Did I do it right?

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Did I do it right?

Hi guys,

No, I'm not here to torture you with another story of mine where I started believing nonsense. Don't worry, this topic is about a guy who threw some quranic verses at me and cited some stuff from an islamic website:

"In the 24th surah - Light - the Quran speaks at length about the formation of clouds. Specifically, nimbus and cumulonimbus clouds, which produce rain. Quran, 24:43 reads:

"Have you not seen how Allah makes the clouds move gently, then joins them together, then makes them into a stack, and then you see the rain come out of it?"

This is an almost shockingly accurate description of how cumulonimbus clouds are formed. They occur when smaller clouds are pushed together by the wind. This could be the "moving gently" referenced above. Once a number of these slight clouds are in close proximity to each other, they amalgamate or "join together". At this point, something known as a "vertical updraft" takes place.

A vertical updraft is a rising of air within a cloud. It causes the top portion of the cloud to expand upwards, often to great heights. Vertical updrafts are generally uneven and usually raise different sections of one cloud to different heights, giving it the appearance of several clouds piled on top of each other. Islamic scholars justifiably believe this is the "stacking" referred to in the passage included above."


So I ignored his explanation because he probably copied it off from some book or something. I'm only concerned with the eternal guidance for mankind, the book known as Quran and what it is saying. Here is what I replied to the "miraculous" explanation of rain cloud formation:

"What your Quran talks about is very obvious. The formation of clouds described in the presented verse has attempted to simplify a complex process into ultra simple actions of "Allah moves the clouds", "Allah joins the clouds", "Allah makes the joined clouds a stack" and then "Allah causes rain from the stacked clouds". Now, assuming, the Arabs were not mentally retarded, all of these descriptions mentioned can be observed by the naked eye if you dedicate enough time to find out how the clouds are formed. You don't need any scientific equipment to figure out that the clouds move and join together. You're missing a whole lot of complex explanation and scientific logic behind the what's and why's of cumulonimbus and nimbus clouds formation. It is not possible to narrow down something to such a crazily simple explanation."

So, was I correct? Is there any logical word to specify that the mentioned phenomenon is something obvious and observable and requires nothing special.

Like, the word which came up in my mind was "observable evidence" but I'm not sure if it does justice to what I'm trying to say as is mentioned above i.e. the phenomenon, as mentioned in your quranic verse, is so simple it could be observed by anyone at anytime just by naked eyes.

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@ Seek3R

@ Seek3R

Well done. And "observable evidence" is an apt description. Although I would have stated that it was a phenomena anyone could observe. This muslim just took what was easily observable evidence, and instead of resorting to known science and it's effects for an explanation, he just inserted a bigger mystery into the questions of clouds.

Can he prove a god did it to the clouds? NO.

Can you prove how clouds move, form, and drop water using science and not requiring any god? YES.

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p.s. Welcome back Seek3R, I

p.s. Welcome back Seek3R, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well in this time of hardship.

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Hey there, Seek! How ya been

Hey there, Seek! How ya been doin'? Good to see you again... *grin*...

Excellent job on the explanation. And even better that you didn't fall for some sort of lame "mystical" reason from the other guy. Just like you said, anybody who has the time and patience to observe the clouds/weather and maintain accurate records can easily see how various cloud formations are developed and the results of those developments. Does not take some magical sky-daddy to make it happen. Simply a natural event. Keep up the good work.

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Any moron with an IQ of 60 can see clouds coming together and layering. WTF are you on about. It's an accurate description because any po-dunk-fuck-dick farmer in boom fuck Kansas (No ill intent here for those living in Kansas) can look at the fucking sky and observe it., DUH!!!!
I wouldn't have been nice about it at all!

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Yup - good job on the clouds.

Yup - good job on the clouds.

Pretty obvious.

The scientific explanation came later, much latter, from scientists (using scientific words) doing the same thing - observing the clouds....and using better “tools” - (other than sight).
Something the goat herder didn’t have (but god should have).

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Anyone who has the time and

Anyone who has the time and patience to monitor the clouds and weather and keep correct records can readily understand how different cloud formations evolve and the outcomes of those developments, just like you indicated. It is not necessary for a supernatural basketbros sky-daddy to make it happen. A purely natural occurrence. Continue your wonderful work.

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