Define blasphemy

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Define blasphemy

We know how religious people defines blasphemy but in own opinion, what blasphemy really is for you?

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Blasphemy is an affront to

Blasphemy is an affront to God.
We don't believe that a god exists.
Therefore, we dismiss blasphemy as a non sequitur.

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I define blasphemy, or as

I define blasphemy, or as some would say using the lords name in vain like this: People going around pushing their political or religious agenda and pretending their god told them to do it. Attaching their gods name to any insane, evil, and unreasonable plan they want to accomplish. Hey, it wasn't their plan it was their made up gods plan. They're not responsible or guilty. It's all part of their gods perfect plan. Not guilty by reason of religious beliefs.

My god told me he wants me to be the president. My god told me to shoot and kill that doctor because he worked in that womens health care center. My god told me to cut this guys head off. To blow up that building or set that church on fire. To destroy this young girls sexual pleasure. To torture and kill these animals. To make these people my slaves.

That's how I define blasphemy. All religions are guilty. Blasphemy is harmful to the world we ALL live in. Not at all harmful to the soul of a believer who stubs her toe and shouts god damn it.

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I don't think that word is

I don't think that word is important nowadays, maybe during centuries ago where Christians and Muslims rules the world that vast.

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Perhaps the dictionary

Perhaps the dictionary definition of the word blasphemy might be irreverence or criticism of a god but I wouldn't say 'none of the other posters were close.'

I thought the OP wanted to know what blasphemy personally meant to us. Our thoughts and feelings about the word or deed. Perhaps to get a conversation going. I assumed if the OP wanted the official definition she/he would have simply Googled it.

The way I personally defined that word is critical, irreverent, and dangerous to the world. The criticism isn't about irreverence directed towards a make believe god. It's directed at people who use and abuse their make believe god for power, control, fear, and greed. Their god isn't the problem because their god doesn't exist. They are the problem!

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Personally blasphemy is

Personally blasphemy is insulting someones god wether you believe in that god or not is irrelevant.
I consider saying jeasus christ! Or for gods sake! minor blasphemy and find it odd that many christians dont.

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