confused and depressed in Chrisianity?

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Confused, Don’t know if I can

Confused, Don’t know if I can help, but I can understand your confusion. To me, it sounds like you are on the precipice of a decision or conclusion about god and/or the church. Like I said, I understand. I became a convert in my early twenties and everything made sense. Studied and worked in the church and became an ordained deacon. I even started a Master program in Christian apologetics and philosophy, which was the beginning of the end of my Christian walk. As I got deeper into the organization, the less anything made sense. The hate and demonizing of fellow Christians much less the outside world made no sense to me. The lying and twisting of Scriptures to meet a person agendas. The elitism and different rules for the leadership. All of this and the pressure to attend and be perfect was messing with my head, much like some of your doubts. The more I tried to stay, the more mental anguish I put myself through.

Once I decided to leave, a great weight was lifted. There was some confusion at first as you have to get used to a new reality, but you are free to do so. You don’t need the added pressure that the church will put on you. You need to take care of your health. You have done nothing wrong.

The fibromyalgia is real. My mother in-law has a mild case along with her post-polio syndrome.

I don’t know if that helped. Sometimes it just good to talk. There are some good people on here.

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god has not helped you

god has not helped you because he is only in your mind....This is what is wrong with religion....theists believe a Diety will solve all our problems and that is dangerous and why Atheists do not Believe in such fantasy........We have Doctors to help us get well when we are sick...Dentists who can relieve the pain of a toothache.....Meteorologists who can explain the changing weather patterns etc etc...Do you catch my drift?

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My heart breaks reading this.

My heart breaks reading this.
I too was conditioned to be a christian until i was 12 long story. I too have a severe health condition.
I think everyone except john has been giving you good advice.
I just want to add the christian god is depicted to be merciful but read the bible hes anything but. Hes spiteful vindictive petty jealous and does not care about human life. I refer to the flood he 'gave us free will' then wiped out not just almost every human but almost every other creature just because he did not life what we did with our 'free will'
I do think you may need a religion in your life but not christianity.
Not being a christian does not automatically deny god and make you an atheist it merely denies the christian version of god. Which was after all written by men.
You can still choose to believe in a creator just not one understood by men.

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It is odd that they just

It is odd that they just stopped updating the bible isnt it?

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I was a Christian very recently, before realizing that it didn't really make any sense and I couldn't come up with a good rational reason to believe it. I was confused for a while too, but lots of reading and study has cleared it up for me. If you want somebody to talk to about our questions, feel free to send me a private message or I can even give you my email if you want someone to study with or something.


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