Death is the only proof we need. Don't let religion get in the way

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Honestly, good luck with

Honestly, good luck with finding the Creator. You have decided on your truth. Ok. If you do meet the Creator, remind him I want my hearing back. Thanks. Go. Go, times a'wasting.

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I guess my core question is.

I guess my core question is. Why do people not want to know God? The Creator of all of this and The Giver of Life. You can't say something that powerful would create you just to ignore you. People have had far worse lives and knew God would have an end game for all of this. Most of the early people who literally saw Christ die and buried in the tomb. They were laughing as they were being tortured and crucified because they knew what they saw with their own eyes was true. All they had to say was that it wasn't true and they would be set free. Poeple don't die for what they saw if they knew it was a lie. But they died laughing, defending the Truth. Now, this information is in the highest source in antiquity that is illegal in 52 countries to date. If you wanted your proof that you so desperately seek? Then you must put this claim to the forefront of your life and continue the journey for as long as it takes to melt the heart of stone. Then you will have your proof. This is the deep rooted knowledge that we are born with.

But naw, it's not possible. "God won't do what I want, life and creation is not enough evidence" "Why would God do this or why would God do that?" "I don't like it, so God doesn't exist" or my personal favorite "which god are we talking about"

Listen if God has enough power to create all of this. Then God doesn't need to understand. We do. I didn't like that fact either. I thought why this and why that. But I never stopped searching. We are born with this longing. But the decay of the world has made us forget. If you can die with rejecting that deep rooted longing? Then Godspeed my friend. You had better be right in your beliefs. (Lack of belief in one thing still a belief in another thing.) There is only 2 possibilities, either God is or God is not. Every single one of us knows which one has importance. The Question is, why don't you like it?

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"I guess my core question is.

"I guess my core question is. Why do people not want to know God?"

Can't answer I'm afraid as I don't believe any deities exist.

In fact I don't recollect ever hearing anyone claim this, ever?

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@Great Hope Re: "Why do

@Great Hope Re: "Why do people not want to know God?"

Well, I cannot speak for everybody else. But for me, IF you are referring to the god depicted in the bible, then I can tell you honestly that I have arrested untold numbers of slime-bag criminals whom I have had more respect for than that particular god. And if that particular god really did exist somehow, then I would be totally fine if he continued to ignore me just as he has always done throughout my whole life. I spent a vast majority of my life wasting far too many precious moments worrying about what that imaginary being thought of me. And the day I finally took off the blinders and laid aside that foolish fairytale was the day I was finally able to look around and TRULY SEE the world and life in all of its wonder and beauty. But, by all means, though, you keep having fun with that search of yours.

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It is very clear what I am

It is very clear what I am saying. It sounds circular because it's the same thing written in many different ways. You think God ignores you because you want Him to know you. You don't want to know God on His terms. Just like I did. Expectation will kill every hope. I had to admit to myself that I didn't want to know God, before I ever could ask "The Question." Why would I not want God to be the reality?

If I did want God to be the reality? I would not let this world of decay, and my simple mind of sin that we're born with get in the way of the internal universe of deep rooted knowledge of God. That's what we war against, is ourselves. There is nothing new age about this. This is the core. It might sound like I'm lost in my words because it's like nails on a chalkboard for those who don't Love the Truth about this most important life and death changing subject. But if you've read all of what I posted. You will see I'm saying the same thing over and over. Hoping someone will relate to one of the inspirations? Not that anyone who it inspires, will ever make a comment of agreement. Or ask a real question in the comments. But, that's not why I do this. This is not for me, nor is it my message. This is a calling. I'm not trying to win any awards here, nor do I need recognition. I can not be offended for this is something much bigger than me. If you don't want to look at it or it offends you? That's something you should ask yourself. Why do I not want this to be true.

Life has been and always will be in the genuinely humble questions. They should always lead to more questions. Only a fool has all the answers and deals in the deadly definites.

No one is going to be able to give you the answers that you want. Your not going to like it. That why you have to look inside yourself. God is the reality and you have to ask yourself. Why do I not want that to be true? "Every kind"

"He will use every kind of evil deception to fool those on their way to destruction, because they refuse to love and accept the truth that would save them."
2 Thessalonians 2:10

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"You think God ignores you"

"You think God ignores you"

No, again I don't believe any deity or deities exist, so it would be automatically impossible something which does not exist to ignore me.

"You don't want to know God on His terms."

No, I don't believe any deity or deities exist, so this claim is absurd. Like claiming I want to ride a unicorn, but only if it comes to my house to find me.

I have no desire involving deities, as I don't believe they exist, because no one can demonstrate any credible evidence or argument for their existence.

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""He will use every kind of

""He will use every kind of evil deception to fool those on their way to destruction, because they refuse to love and accept the truth that would save them."
2 Thessalonians 2:10"

So you might easily be the one who is deceived, as you're just making subjective claims. I've not seen you demonstrate a shred of objective evidence or even a single rational cogent argument for what you believe.

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Quick. Where is the

Quick. Where is the Thorazine?

Great Hope. Where are getting all that? Sounds like some kind of new age crap.

Unlike others, I do not understand what exactly you are trying to say. For me, it just seems like a bunch of circular double-talk. It seems as if you don't even have a clue of what you are trying to say.


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@Great hop

@Great hop

You are obviously passionate and sincere in your post. But unfortunately that same OP is a rambling incoherent salad of many different arguments in favor of a god. Each of those arguments we have seen before, and refuted. I was pondering responding to each argument, but I'm not just going to waste hours debating so many rambling thoughts.

But here's a thought. I was raised a christian for twenty years, rejected organized religion and spent over forty years in search of a god or something spiritual. My search was sincere. Eventually my thoughts were clarified, and now I understand that absence of evidence indicates evidence of absence, that I can not believe in something that does not exist. I did not reject or deny god. Your god did not reveal itself to this very sincere searcher.

Additionally, we do not know what happened before the big bang (rapid expansion). We do not know, but to assert that something came from nothing is a tired lie theists drag up when discussing the origins of this known universe. Where did your god come from if "something cannot come from nothing"? Oh wait, this is the special pleading I will see, "god is eternal". If a god is eternal, then maybe the entire space/time continuum may also be eternal, we are just a tiny fraction of it, part of a cycle?

Your post is too large and rambling, a disjointed collection of catch-phrases and old arguments. I suggest you clarify, start a new thread, and stick to just one argument. Then maybe that can be debated.

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Well put. I understand

Well put. I understand completely. My personal experience has given me everything I was looking for. It would be self defeating to keep it to myself. I know it's hard to believe, and maybe God has known who to reveal Himself to. Lord knows I surely don't save people. All I can offer is questions. There is no answer and no proof other than a life we didn't ask for and a death with a choice made. Thank you for your time.

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@Great Hope

@Great Hope

It's all very dreamy, your rational. Of course, your personal experience is useless in a debate, just as mine would be to you.

The questions you should be asking yourself is how you can fathom the logical inconsistencies of the god you claim experience with.

1. Omniscience and freewill are logically inconsistent. An omniscient being that creates you knows your ultimate fate beforehand. You (and I) are but puppets playing our rolls with no ability to change the script.

2. Debated forever, but it's a dandy, why does a "loving" god allow so much evil? Remember, he created it all and planned it all out to be that way.

I'll leave it at that, answer those if you can, no other with your position has ever been able.

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@David Killens what did you

@David Killens what did you have in mind for God to do when He revealed Himself to you?

@NewSkeptic both of those are assuming God exists. Also these have not been disclosed to us. Remember we are the created beings trying to understand what created us with limited everything. So with that in mind. If God exists and knows the whole thing in every detail? We do not. So it's a play that gives us the experience. I don't know if it's ever mentioned that we have free will? But simply God knows, we do not. So we gain the experience destiny or no destiny. I could pick up and apple and eat it right now. God may have known that would come to fruition. But in my experience I got hungry, I had an apple. I might of had the illusion that I would eat the apple an hour from now. But in my experience with the inner and outer universe, that constitutes as my life that was given to me. It seems that I chose to eat it now. It doesn't matter to me if I'm a puppet on a stage. This puppet just chose to eat an apple.

As for evil. It's part of the experience. I'll go on the record and say that God planned for it. He could have just kept resetting Adam and Eve infinitely, until he got a play where they didn't fall. Oh boy, y'all are not going to like this lack of brevity. But you asked for it, so hear me out. let's play the tape out on this one.

Remember this info has never been disclosed to us. But over the decades of piecing it together. The simple version is, that we haven't seen How It Ends. But it's guaranteed that we will soon enough.

The full answer is, that when we fell and ate from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. God did not restart the whole thing. He said "Look they have become like us (The Trinity) knowing the knowledge of Good and Evil. God could have left that tree out of the garden and not gave them a choice. But He kept it there for them to experience the temptation and the choice. If you think about it we had heaven on Earth already. It was complete. But there was one thing we did not have. That Heaven will have. We will still have the illusion of free will. Or we will have actual free will. With the scars of the knowledge of Good and Evil. And without that experience we would always give into the temptation. To know as God knows. Back to the garden, God was at rest from creating now it's time to let the clock unwind. The minute he found out they fell. Blood was spilled. I sacrifice took place and he covered them with garments. The wages of sin is death. Hence the sacrifice. Listen to this 4 minute song for the full breakdown. Watch "The Gospel" on YouTube

Ok now we live and experience this crazy world where angry self-centered psychopaths who have all the money and power create wars just for fun and oppress countless lives. History always repeats. There's a good saying. "Why does the devil not have any new tricks? Because the old ones keep working" lol. Ahhh, but hey I can choose and determine to seek the ranks of the devil. Or seek the connection that was severed to The Giver of Life. Or just say the hell with it all. Not enough proof and give up on all of it and just do what I can to feel good, until I die. "I didn't ask for this, I'm innocent"

Ok so now. When we die. . Let's just say for half a second. That it was true. That you were born in the spirit, apart from flesh, and repentance of the old life apart from The Savior is like a robe as you are welcomed into Heaven. Now we don't have that temptation, we have the knowledge. We can see the scars on Christ as a reminder to never touch that stove ever again. Not even just a little bit. All have fallen short of the glory of God so we are all equals. Not a single one of us earned to be there. "It Is by Grace we are saved, not by works lest any man should boast." As we are set free in everyway imaginable. In a paradise that would put Eden to shame. Where our creativity will be unleashed as we are in the presence of The Father over all Creation, The Son who paid our debt, and The Spirit of Truth. All of which fill our cups to unlimited maximum extremes. FOREVERRRRRRR

but that's just totally not possible. No way, no how. That could not be true. Never. Our greatest source in antiquity covering Creation and life and death and all time, has to be false. We all just fade into black darkness. Sheesh, everyone knows that. Or we just float on or something. Maybe. With just another random ass placement. Because there is no master placer. Meaning all we are, and ever did, never mattered.

So anyways I hope this was at least entertaining for you. Maybe it is the answer? Maybe not? I guess we'll all find out sooner than we think. Seeing how world war 3 is around the corner and population control is about to cycle through again. But what do I know. I'm just a crazy delusional believer. Whose all religious and stuff. I wish I could just be more better at being more smarter. Shuck's

Thank you for your time... And questions ; )

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@Great hope

@Great hope

"@David Killens what did you have in mind for God to do when He revealed Himself to you?"

For my response, any sign, any sign at all.

But you are now ducking and dodging my answer. When I put your feet to the fire, all of a sudden you are being evasive. I asked you a difficult question, and you could not answer it. You seemed to know the nature of your god, you had all these assumptions and proclamations on the nature of your deity. But when the going got rough, when you got cornered with a hard question, you pull the Holy Ejection Seat Handle and bailed out.

This is the problem with your rationality and assumptions, they are built on a cloud of fluff, and it dissipates when under the harsh eye of critical examination.

How can I even begin to believe your ranting when it has now been proven to be less solid than cotton candy?

I am very comfortable with my impending death, because nothing you said had any impact on me. Your beliefs are bogus.

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@David Re: " pull

@David Re: " pull the Holy Ejection Seat Handle and bailed out."

LMAO.....Bwaaa-haaaa-haaaa....! Damn, I'm so glad I was not drinking/eating anything when I read that! Never heard it before, but I am definitely gonna steal it and use it somewhere! Classic! LMAO

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I'm glad you like that Tin

I'm glad you like that Tin-Man. But I still believe you are ahead, too many times I have covered my keyboard with milk ejected from my nose.

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@ DK

@ DK

Brilliant reply David, Loved every word...quite made my morning and I had my brekky at arms length,,,so fortunately no spillage and cat remains comfortably dry after reading "you pull the Holy Ejection Seat Handle and bailed out."

Bravo/ I am stealing that entire paragraph.

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@Great hope

@Great hope

In your OP you stated "God did not create all of this to be unfair."

Answer me this please. I searched, I got down on my knees, I sought with firm conviction for decades. Yet your god did not reveal itself. Yet what is my fate? And please do not give me "we do not know the nature of god". That is pure BS. When things go right, every theist proclaims on high how they understand the work of their god. Yet when a child dies or tragedy strikes, like cowards they hide behind the "we don't know god's work".

You do know, in your posts you made statements that clearly indicated how your god worked and you understood the mechanism.

So tell me why, how this pilgrim got left behind, and by your rules, will not enjoy an afterlife.

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If god believes in us, the

If god believes in us, the onus is on it to show that.

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There is a saying that God

There is a saying that God stepped into His creation and put on humanity as The Son. And we nailed Him to a cross. Mentioned throughout all time and time is around Him. It's in the standard for historical accuracy in antiquity. There are only 2 conclusions from this. The most known being to ever walk the face of the Earth. Fooled billions of people. Before He was born and all the way until the end of time. Becoming the most successful crazy person of all time. Or a simple Carpenter's son was who He was. "I Am that I Am" the most important body ever on the face of the Earth, can not be found. It would benefit anyone from any side to reveal it, if they had it. Check out how to disprove Christ in 1 easy step.

Watch "How to Destroy Christianity With One Easy Step... | IMPACT Whiteboard Videos" on YouTube Skip to 21 minutes in
Skip to 22 minutes in.
In the end only one thing matters, or nothing mattered at all.

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@ Great Hope

@ Great Hope

This is a debate forum, not a place to spew religious dogma. Debate (and get your ass kicked) or leave.

...and BTW, I (as part of your we) had no part in nailing anyone or anything to a cross.

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You did a lot to destroy

You did a lot to destroy christianity with this thread, by your incorrect assumptions and rambling pronouncements.

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Didn't understand one single

Didn't understand one single word of that.

Can't even tell if he is a theist or not?

Slow down, think about what you want to convey, and do it clearly and concisely. Your emotional histrionics have rendered your post largely incomprehensible, and if you want to include links give a precis or synopsis of the point you think they're making in your own words. Otherwise no one is going to bother following them.

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@ Sheldon

@ Sheldon

As Redd said in that prison movie:

"Ain't that the God Damned truth."

@ Great Hope (although probably gone)

Especially about your YouTube links. I ain't followed nary one of them. And when it came to your posts, I never truly read them. I just looked at them until my mind picked out a sensible statement and read those. Probably only read about 10% of what you posted.


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Great Hope

Great Hope

I pulled some points out of your senseless ramblings. At least the ones that showed sensibility. I am going to assume you are speaking about YHWH of the Bible. If wrong, then sorry. However, you were the one who did NOT define what you mean by "god." Now for my comments. Get ready, this one might be long because I might rant since I do tend to do so.

You think God ignores you because you want Him to know you.

I could care less if your imaginary Sky Faerie ignores me or not. In fact, I wish for nothing else from that preposterous claim. You saying, "you want it to know you," is you simply trying to say how I feel. You have not even an inkling of how I feel. Just by this alone you are presupposing. You have already assumed something about me when you know utterly nothing about me. Thus, I can say you are full of nothing but horse hoowhee.

Get back on that Thorazine.

You don't want to know God on His terms.

Hell no I don't. His terms are to bow down and to kiss his ass and suffer the eternal damnation of servility, enslavement, bondage, captivity, enthrallment, subjugation, drudgery, vassalage, choose your word. I'll be damned before I bow down to a tyrant.

Why would I not want God to be the reality?

Because reality does exist, sky faeries do not exist? No evidence = no existence. Think unicorns. I mean the one-horned-horses unicorns. No evidence = no existence. I do not need any god to know reality exists. I do not need any god understand reality. I do not need any god to know where we all came from. I do not need, nor want any god.

Besides, think on this, from something I have posted here before. This thing you, and others, call god, are supposed to omnipotent, omnisicent, and omnibenevolent (and I differ on the benevolence), and this thing wants us to find it, wants to be found, and is capable of doing literally anything. Then why is it so hard for it to present evidence of its existence? If it is incapable of providing evidence, then it ain't omnipotent. If it is ignorant of what kind of evidence, then it ain't omniscient. This means it 1) wants me the way I am, or, 2) it does not exist.

If I were to believe in any god, then that god would be exactly like that depicted in this Darkmatter2525 video: The Greater Insult. Watch it. You will learn something.

I would not let this world of decay, and my simple mind of sin that we're born with get in the way of the internal universe of deep rooted knowledge of God.

There you go. That damned absurdity of original sin and the daownfall of man.

To convince children that they are born evil/sinful is unconscionable (not guided by conscience; unscrupulous; not in accordance with what is just or reasonable). What kind of immoral monster is going to tell their children that they are born evil/sinful, born of evil/sin, born into evil/sin, and must have an imaginative Sky–Faerie and Magic Zombie Virgin to save them? You stupid, idiotic, and retarded Absolutists have it so damned backwards. Evil and sin had not one damned thing to do with it. Children are always born from love (well, 99% at least). I for one, always told my daughters they came about from the absolute love my wife and I had for each other because we were SoulMates. Literally one soul, one heart. It was an Act Of Pure True Love between SoulMates that created my daughters. NEVER that bullshit diarrhea you Absolutists spew.

Even my daughters said as much when we let them go to church to “find the answers for themselves.” They said the main reason was how you Absolutists taught them how they came into this world. They said it was despicable of you to say they came into this world due to a sinful and evil act instead of the True Truth. Something no Absolutist is capable of speaking. Not a damned one of you.

And, that, you stupid, dumb–ass, retarded pieces of shit Absolutists is why I am now a Militant Anti–Religionist. And if you don’t like it. Then get the fuck off my planet!

That's what we war against, is ourselves.

The only war I have going on is the preposterous claims made by religious Absolutists. In fact, my war is against ALL religion. Ain't got nothing to do with fighting against myself.

I'm not trying to win any awards here, nor do I need recognition.

Yes you are. Else you would have never started this thread and dumped your bullshit.

If you don't want to look at it or it offends you?

Damn, you would have to open that septic tank. Go look at this post: God's Nastiest Turd. Then dive into that spetic tank, pick out the nastiest turd, and then we shall discuss it.

Why do I not want this to be true?

Truth can only be obtained through proof. Where is your proof?

"He will use every kind of evil deception to fool those on their way to destruction, because they refuse to love and accept the truth that would save them."

Yes, he will, including you. There shall always be those who suffer from megalomania and narcissism to the point that they will believe anything and force those beliefs onto others. Just like you are trying to do. Go see a psychiatrist about those narcissistic and megalomanical disorders.

Then God doesn't need to understand. We do.

Oh. I understand completely. There is absolutely no evidence any god(s) have ever existed. Until I see objective and hard empirical evidence, I shall always understand this one thing: No evidence = no existence. And yes, the absence of evidence does prove evidence of absence.

God won't do what I want.

Of course your imaginary Sky Faerie and Magic Zombie Virgin won't do damn thing for you. They are imaginary. No evidence = no existence. You have to come to the realization that if you want something done, you are going to have to do it.

Why would God do this or why would God do that?

Why? Do what? Need more input.

Which god are we talking about?

Exactly. Which one? Pick one: Graveyard of the Gods. Then define what you mean by "god."

As David said, you have done nothing but spew a bunch of garbage as other drive-bys have done. Then when they get spanked, they disappear.


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Great hope - All of which

Great hope - All of which fill our cups to unlimited maximum extremes. FOREVERRRRRRR


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@Great Hope

@Great Hope

This will be for your benefit and for the benefit of whatever lurkers we may have who never respond or get directly involved in the discussions....

Okay, all joking and sarcasm aside, after reading a few of your other posts (and the fact you are actually still around and responding at this point), it is apparent you are quite firm in your convictions and that in your mind you are sincerely offering us what you believe to be valid points and advice. In that respect, I get the impression you are a pretty nice guy who genuinely wants to help. And for that, I just want to offer a sincere, "Thank you," as you are doing what you believe to be a good thing. With that being said, however, here is something you need to know....

As a couple of others have already mentioned, there is nothing you have said so far that most all of us have not already heard dozens of times over and over. Even beyond that, though, many (most) of the atheist members here (including myself) have actually held several or all of those same feelings/beliefs/thoughts that you have been describing. In other words, been-there-done-that. And that is why you are getting the type of responses you see, because we all recognize them for exactly what they are.

You made the remark in one of your posts saying, "Only a fool has all the answers and deals in the deadly definites." What you seem not to realize is that nobody here claims to have all the answers, and we are very much aware there are never any true "definites" (other than the fact that we all die, of course). Matter of fact, one of the most common answers you will get from an atheist on certain topics is a simple, "I don't know." Interestingly enough, I have noticed over the past few months that simple statement - just those three little words - seem to scare the piss out of most theists more than any other statement. It is as if they are completely incapable of accepting "not knowing." They cannot wrap their minds around it. It is uncomfortable and unnerving to them. Therefore, they plug some type of god into the equation in order to alleviate that discomfort. Rather like a security blanket. (Took me a long time to realize that, by the way.) Personally, I am perfectly fine and quite at ease with the unknown. Of course, that is probably just because of my personality. Varies from person to person, I suppose. Regardless, the simple fact is that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY knows with absolute certainty what will happen to us when we die. I don't know. You don't know. Not a single preacher in any pulpit in any part of the world today knows. The Pope does not know. It is THE biggest mystery of Mankind, and none of us will ever know the answer to it until we experience it on a very personal and individual level. And for whatever various reason(s), that is something that scares the total piss out of most people in the world. And it has been that way pretty much since the dawn of Man.

Therefore, I have no control - zero, zip, zilch, nada - over what happens to me after I take my last breath and close my eyes forever in this body of organic material. What I DO know, however, is that I DO have control over what I do with my life in the HERE AND NOW. And since I AM here now, and I AM one of those fortunate enough to live in a relatively good environment and not have to worry too much about basic necessities and comforts, then my goal is to make the most of this life that I definitely have HERE AND NOW. And if along the way I am able to help others and make others happy when given the opportunity, then so much the better. Because as far as I am concerned, this is the only chance we get for certain. Period. And that is what makes every single minute of it that much more precious, special, and wonderful. If by chance there IS some sort of god floating around out there somewhere playing its warped little godly games, then he/she/it knows where to find me if he/she/it wants me. Otherwise, I'm not wasting another minute of my time worrying about what he/she/it may or may not think about me.

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Thank you Tin-Man. I needed that perspective. I'm done here. I found athiest republic on Facebook several months back and I messaged them some questions. They took the time to help me. And they said I should post in the forums. This is my first time using forums ever. I only wanted to post this 1 post. I got all that I needed. Thank you for you kind responses.

One of the craziest coincidences is that I used to call myself tin man after I almost killed myself and finally let go of everything that got in the way between God and I. I used to sing a song when I was picking up dog poop. I would say. " I am the tin man, I'm asking for my heart." And then I would scrape the scooper in a Melody because it was made out of tin. I was a heartless mean and cold dude. I just can't believe that now I'm talking to a tin man. After the culmination of 7 years. My mind is blown. My entire life is flipped around. Every last detail. Anyways it's crazy to me because I don't believe in coincidence.

Thanks again everyone. Forgive me if some of my words were offensive. That was never my intention.

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@Great Hope Re: "I would

@Great Hope Re: "I would say. " I am the tin man, I'm asking for my heart."...and.... "I was a heartless mean and cold dude."

Outside this site, in real life I have had the nickname Tin-Man for many, many years of my life. And I have held on to that moniker all of these years precisely for the reason the character Tin-Man popularly represents the heart. And depending on the circumstances over the years, there are those who have known me that would tell you I have a very big and generous heart. On the opposite end of that spectrum, however, there are a few who would swear I have no heart (or if I did have one it was a block of ice). At the same time, oddly enough, there are a few who have known me well in the past who are aware both of those statements are true. Again, it depends on the circumstances. Basically, I can flip it on and off as needed. Thankfully, I am now allowed to leave the switch on faaaar more often than I was once able to do in the past. With me (for better or worse), it has always been a controlled choice. From what you said, I'm guessing your periods of cold and mean heartlessness were not voluntary. And you said something about some type of "culmination", indicating to me you recently went through some type of major life-changing event. Believe it or not, I am familiar with what that is like, and in some ways I can relate to some of the things you are feeling right now. Be that as it may, if that is what is helping you to recover from and come to terms with any bad things you may have done previously, then you do what you have to do to for now to maintain "your good heart" and work that shit out. Hopefully, though, there will come a day later on in your life when you realize you do not need all the religious fairytale mumbo-jumbo or some imaginary "super-entity" to be a good person. You have that ability inside you already without all of that extra baggage nonsense. Took me a very long time to figure that out for myself. Perhaps one day you will do the same. Have a good life, Mr. Hope.

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Like I said before I know it's hard to believe. Y'all always asking for the proof that you'll never get. There's nothing to debate. The biggest name in history was here and walked this Earth and we don't know where the body is. Just on that merit, it might be something to look into. That's my only message and I benefit nothing from what you believe or don't believe. No person will ever have the answers you want. God will not give us the proof that we long for. So Seek God for yourself or don't and go to another post. By asking me questions? You can't get mad that I respond. Either take it or leave it. I already kicked my on ass enough in life. This message is not my own so it's impossible for me to even get offended. I'm not claiming to be smart or educated. I'm messed up more than most people I've met. I just wanted to get a conclusion. That I totally have now. This is not about winning or being right. Death will show us all more proof than you'll ever need. It's only a matter of time. I hope you get everything in life and it serves you well.

Thank you for your time.

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@ Great Hope

@ Great Hope

"The biggest name in history was here and walked this Earth and we don't know where the body is. "

Not a skerrick or jot of actual proof for that assertion. Just because a billion or so people believe in multiple versions of the story does not make it true.

You have no evidence but your personal experience. And that counts no more than my personal experience. Simply: " I do not believe your assertion, provide solid evidence for me to examine please."

You seem very agitated, do you have a counsellor of the non religious kind? You might find that will help.


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