know that atheists are in the minority but it is good to see a video about this.

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