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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

What does everyone think of Dr. Jordan Peterson's views? Agree/disagree + why. Plenty of stuff on Youtube.

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LIbrels nowadays embrace free

LIbrels nowadays embrace free speech in theory but stifle alternative views in practice. His comments about 'free speech" and "feminism" is what made him famous. Jordan Peterson is So outrageous and so right...ish.

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His 12 rules are fine...and

His 12 rules are fine...and if you don't read the essays that accompany them they are even better. Number 12 is the best and is one of my rules for life.

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I don't really agree or

I don't really agree or disagree with people, I just find their stuff interesting. Peterson is someone whose ideas I find interesting.

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"I don't really agree or

"I don't really agree or disagree with people,"

What's this now?

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Something your debate-driven

Something your debate-driven brain wouldn't understand.

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Oh I think I know a lie when

Oh I think I know a lie when I see one.

ʝօɦռ 6IX ɮʀɛɛʐʏ's picture
I know you do, we already

I know you do, we already established you're a mind reader lol.

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The absolute hilarity of that

The absolute hilarity of that claim in a sentence where you are trying to speak for others is obviously wasted on you John.

I can't believe you seriously claimed you don't disagree with people.

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I seem to recall a lot of hard-nosed debating about evolution on your part!!

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John started two separate

John started two separate threads that went on for pages, the sole purpose was to disagree with posters claims that the bible condoned slavery.

He also insisted that the debate be limited to a small piece of biblical text that he maintained proved his point, and that nothing else was relevant. Refusing for weeks on end to address any biblical text that specifically mentions slavery.

The idea he doesn't disagree is absurd to anyone who's read much of what he posts. Though I have little problem accepting he would denyvsuchan obvious fact. As denial of facts seems to be his raison detre, in between telling everyone he is a scientist and implying this somehow validates his denials of scientific facts like species evolution.

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While i have not seen 100% of

While i have not seen 100% of videos and his view points on everything but, from what i have seen i must say, so far, i 100% agree with everything i have heard him say. Those who tend to disagree with him don't do it from an intellectual stance but, from an emotional one. He seems to be a rare public figure (if you want to call him that) today that actually stands up for what he believes and is able to intellectually back up everything he says while keeping his feelings out of it and keeping a level head at the same time. So many have tried to bait him in to things yet, he has simply ignored their pathetic attempts to trap him and continued on with his point.

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@Searching for truth

@Searching for truth

"While i have not seen 100% of videos..." you were saying that i could not talk about the subject in your thread on islam.

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Jordan Peterson is a doctor?

Jordan Peterson is a doctor? Says who?


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McGill U's dept. of clinical

McGill U's dept. of clinical psych. In the sense of `practicing clinician,' the Canadian Psychological Association.

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He has yet to prove that fact

He has yet to prove that fact.


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So what? The burden lies with

So what? The burden lies with those institutions, not with him. Someone has probably thought the same as you already, asked McGill U. and the Association, and had JBP's credentials confirmed. If you really care, then you would investigate on your own. It isn't as though you lack the competence to do so.

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I do not have to. His idiocy

I do not have to. His idiocy and bigotry is enough to prove to me he ain't no doctor.


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That's a terrible inference

That's a terrible inference rule; its false negative rate must be through the roof. What did you say you do at Yellowstone again?

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It seems that he really is a doctor, doesn't mean that he doesn't say bullshit


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I know he has received the

I know he has received the doctorate paper. Still does not prove he is a doctor. At least not a doctor I would allow out in the public.


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Yes, you could have all the

Yes, you could have all the credentials of the world and still says bullshit.

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And THAT is so true... rmfr

And THAT is so true...


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It's also true that you could

It's also true that you could have practically no credentials and still say mostly bullshit.

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I have seen a few of his

I have seen a few of his videos and watched the car crash interview he had with Cathy Griffin in my native land.
He is absolutely right on aspects of third wave feminism, as well as women wanting a competent partner (well, I do lol), at least in a psychological point of view.

I think he could do better though in his strident approach to debate.

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The guy is much to religious

The guy is much to religious/theist for me to be able to take anything he says seriously. He goes on and on about honesty, with oneself and others, he is supposed to be smart, but will on occasion ramble on about god inspired him to do x or y. If someone cannot see past the obvious god delusion, how smart can they be?

I will admit he has a few good points, but they are to me just a recycled version of a few good things many sort of "self help" and religious organizations go on about, just different dressing. So a few good nuggets in there, but he goes on and on, I would love to be in one of his classes, I would sit there and debate him all the time :)

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The guy is much to religious

The guy is much to religious/theist for me . . .

I wonder what you mean, really.

[He] will on occasion ramble on about god inspired him to do x or y.

I just noticed him and haven't seen anything like that yet. Would you give a link?

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He has a whole section on his

He has a whole section on his youtube channel dedicated to religious stuff.

The particular video he really lost me on is: https://youtu.be/1VwpwP_fIqY

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One thing I couldn't help but

One thing I couldn't help but notice that Peterson didn't say in that video was that God inspired him to do x or y. That's what I was really after, considering you gave a link. I guess I'll go through that section of the channel on my own. Still not sure your claim is trustworthy.

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Oh. You mean this Jordan

Oh. You mean this Jordan Peterson?

Statements some actually intelligent persons are saying about Jordan Peterson which agree with mine assessment after watching several debates he has participated in, yet lost every one of those debates due to a lack of using intelligence. He has poor intelligence, but he is a good peddler of racism and misogyny. Peterson is inflammatory and popular with the alt-right, yet is less an intellectual than he is a gifted motivational speaker for racists and misogynists.

Peterson is a great fan of hierarchies that preserve patriarchal power. (misogynist)

Peterson even stated his belief in the idea that women are linked to chaos while men are ascribed reason and logic. (misogynist)

Peterson has stated that white people are more likely to be able to afford a place where they actually want to live than minorities. (racist)

Peterson has stated that a world where white men are in charge is "predicated on competence." (racist)

Peterson has stated he is Canada’s federal transgender-rights bill that prohibits discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act on the basis of gender identity and expression. (transgenderphobic, which also implies homophobic)

Jordan Peterson has claimed that men, especially angry young men, are naturally more competent than women and are entitled to sexual relationships with women to reduce their likelihood of committing murder. (misogynist, why not just call it rape)


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Some of what you say is a

Some of what you say is a mischaracterisation. That is not too weird, since Peterson is a notorious wordsaladist and much of what he says is often misrepresented on the media.

-I think his point is just that humans naturally tend to create hierarchies. He even goes to say that hierarchies tend to oppress, and as such they need balances.

Women are chaos
-I haven't heard him talk about this much. He seems to be veering into some taoist idea of jin & jang, as of late though.

Minorities can't afford to move
-Haven't heard this, but how is stating reality racist? Most people would rather live in nicer richer neighbourhoods than in poor ones. And as some minorities tend to be poorer, they can't as freely decide where to live.

-It's not saying that whites or asians as a race are better, but that whites and asians have more access. In the west we mostly live in meritocracies. Not all countries are good at leveling the starting field, though.

Bill C-16
-He has opposed the bill, because he thinks it would force people to say things, instead of just prohibiting some things to be said. And that such a thing would according to him be unheard of in anglo common law, and set a dangerous precedent.

Enforced monogamy
-He said that as a society we should incentivice monogamy, so that everyone can find a mate, not that women need to be rounded up as sex slaves or what ever you seem to be implying here.


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