Escaping from a cult

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Escaping from a cult

This is video of a TED Talk in Christchurch, New Zealand, by a young woman brought up at the Gloriavale Christian cult compound on the West Coast of the South Island. She's the granddaughter of Hopeful Christian (formerly Neville Cooper), the founder of the cult, who went to jail for child sex abuse.

Her childhood was idyllic until at 6 years old she got a school report in which she was described as having "leadership skills". Fundamentalist cults don't want leaders, especially female ones. They want followers. Despite having total control of her life from birth, the cult was not able to prevent the young woman from escaping with some of her siblings. Not everyone has her strength.

All religions engage in child abuse in one form or another. They should be classified as R18.

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A moving account.

A moving account.
Just to supplement this Ted talk, type "Gloriavale Christian Community" into Wikipedia for a summary of the usual physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuses suffered in the name of a god who talks only to men.
Its reported they think they are protected from c19, Psalm 91, no doubt.

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I never see this video before

I never see this video before. But, thanks to you, I watched.

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