Church forces homeless to work

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Church forces homeless to work

Dirty beastards need to go to jail for a long time.

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Found more info on these
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Sounds like another (extreme)

Sounds like another (extreme) group home scam. I hear about less extreme versions of this all the time.

/e At my wife's previous job, occasionally she would have to find housing for homeless mental patients; and it was her policy to not place them in group homes without checking out the homes ahead of time; because of bullshit like this.

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And this church deserves a

And this church deserves a tax free ride because they are a non-profit organization doing good work on behalf of the community.

(Please read with the most sarcasm and distain possible.)

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Nothing new.

Nothing new.
In his book People of the Abyss Jack London detailed the extreme poverty of thousands of destitue poor living on the streets of London in the opening years of the 20th century when the British Empire was at its peak.
Jack checked into a cheap East End hotel and without any ID joined the homeless in the streets. The treatment of the poor by the church charities was pretty appalling particularly the Salvation Army. Most of the homeless were offered food and meagre shelter in exchange for long hours of process work in work houses or hours of church services and sermons.
Another book from that time is The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists which details the distressing conditions of the poor in Edwardian England and all the attendant social hypocrisies.
The poor and dispossessed are easy meat for the ruthless.

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The Catholic church invented

The Catholic church invented this slave-labor scam with their Magdalene Laundries.

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Australia has something along

Australia has something along those lines, they are government initiatives.

The first is a requirement of those receiving Unemployment benefit (here we use the cynical euphemism 'Newstart' )

People are required to keep a diary (stamped by relevant businesses) of X number a week of employers approached for work .

People receiving unemployment benefits are subject to the "work for the dole" programme. They do the same kind of work done by people with court ordered community work. ,

Those ideas have been introduced because our Federal welfare system has always been based on the nineteenth century concoction of "the deserving poor". This view is based on the notion that poverty and unemployment are more often than not the fault of the individual. That such people are feckless and choose to live on government 'hand outs' IE that they LIKE being poor.

In Australia 'the dole' is well below the poverty line, and has not been increased for over a decade .

Religions tend to side with the status quo.It's how they get and keep political power.

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Ha ha ha ha ha ....

Ha ha ha ha ha .... Scientology gets you to work for free, steals all your money, and then makes you homeless so you can't run away, They took Christianity and went just a few steps further.

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I'm still staggered that

I'm still staggered that Scientology has not been banned in the US.

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@TheBlindWatchmaker: Yep~

@TheBlindWatchmaker: Yep~ At the same time, If specific denomenations actually had the same amount of media coverage that Scientology gets, they would all look equally bad. Scientology is a Protestant approved target.

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I often pass by the Salvation

I often pass by the Salvation Army's building...Time to go for a little investigation????

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The salvation army has the

The salvation army has the best reputation of all help organizations when it comes to actually spending money on the poor. That is what I have heard anyway. Still, If you want your bowl of soup you have to sit through a sermon. Them's the rules. It us a religious organization and along with the good comes all the brainwashing.

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As long as their do the job..

As long as their do the job... but does it actually extract people from poverty?

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I think a lot depends on what

I think a lot depends on what activities the non-profit organization is doing in their efforts to say, help the homeless.

There a huge difference between lifting folks up and out of poverty and homelessness than merely providing them only bandages (a meal, some new socks, a parking lot for a tent camp, etc). This is not to say the latter items are not critical, but without the infrastructure to provide education, job training, low cost housing, mental health, etc., folks won’t be lifted up and out.

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Salvation Army does have a

Salvation Army does have a program to help people get jobs and the positions are paid. However. I doubt it helps them out of poverty. Minimum wage is not much. Salvation Army operates thrift stores and they hire the handicapped, mildly mentally disabled, the homeless, etc,,, to work in the stores and restore donations. Parts from several bikes can be turned into one good bike. Wood can be stripped and reshaped or mended if a person knows what they are doing. Clothing is washed. sized, and placed on racks for sale. Unlike other religious organizations not everyone is a volunteer.

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These churches seem to force

These churches seem to force a lot of things....


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There's a very old old

There's a very old old saying which goes something like '" I'd d rather die on my feel than live on my knees". Can't say with honesty I'd go quite that far, but I understand the sentiment.

Has always struck me as odd, but very apt, that Christian priests ,pastors etc refer to their congregation as their flock and to themselves as shepherds.

One needs to be a sheep to follow many religions; faith absent critical thought. imo

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The final purpose of sheep is

The final purpose of sheep is to be eaten by the shepherd.

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The best part about forcing

The best part about forcing the homeless to volunteer "IT'S FREE" I've never know a priest or pastor to turn down money! This is how the Church sees it.

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That was an excellent article

That was an excellent article. Thanks for sharing. In a perfect world, we should all pull together to help each other out to the best of our abilities.

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I fully agree Mrs. Paul

I fully agree Mrs. Paul Owczarek, it is the right thing to do.

But unfortunately, the difference in our positions is that as an atheist, I do not believe in forcing a homeless person to first sit and listen to a sermon before being given a bowl of soup.

If I give a person in need something, there are no strings attached.

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Makes you wonder, is

Makes you wonder, is religious "charity" really charity when a sermon is also given? It is more like paying starving/cold people scraps to listen to you talk about completely unevidenced shit.

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I mostly agree with the

I mostly agree with the sermon part.

I think that counseling and medical / psychiatric attention would be a good idea for many. I don't know about other countries, but in the US, the ACLU petitioned to close mental institutions as violating the patient's civil rights. The assumption was that better care was available without locking people up. The government took that as an opportunity to cut costs by closing the institutions and not providing alternate care.

i.e. This here is American and you have the god given right to die on the street.

Food as a draw to get someone to admit they need help to survive might be helpful.

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@Mrs. Paul Owczareki" RE"

@Mrs. Paul Owczareki" RE" "This here is American and you have the god given right to die on the street." Not to worry, the FIMA camps are ready to go, the closed and converted Walmarts are ready to receive inmates. Several major cities have made being homeless a crime. The for profit criminal justice system is all set up to turn a profit and put those people to work. Give it another 20 years and our streets will be free and clean of all the people without homes and jobs. We don't need no stinking Church. The New World Order will do it for us.

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Best church organisation I

Best church organisation I know about is "LifeLine' telephone and face- to- face [free] counselling. Run here by Adelaide Central Mission , which in turn is run by The Uniting Church. I Think that was formed with a merger of several smaller denominations. Methodist ,Presbyterian and Congregationalist..

I know this organisation is a good one because I was a Lifeline telephone counsellor for 2 years. (it's all volunteer, One 6 hour session a week) Their training is excellent . Lifeline offers non directive counselling.

The counsellor has no agenda, presenting choices. With pregnancy, abortion is discussed as realistic option, with contacts provided if wanted.

Hardest calls; suicide attempts, where the person has already taken something, . Counsellor stays with them until we can get an ambulance to them. Mercifully, I only ever had one.The call lasted an hour, ending when the ambulance arrived. I put the phone down and burst into tears,. A common reaction after such calls.

Yeah some churches actually do a lot of good,. I've alway found some really good people with any religious organisation I've dealt with.

I don't want to see the end of religion until I know what will replace them,. In Russia they had the Stalin personality cult, in China, Mao Tse Dung- and of course there's the hideous personality cult of North Korea, currently in its third generation.

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The story behind this thread

The story behind this thread should really be linked to the latest drive by apologist (Joseph) and all the other theists who come here preaching that atheism negates morality.

Sometimes the irony is just too much...

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Is any of us atheist regulars even remotely surprised by this?

Maybe a tiny bit surprised it managed to make national news before the church could cover it up. Churches do this shit all the time, perhaps this one was particularly egregious, but churches taking advantage of the poor and desperate? Absolute standard operating procedure. It is often times how they try to recoup their losses of "faithful" when things like the internet and basic reasoning skills draw people away from the ridiculously insane religious ideas.

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Perhaps a most egregious

Perhaps a most egregious example of pious humbuggery is the late mother Theresa of Calcutta,. That disgusting old cunt actually said the suffering of the poor was a blessing.

The truth of treatment of the sick and dying by her order was criminal negligence

Her order has apparently salted away $BILLION meant to help the desperate, the sick and the dying,. WHERE is it salted away? Why, the Vatican Bank of course, where else. ?

I saw the appalling harridan interviewed on TV about 30 years ago . I thought she was revolting .That was before I knew anything about the reality of her alleged good works.

Yet, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Arguably OK ,because at that time, little was really known about her order or what they actually did.

However, pretty sure the truth was out by the time the Vatican declared her a saint.So much for the thorough, objective investigation done by the Vatican as part of the canonisation process.

A pox of The Vatican and the parasites who actually run the Church.

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Re: OP

Re: OP

Seems to me they are just trying their best to bring back slave labor according to the teachings of their beloved bible. True dedication at work, ladies and gentlemen.

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@Tin: There are more slaves

@Tin: There are more slaves in the world today than there have ever been throughout human history. Someone else posted this and I was shocked by the truth of it. Slavery is LEGAL in the USA. It was never outlawed.

Government-forced labor, also known as state-sponsored labor, is defined by the International labor Organization as events "which persons are coerced to work through the use of violence or intimidation, or by more subtle means such as accumulated debt, retention of identity papers or threats of denunciation to immigration authorities. (Our prison system is a labor camp for slaves.)

The 13th amendment does not abolish slavery.
Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States and provides that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.".


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I think it's ok to work.

I think it's ok to work. After all, unemployed people have a very hard time in life.


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