The End is Near

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The End is Near

I have noticed in the news lately that they have reported several earthquakes of notable strength. I think most have been along the ring of fire, but can’t be certain. Then combine that with the news out of the Ukraine, you have the making of a doomsday message all we're missing is a volcano. With Russia on the move and earthquakes, it must be a sign of the end times. I’m surprised that I haven’t heard any of the End Time prophets matching these items up with Bible. Of course, I don’t follow those circles much anymore which could explain it.

In case you don’t know, it is believed by some that Soviet Union/Russia will attempt to destroy Israel in the last days. Most of the time the references are Gog and Magog. You can find these names in Genesis, Ezekiel, and Revelation.

I have studied a lot of prophecy. I became disturbed by how many of the modern day prophets wanted to line up the littlest of headlines with the Bible. They also seemed to line up with the political climate of the time. I couldn’t see it, which probably explains why I’m here. Some of them have given dates for the end times only to watch them come and go. Others hint and all but give you the date.

Just a thought for your enjoyment.

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These things run in cycles,

These things run in cycles, but there's not really an "end" to be near. This world is incredibly resilient.

I do grab my share of sensationalist tabloids when I'm in the grocery checkout, but like you said Desolate Prophet, they're *always* saying that this or that is a signal of the end of days. I'm as numb to it celebrity divorces.

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Just like ice ages and the

Just like ice ages and the warming and cooling effect of the Earth's poles, it's a part of nature that happens. We can only do our best to prepare for it and live our lives.

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The slight natural disasters

The slight natural disasters we can certainly prepare ourselves for, but there are som so big that I wouldn't even know where to begin.

It's senseless to let it interfere with our lives though.

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War will always be present in

War will always be present in our society and it will always align itself with the prophecies found in the bible. Just as politicians and the current political climate will be unsteady, so will countries whose livelihood depends on war-like behavior.

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Doomsday might be near or far

Doomsday might be near or far, it can happen or not but the most important thing is that we should do good things always.

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The world wont end human

The world wont end human civilisation could end but the world will go on without us. It would even recover from a nuclear winter. Its arrogant as hell to say the world will end if we die.

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There was a documentary on

There was a documentary on one of the history channels that supposed all humanity was gone and it showed what the planet would look like 20, 50. 100 and 1,000 years after humanity. It was a really interesting take on what the planet would look like and how much it would improve.

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Any chance you remember what

Any chance you remember what the doc was called? That sounds really interesting.

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Funnily enough, Jesus himself

Funnily enough, Jesus himself reckoned the end would come with in a generation of his disciples. Yeah.... How did that work out?

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He was most likely talking

He was most likely talking about the fall of Jerusalem, 70AD.

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I don't think its a spiritual

I don't think its a spiritual thing. Scientists have been giving us warnings for years. We're just so bloody selfish that we couldn't give a shit about future generations.

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