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Peterson has stated that

Peterson has stated that white people are more likely to be able to afford a place where they actually want to live than minorities.

This is probably the least accurate claim you made here. That is not racism; or, if the word `racism' is defined such that it is racism, then why should anyone care that it is `racist?' Such a definition would have little or no practical use, save for in politics.

Jordan Peterson has claimed that men, especially angry young men, are naturally more competent than women and are entitled to sexual relationships with women to reduce their likelihood of committing murder.

This one is egregious too. I haven't heard all his stuff, but I've never heard him say that angry young men are entitled to sexual relationships with women. I'm calling you out: citation, please.

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Apparently he is a

Apparently he is a presuppositionalist.

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"Proof itself, of any sort,

"Proof itself, of any sort, is impossible.."

Sounds like something you would say though.

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BreezySounds like something

Breezy - Sounds like something you would say though.

I have not said that, I do not believe that, and I have not advocated for that.

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I'm pretty sure you've argued

I'm pretty sure you've argued that proof is impossible to achieve in the real world, except for the finite and enclosed subjects of logic and mathematics.

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The first statement was that

The first statement was that proof of any sort is impossible.

The second statement described a (at least one) condition were proof is possible (which contradicts the first).

That is why I objected to the first.
Wait, is this more of your "any" doesn't mean "any" business?

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"The guy is much to religious/theist for me to be able to take anything he says seriously." This is why i constantly say "Theists are living rent free in the minds of atheists." You can't even take a second to separate what he says (which a lot of it is factually true) from what he believes.

" If someone cannot see past the obvious god delusion, how smart can they be?" Oh, logic, the irony is over 9000

"I would love to be in one of his classes, I would sit there and debate him all the time :) he's got a bunch of videos of him debating an talking to people. Might be a good idea to try watching some, might be one with a topic you would like to talk about that he already has a video of.

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"Theists are living rent free

"Theists are living rent free in the minds of atheists." I like it, but you've already admitted that your English is poor, and I can't help but wonder if you stole the quote from someone else.

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I like your over 9000

I like your over 9000 reference.

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As I said earlier, I find it

As I said earlier, I find it funnier that atheists and all sciences are living rent-free in the minds of theists.

Reference Link


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Squatting, more like.

Squatting, more like.

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Leave it to an Absolutist to

Leave it to an Absolutist to be an Absolutist...


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You don't use the word

You don't use the word `absolutist' like you know what it means.

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dodge and deflect.....theist

dodge and deflect.....theist are good at this...they're programmed with it

arak...chillax...don't lose your temper with this one...


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Quasi: arak...chillax...don't

Quasi: arak...chillax...don't lose your temper with this one...

Not to worry. I ain't lost it yet. Just trying to have some fun. But one should also remember this quote by Francis Quarles that describes me perfectly:

Beware of him that is slow to anger; for when it is long coming, it is the stronger when it comes, and the longer kept. Abused patience turns to fury.

I have quite a bit of patience. It just ain't as much as Sheldon has.

calhais: You don't use the word 'absolutist' like you know what it means.

You know, there has been two other persons who have said that. And after I gave them my definition, they disappeared. But I know you ain't gonna do that.

Absolutist – anyone belonging to and possessing an inexorable belief in any religion, especially the absolute Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam – due to their absolutist beliefs system and is truly applicable to any inexorable religious believers, especially the worst subset, Apologists. — RMF Runyan

Then someone else said I did not know what an Apologist was. This is the definition I came up with. And he is still here and has not even bothered reading it. Or, he read it and could not figure it out.

Apologist – A dastardly subset of the Absolutists who practice apologetics, which is the assumption of presupposed conclusions that have nothing to do with reason and rationality and actual information, creating irrational excuses and whatever conflicting ideas to justify their baseless assumptions, regardless of what the true facts are, using beguiling dialectical semantics, distorted and perverted data, emotional whiney-ass pleas, due to an indoctrination conditioning that is so ingrained they never question the veracity of the nonsense they offer, or why they need to defend their faith at all. — RMF Runyan

I also later joked:

OI! Vay! Tin-Man, I think I may need that mechanic of yours. I’d swear I threw a few gears coming up with that one. And I am a TREE! Damn! Why do the intelligent geniuses have to ask us idiots to define a term? Damn! I think I also wrenched a couple of branches.

***rumble --- scrape --- rumble --- scrape... as a tree slowly limps off***

And Tin-Man responded:

Not really sure you would want to use my mechanic. The guy has only artificial plants in his shop, and even THOSE don’t look too healthy. I could recommend a good botanist, though.

See. We can have fun while also being serious.


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My Short Essay on Jordan

My Short Essay on Jordan Peterson and His "Enforced Monogamy" Bullshit

The most major problem I have with Jordon Peterson is that he should get someone with a better voice to speak for him. His voice is as nauseating and revolting and sickening and offensively noisome and perniciously noxious and insalubrious as William Lane Craig's voice. In fact, I have a prescription "anti-nausea" medication just so I can listen to such persons. Jordan Peterson needs to hire someone like Morgan Freeman to speak for him. That is one reason it is so difficult for me to listen to him speak. It is also the reason I cannot tolerate listening to any absolutist/theist for more than about 300 seconds. There are quite a few others whose voices I cannot stand to listen to. And some of those are very intelligent scientist/atheists.

However, in my long years of life, I have found one fact to be true. Absolutists and theists have the most annoying voices to listen to, regardless of what they are speaking. Why is that? I mean a theists can be explaining something scientific, something I would be interested in hearing, except their voice is annoying. Why is that? Hmm... Sounds like a thread here at AR...

Atheists are the flip side. They tend to have the bestest voices to listen to. In fact, Morgan Freeman is an atheist. And in my opinion, he has the bestest narrative voice I have ever heard. Hell, a scientist/atheist could read the Bible and I could actually sit and listen to it just because of their voice.

And sex ain't got nothing to do with it. Male or female. It does not. It is the absolutist/theist versus scientist/atheist thing. Perhaps I could get a government grant to study this phenomenon? Hmm... Nah! I wouldn't be able to tolerate listening to the absolutists/theists long enough to complete the study. I'll stick to my rocks, volcanoes, and Earth.

If I were to give approximations, I'd have to say 1 in a million scientists/atheists has a voice I cannot tolerate; whereas, it would be 1 in a billion absolutists/theists would have a voice I could tolerate.

There is even a meme with Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman in a picture they posed in after filming Unforgiven (greatest western movie I have ever seen). I saw the meme once and loved it to death. Here is the image I made similar to the one I saw: My Greatest Death Ever. No, I did not do an exhaustive search on the WWW to find it again. I just found it quicker to remake it since I already had the image of them together. And I'll let you figure out why it was cropped after scanning...

And here are just a few articles. Of course, you can find just as many supporting him written mostly by the right-winged (yes, I finally figured out the "left/right wing" bullshit thing), knuckle dragging, beer guzzling red-necks, or their equally knuckle dragging right-winged Absolutists.

Hereafter, [my text appears thusly.]







"Why won't women — all these wives and witches — just behave?" [And why not bring back the Salem Witch Trials while you are at it?]

[Why not just get Islamic/Sharia Law instituted?]
Peterson bemoans that "...no one cares about the men who fail." To address this alleged injustice, he endorses bringing back patriarchy, urging "women should embrace lives as housewives and to submit to a regime of enforced monogamy." Peterson sees such drastic interventions as necessary, because he believes today's forgotten citizens, the victims of gender oppression, are men.

[Hell, Jordan Peterson even said this to his wife after she said "good morning" just before a New York Times interview started:] "Hello my conscientious and agreeable wife. Our monogamy stops me from killing people."

[What.. the... fucking... hell... is that kind of bullshit? If I said that to me wife while she was alive, she'd've killed me. And been 100% right in doing so.]

[And want to know something else? I have never seen any men oppressed except by other totalitarian dictators like that sorry asshole Bashar al-Assad in Syria.]

[And here is why Jordan Peterson supports his "enforced monogamy, especially for angry young men, to reduce their likelihood of committing murder."]

Minutes before turning his van onto a Toronto sidewalk on Monday, killing 10 people and injuring more than a dozen others, Alek Minassian wrote a post on Facebook, according to the Canadian authorities.

In it, he praised Elliot Rodger, who in 2014 shot and killed six people in Isla Vista, Calif. Mr. Minassian, 25, also wrote of an "incel rebellion," referring to a term, shorthand for "involuntary celibates," used online by a community of misogynists to describe themselves. "The Incel Rebellion has already begun!" the posting read. "We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!"

[All because some sorry pieces of shit are too proud to masturbate to relieve their pent up need for sex. Guys like this should be exterminated from the gene pool as soon as we can find them...]

A Washington Post reporter wrote: "Who are incels? Incels are misogynists who are deeply suspicious and disparaging of women, whom they blame for denying them their right to sexual intercourse."

[As I said, if they have this need for sexual intercourse, then they can masturbate. Many times if necessary.]

[After reading several articles about "incels," this is how I synthesized what I read:]

There are many groups of "something" supremacists. The newest and most horrifying is that of the "incels." INvoluntary CELibateS. They are the latest group to be placed onto the "Hate Map" along with Neo-Nazis, and 953 other groups. Incels are male supremacists who have clutched onto the ideology that they have a right to have sex with any woman they choose as a partner, regardless. Incels grew out the "pick-up artist" (PUA) movement which truly took off here in America during the rise of "disco and cocaine" era of 1965 to 1978. Of course, there are now new gurus offering advice across the WWW. In the last decade, these PUA gurus now offer strategies for men that are supposed to persuade, pressure, cajole, and/or trick women into sleeping with them. When these "games" proved to be unsurprisingly unsuccessful for many men, they become intensely chafed and furious. Sometimes, this inflamed anger could lead some men to actually physically and sexually violate those women who denied their advances. Even worse, it can even lead to the incidents perpetrated by Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian. Even today, Incel groups, such as the one banned from reddit.com for "being a hate group inciting and advocating violence against women," are hailing Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian as heroes of the "Incel Rebellion." Other Incel groups have created WWW homes for themselves where they routinely advocate supremacy over women, and physical and sexual violence against them, up to and including actually committing heinous crimes.

"Violent attacks are what happens when men do not have partners," Mr. Peterson says, "and society needs to work to make sure those men are married."

[This is nothing more than a two-ton pile of horse hoowhee, and stinks just as bad. Men who perpetrate violent acts just because they cannot get a piece of pussy (sorry me ladies) are already predicated to violence.]

"He was angry at God because women were rejecting him," Peterson said of the alleged Toronto killer. "The cure for that is enforced monogamy. That's actually why monogamy emerges."

[Again. A pile of horse hoowhee. And still stinks. "Enforced monogmay" would have done nothing but put that woman into an abusive relationship.]

Another New York Times reporter wrote: "The academic [Peterson] believes violent men can be cured by the love of a good woman through enforced monogamy. And he can't understand why people are laughing at him?"

Thus, he might as well be saying: "...that men, especially angry young men, are naturally more competent than women and are entitled to sexual relationships with women to reduce their likelihood of committing murder."

The only support I would offer Jordan Peterson is to hold his head still while his tongue is removed so he cannot speak such retarded garbage that is in that sick mind of his. And I thought my mind was sick. Well, actually my mind is sick. Just not as deplorable and repugnant as JBP.

If Peterson were truly intelligent, he would have said something like "socially endorced monogamy" [my label] instead of having to use his beguiling dialectical semantic apologetics after he was poopooed for his retarded "enforced monogamy" remarks.

And you wonder why I am laughing at you (calhais) and poopooing JBP and you?


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About the voices: married

About the voices: I suspect that married couples are more likely than dating couples to have vocal ranges that are centrally separated by a consonant interval. The atheist/theist vocal divide may owe itself to sexual selection. About the laughing, you may use your time as you please; it doesn't really affect my life. I haven't had time to do more than skim the rest because you didn't bother connecting each quote with each source. Probably, you stink at accounting for context. Some idiots likewise think that To Kill a Mockingbird is a racist book despite that its central theme amounts to a complaint about the difficulty of combating racism. I'll be back, bearing an apology if I was wrong.

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Did not know Morgan Freeman

Did not know Morgan Freeman "the voice of god/reason" in so many movies was an atheist. Funny.

Hopefully the allegations of misconduct Morgan Freeman supposedly did are not true, if they are the guy loses all respect from me. Unfortunately we may never know.

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Apparently he is touting a

Apparently he is touting a beef only diet to cure depression; or some shit like that.

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That could be marginally

That could be marginally effective--though it wouldn't be great for your metabolism--but if he's actually claiming a `cure' then you're right.

Edit: one of the Joe Rogan interviews with Peterson on his diet is pretty bad.


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