Do you believe there's a heaven/hell?

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regardless of whatever you

regardless of whatever you may believe, without an after life, or judgement into heaven or hell, wouldn't it be super shitty if Hitler and Gandhi ended up in the same place? even if we are just energetic nothingness, I would LIKE to believe Hitler is suffering for what he did... Karma... Samsara... I like the idea of rebirth... I think the physical ideas of Hell and Heaven are way to simplistic.. and actually beyond mere logical comprehension.. were just these apes pounding our chests over whose ideas and opinions are right or wrong, but the Universe knows the Truth, the Universe gave birth to us. Would I be crazy to call the Universe, God? or maybe Brahman? the Source of our Being.

Once we return to the Source, I believe it'll be a beautiful experience of Oneness... and for those who spent their lives inflicting suffering upon others, that they will suffer after death, because they will be confronted with the stark realization that we are all one. To hurt another, is to hurt yourself. And I like calling this Oneness G-D, but everyone gets all flustered with religious stuff so the word G-D is so dirty these days... lets just say, praise be to the Universe. Amen. who hates the Universe?? like really.. words and language games complicate things. THOU ART THAT ;)

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I think heaven and hell are

I think heaven and hell are what people make of it for themselves throughout their lives and until the time that they die. If they believe that heaven is full of lost relatives, then that's what they will be expecting to see when they die and it will ultimately make them feel better about death.

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I agree with you. I think it

I agree with you. I think it is what our mind creates fro us to look forward to. We all get something different out of everything in life and in death.

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This forum is an interesting

This forum is an interesting read. The fact that everyone has a different reason for some of the same ideas is enlightening. I must say though some of you say that you believe in one but not the other.. This I can not agree with though I can't seem to believe in either although some of the post have made me think harder than before which I'm pleased about I can't say that I support the idea of there only being one or the other. Everything has some sort of equal.. Light has dark, good has bad, hate has love, ying has yang ect.. Therefor if you believe in heaven how can you not believe in hell?? There is a balence to life. You can't logically has what y'all believe to be a powerful good that you call heaven without a terrible bad to balence the scale suck as hell. Just my thoughts. Thanks for the interesting discussion. Best of wishes to all.

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Do I believe in heaven or

Do I believe in heaven or hell? The answer is no. Believing in God/s, heaven, hell is much like believing in Santa Claus. Once a child thinks it through, the rational mind takes over. They are indeed proud to have figured it out. The conclusion is not as fun or satisfying as believing in Santa, but the respect for oneself in seeing through myth is its own satisfaction. In regards to religion, immortality is the prize (not Christmas gifts). This is a big letdown.....who doesn't want to be immortal? But, alas, reality is reality and we are indeed specks of fleeting life in the universe. We may play games with ourselves and charlatans will use this vulnerability of being mortal to instill an even more pronounced fear of pain, sickness, and death. What is the upside to all this. It is indeed the beauty of truth. Let evidence and science be the your spiritual guide. Let nature show you her beauty. Savor the life you have and never give in to the fairytales that hide the most precious gift of all - truth.

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Evidence is subjective.

Evidence is subjective. Everything science taught me as a child is now scientifically wrong, everything science teaches today will be scientifically wrong tomorrow. If science were ever correct it would become obsolete. Science isn't the answer, science is the anchor for those tossed around a rolling sea of stupidity in the hopes that there is no accountability in random chaos - look around you . . . seen any?

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Most people who understand

Most people who understand science aren't claiming that "science is the answer." Science is the best tool we know of to find answers. Yes, scientific theories are often in flux. This reveals a strength of science - its adaptability as it assimilates new information. If you're looking for answers that won't change on you, dogma may be more your style. And that has accountability out the wazoo, even if it's just pretend.

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Theology and science are both

Theology and science are both imperfect attempts of men to find answers. They both change and grow and are fallible.

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Indeed, but not in equal

Indeed, but not in equal measure.

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That's what you would like to

That's what you would like to think.

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Science is designed to grow,

Science is designed to grow, and the challenge for scientists is to find the fallacy in their discipline. We welcome the change.

I really can't see such an approach working for religion. Sorry, not sorry.

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When you die, you die. There

When you die, you die. There is no proof of a soul or an afterlife just as there is no proof of a god. Humans invented an afterlife because no one wants to believe that death is final, that one day you will no longer exist. The end.

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You asked about belief in a

You asked about belief in a heaven and hell. I neither believe in them nor do I think the exist, above/below us or here on earth.


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