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Please start an NRA thread. I

Please start an NRA thread. I'd love to hear those statistics and why we don't need guns as well.

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Easy. Japan has much, MUCH!

Easy. Japan has much, MUCH! stricter gun laws and has virtually no gun deaths. A rate less than 1/1000th then that of the US. In 2006, there was only two gun related deaths in all of Japan, a population of 127 million. Almost no one has guns. And no one needs guns. Even japanese police rarely carry guns, many going through their entire careers never carrying a gun at all.

That alone is plenty of reason why we do not need guns. But there is a mountain more of evidence/reasons why we do not need guns beyond that. I can share more if you like.

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@LogicForTW: "Even japanese

@LogicForTW: "Even japanese police rarely carry guns, many going through their entire careers never carrying a gun at all."

I studied judo with the Japanese police in the 1970s. They routinely carry guns but very rarely use them. One frequent use is suicides by lonely cops doing night duty in suburban police outposts. The Japanese police don't really need guns. They all study martial arts (mostly judo) and though mostly small in stature are very strong. I once saw a cop pick up a sleeping drunk by his belt and carry him away at arm's length like a stinking dead rat.

The yakuza mobs have lots of guns, but they seem to use them mostly for intimidation, such as shooting holes in doors and windows. Ordinary people certainly don't have guns. There are hunters (Japan has lots of wild bears and boars), but they have to go through very a very strict permit process.

Japan's not a crime-free paradise, and murders happen. but I certainly feel safer there than most other places. The trouble with guns is that it's so quick and easy to drill someone in the heat of an argument. Other methods, like stabbing or strangling, are up close and personal and more difficult. And it's a lot easier to outrun someone with a knife than to outrun a bullet. I asked my judo instructor, a police sergeant, about the best self-defense against someone with a knife. "Run like hell" was his answer.

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Good to know. I should check

Good to know. I should check my sources on the police part. Although your experience was 40 years ago and I am guessing one precinct.

Does not change the fact that gun deaths in Japan are almost non existent, to my original point of: statics that show guns are not needed.

I like the sergeants honesty about "run like hell" You can not out run a bullet but you just might be able to out run a knife wielding maniac.

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@ Harry Truman

@ Harry Truman
Just because you have a gun doesn't protect you. You have to always be ready to use it. Just shooting at paper targets doesn't do anything but make you a better target shooter. Paper targets don't hide, don't ambush and don't shoot back.
Most gun toting criminals have no problem using that weapon. You will have hesitation.
Let's say you are in a school or a theater. A gunman starts shooting. You pull your weapon. You return fire. The cops come. How are they suppose to know that you are a good guy? they will shoot you too, they have to, you're shooting a firearm.
If you have a weapon either concealed or holstered (open carry) a criminal can get the drop on you and kill you faster than you can draw that weapon and fire it.
I have been in combat in many situations. The worst is an urban environment. You literally have split seconds to react. Most people can't fire a weapon accurately more than ten yards. They don't have COMBAT EXPERIENCE. You don't HAVE COMBAT EXPERIENCE! Criminals have conviction AND EXPERIENCE! They assess the situation that they want to commit a crime. You having a gun won't deter them one bit. If they want to attack you, they will, AND they'll steal your gun.
You don't have a clue about defending yourself. You can't. How many firefights have you actually been in? I bet the answer is ZERO. I remember my first one. I was inept, to say the least.
So don't tell me you need a gun just because you live in SC. Most people there never carry or even own a gun.

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First off I don't own a gun

First off I don't own a gun yet, my mom would never trust me with it.

Second of all, nearly everyone I know owns a gun.

Myckob, if someone starts shooting a movie theatre up, it will take at least 5 minutes for the cops to come, when they get there, there will be a large number of witnesses to say that I was not the shooter.

P.S. Many times just drawing your weapon will scare away criminals.

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I've seen with my own eyes

I've seen with my own eyes more than a couple times already... that if you draw a gun, you'd better be ready to use it.

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Smart mom.

Smart mom.
Everyone you know, hey, I learned something about the people you associate with.

Lots of witness in a loud dark theater? When everyone is running for their lives? You watch too many action movies and think that they are an accurate portrayal of reality. Watch some civilian cellphone camera footage of civilian shooting situations. It is nothing like the action movies, or the video games, it is a whole lot of screaming, fear, and mass confusion.

Talk to a seasoned combat expert that has seen real situations of life and death with a gun in unexpected civilian situations, and get back to me on the "it is a good idea for untrained civilians to bring a gun to a movie theater" idea.

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Bullshit Harry. Just drawing

Bullshit Harry. Just drawing a gun doesn't scare away criminals. It incites them to KILL YOU! You missed the point. Yeah, there may be witnesses that will account for you but that is after the police have addressed the situation. As soon as the police arrive they are going to see you firing a gun. They will immediately neutralize you as a threat. You obviously don't know what you are talking about. You don't even know the 2nd Amendment.

The whole purpose for "the right to bear arms" was to have a well-regulated militia and for no other reason. BECAUSE the Constitution doesn't provide for a standing Army.

I can tell you from experience that you have NO business having a gun. The odds that you will shoot yourself or be shot with your own gun is the highest probability of every scenario.

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By the time the police come

By the time the police come the shooter would be dead and I would no longer be shooting anything.

A criminal attacks me, gets shot- not likely to kil me afterward. Either way, its better to have one than not.

Furthermore, 'regulated militia,' when the constitution was written, only meant well trained. I can pull quotes from literature of the time to prove it.

Myckob, if you don't think I should own a gun,that's OK. You don't have to- I don't have to approve of you eating McDonald's for you to do it.

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You are delusional. You

You are delusional. You actually think that YOU, a person with ZERO combat experience would actually win in a firefight? that is nuts. I doubt if you even know how to hold a pistol when firing it, let alone accurately fire it at a person that is firing at you. "Regulated" doesn't and never meant "well trained." Federalist Papers No. 29:http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/fed29.asp
Also, your little scenario about McDonald's is NOT related.
1) Eating at McDonald's only effects me.
2) A gun effects everyone. A gun has one use to harm someone.

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Harry Truman

Harry Truman
This helped me see that even with training when adrenaline is pumping you lose so many of your natural abilities. Soldiers and police officers have to train to fight natural tendencies and focus on making a decision in split seconds.The things that happen to your body, your mind, your vision in a crises.


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Great video JamieB. Exactly

Great video JamieB. Exactly what I have been trying to tell Harry.

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The fact that you do not even

The fact that you do not even have a gun, and just assume you could correctly pull a gun out and effectively shoot a shooter in a dark, crowded, loud, theater full of panicking people, assume you can quickly shoot to kill with your limited ammo, not hit anyone else, all while be shot at yourself with zero experience in this scenario? And just assume everyone in this dark loud crowded theater full of panicking people saw the same chain of events as you did, in the same way, and do not instead see you as a shooter that just shot another person (unknown to them that you were shooting at the initial shooter.)

The above tells me all I need to know. A teenage gun fanboy that knows nothing about the reality of such a situation. Having a wet dream about being the hero of the day, the guy that was "prepared," the protector of innocents. Never mind the fact that such a situation happening to you, is less likely than winning the lottery.

Go for it buddy, carry that concealed gun into theaters. Ignore that no firearms sign, maybe get caught, and get banned from that theater, then get arrested for not having a CCW licence. Or, if you do have one, possibly lose that CCW licence, and still be banned from that theater. All just "incase."

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Excellent point. I have an

Excellent point. I have an idea. Try putting a lot of pro gun civilians into the paintball field. See how well they do. After they are all shot to shit with paint balls by the opponent and the game is over, ask them to repeat the process with real guns & bullets. How confident will they be with their guns at that point? How safe??

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Hehe, I would love to see

Hehe, I would love to see that. Would love to see the pro gun civilians mumble out their excuses as they try to get real scarce.

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Is there a tune that goes

Is there a tune that goes with this?

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Is this another one of those

Is this another one of those bait and see threads?


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