Evidence of GOD/ JESUS over Myths.

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Evidence of GOD/ JESUS over Myths.

Atheists argue that Jesus is nothing but a Christian myth like that of the ancient Osiris, Thor, Attis, Krishna & others and here JESUS claimed in John 8-58 "before Abraham was, I am. Abraham was lives 1800 years before, if how could he claimed? 1st century Jews didn't demand a clarification in stead they became furious and took stones to cast and kill Jesus, If those Jews asked clarification then Jesus would have been clarified though those jews knew about Jesus, His Mother, Father , Brothers and Sisters.

He's a clarification that there's a God's Spirit that exist even before the foundation of this world and the same God's Spirit ENTERED into Virgin Mary and JESUS was born and He was talking to the Jews claiming that he exist before Abraham, Do you think that Jesus doesn't aware of physical age 32 years? Do you think that Jesus doesn't aware of His family? He knew pretty well, the age of Jesus has to be calculated from the age of the God's Spirit that exceeds anyone's, how does it possible to be proved this claim of Jesus in 21st century?

In Acts 1, there's a clear instruction Jesus gave to His disciples not to go away from Jerusalem because of the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the same arrived at day of Pentecost and ENTERED into Apostles & Apostolic peoples & the same Holy Spirit exist here in the world for the past 2000 years, therefore if the same Holy Spirit ENTERED into any human body in this 21st century then there's absolutely he has rights t claim the same that Jesus claimed, Before 2000 years, I exist.

Now, how does it be proved?

If the Holy Spirit ENTER into any human body then it become an Immortal like Jesus that cant be destroyed by any powers like cancer, deceases, natural calamity, weapons or even death because of the fact that the temple of GOD cant be destroyed as the Bible says the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is the temple of God and that's why Jesus challenged " Destroy this temple, I'll rebuild in 3 days" and the same can also be challenged by those who received the Holy Spirit into their physical body.

Therefore EXIT of a Spirit from the physical body and ENTER of the Holy Spirit into the physical body is a best explanation for the evidence of GOD & JESUS.

If anybody doesn't accept existence of Spirit then they can consider consciousness or mind as these cant be denied by Atheists, therefore EXIT of consciousness or mind from the physical body and ENTER of consciousness or mind of God into the physical body is an evidence of GOD of the Bible existence that can also be proven in 21st century by repeating what Jesus did back then in 1st century. These events are called by the Bible as BORN AGAIN and being witnesses of God we also call it as PSYCHIC RE-ORIENTATION or MIND TRANSPLANT.

Therefore Jesus also made available His witnesses in 21st century so as to repetition in view of the whole world and the 21st century scenario has been pretty well support to what he has predicted in Revelation 11and also spoken in Matthew 16:28, that there're some standing here, they shall not taste death until the return of the son of God.

Therefore, there's absolutely no excuse for the Atheists to argue that the fact of Jesus is myth derived from previous myths like Osiris, Attis, Thor, Krishna and others, Jesus was true then, now and forever that's why he made His witnesses for the 21st century world, there's none who claimed witnesses of Osiris, Thor, Attis, Krishna etc.,therefore comparing Jesus with myths are absolutely ignorant of the reality of Judea Christianity.

Witnesses of Christ are exist and speaks to the Atheist world and others as part of the testimony of Christ as determined in the book of Revelation so as to fulfil Matthew 16:28 now in 21st century and the return of Christ and lives of Witnesses of Christ are co-related as the climax of this world, until that happens no power can destroy Witnesses as Proof that might be tested by anyone.

Thus, God exist and we are His witnesses.

Thank you,
William G.Peter.

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This is what religion has

This is what religion has done to your brain.

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YES, Mind Transplant or

YES, Mind Transplant or Psychic re-orientation or BORN AGAIN or Brain Re-order might happen only at Brain that's where thinking take place, consciousness exist which's happen at your fingers?
Thank you.

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So, Peter, in your estimation

So, Peter, in your estimation, what happens to atheists once they die?

William G Peter's picture
Afraid to tell, they would be

Afraid to tell, they would be taken to hell. I'm sorry.

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Well I guess that after all

Well I guess that after all you really proved my atheism wrong.I shall attend the closest Jehova's Witnesses Kingdom Hall as soon as posible and repent to God for my sins.
Thank Lord you didn't just quoted the bible and took your own take on Jesus,but came with unrefutable proof,unlike all the other pointless religious posts so far....... oh,wait a second,you indeed just brought the same pointless arguments that all the religious posts do by just quoting the bible and making your own version of God's "signs".

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If I proved your Atheism is

If I proved your Atheism is wrong or not, gate to the heaven has been closed, therefore you cant enter as JW's are. This's just an argument against Atheist position, no place for repentance which's not necessary. Therefore u still be an Atheist.

Nyarlathotep's picture
Peter - therefore you cant

Peter - therefore you cant enter [heaven] as JW's are.

The Governing Body teaches that JW's generally won't be going to heaven either. Kind of sad I know your mythology better than you. Although I have serious doubts you are a JW since you endorsed this idea, and earlier you stated atheists would be taken to hell (which again is in contradiction with the Governing Body).

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Not me Thinkable. Now that I

Not me Thinkable. Now that I have been proven wrong, I shall sing loudly my praises to our lord god Thor at the nearest norse temple I can find.

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1) Peter, you have proved

1) Peter, you have proved NOTHING. I don't care what jesus "claimed."
2) Claiming isn't proof of anything. I could "claim" any number of things. It doesn't make them true.
3) You didn't provide ANY reference to verify a damn thing!

You are lost in a world of myths. You are so fucked up that you have lost all reason. Don't come here and proselytise!

4) How come it takes 3 days for your all powerful god to recover? Doesn't seem all powerful to me, even it were true (which it is not).

The bible is NOTHING! It's folklore and hogwash! It's political propaganda! It has one use and that of toilet paper.

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I gave an explanation which

I gave an explanation which if you understand then you would find Proof but if you don't understand then you cant find it, simple.

Even if you don't understand a PROOF then you are welcome to test & verify by taking action as described by Revelation 11:5 as the Holy Bible is meant to TURN mortal man into an Immortal, so as to demonstrate GOD in view of the whole world.

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Wow, it took me awhile to

Wow, it took me awhile to slog through this rambling manifesto. For the most part I couldn't tell what the hell he was talking about. It seems he's saying Jesus is real because I say so. The rest was a disjointed mess. Poor syntax, poor grammar, poor punctuation, poor context, absolutely no cohesion or coherence. I have worked with the mentally ill for some 40 years and see this kind of decompensation frequently.

William G Peter's picture
I agree there may be

I agree there may be grammatical mistakes but enough substance, if it's like u said then all of them who have replied to me said the same but not so far, may be would say once they see this reply and begin to say like you said, therefore you're not having valid argument against what I said and spurting nonsense, you worked 40 years but do you know what's mentally re-order?

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2 questions...if you would be so kind....

1/ Which bible are you using ?

2/ You mentioned a supposed person called Abraham.....I wonder could you tell me where this character came from..?

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Peter I imagine that among

Peter I imagine that among other things we're dealing with a language barrier here. I'm having a hell of a time making any sense of your posts.

William G Peter's picture
No, I made very simple

No, I made very simple message, the issue is not language barrier but your reluctance to accept or listen to message, be relax for some time and read again and again and ponder carefully. Thanks.

bigbill's picture
William: The holy spirit that

William: The holy spirit that came upon Jesus at his baptism was real the most recent scholarship has come to the agreement both liberal and conservative that Jesus was a historical figure.Yes he said that before Abraham was I am.As for having this spirit you say that nothing physically wrong can happen to the individual, You are way off, just look at most of the apostles and the so called witness like the church fathers and of course the missionaries who suffered assault and death some times. Just because I have the spirit of God working in me does me no good to test the spirit.We are all mortal from Paul and Peter to the average person in the village square. We will all die it comes once per person there is no escaping that. what we can leave is a legacy behind showing how we taught and served the Lord Jesus Christ and most of all how we lived our lives.Tell me William what type of Christianity do you espouse? It doesn`t sound like anything I come ACROSS in my 40 plus years that I served as a Christian.Are you from the mainline churches or a cult or what?

William G Peter's picture
Thanks, you made many pointS

Thanks, you made many pointS that sounds good but you are a 40 + year Christian like many of them but the issue is do u know really who's a Christian as/NT? A Christian is the one who walk like JESUS did, but u or billions were not lived like that, you said Peter & Paul and others were all mortals but you cant equate yourself with Peter & Paul who lived back then but didn't live having entire NT, i mean the book of Revelation was not there for them, but u have it now, therefore you have to understand the entirety of NT.

If Peter or Paul knew the book of Revelation then they would have claimed Immortals b/c that's where the instruction to accomplish certain things that the LORD has given and the same has to be accomplished by only SOME people who would fulfil Matthew 16:28 and the climax of this world shall be correlated by the return of CHRIST & lives of those SOME.

Therefore, there're billions but mere nominal Christian believers, though I appreciate them but when comes to the Scriptures they're in false as you were in 40 years, You said that you haven't come across what I'm saying is an encouragement b/c what did u hear from me is fact from the Bible and God who indwells me. I'm from Brethren Church rooted from plymouth UK but further rooted from Matthew 16:18 and now based in S.India.

You said that we all die., but what do you mean by death? What does a Bible calls death, do you know?
Death is something EXIT of a Spirit or EXIT of a mind or consciousness and body dies but at the same time there's also an ENTER of the Spirit of GOD into the body or ENTER of the mind of God or Enter of consciousness of GOD that's called BORN AGAIN biblically, therefore whoever born in this world has to die but what sort of a death is what matter here, People live long and finally die as it happens to everyone irrespective of their religious back ground or any other. Therefore when you're BORN AGAIN as/NT then why do you need to DEAD AGAIN? if you dead then it's simple your Born Again was not true.

There're people who served the LORD as you said but they served as per the knowledge of scriptures but that doesn't mean they obtained the full knowledge of GOD from the Bible but lived in their generation as they could as Christians that doesn't they lived by the entirety of the Bible.

Thanks, WGP.

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And what proof do you have

And what proof do you have Peter that any of these events in the holy babble actually occurred?? Hint: The answer is Peter that you have no proof, and no good evidence. You have faith, which is the excuse that you use when you have no good evidence to believe the nonsense you believe.

William G Peter's picture
I'm neither believe or have

I'm neither believe or have faith because I'm a witness of GOD of the Holy Bible as I have proof that the Holy Bible is meant to TURN mortal into an Immortal as Proof that might be tested & verified as/Revelation 11th chapter. Why should I believe when I have Proof? Though I was a sinner, believer then a serious believer and now I' m a witness and no power can destroy me as Proof antibody can check by taking these to the media for a wide experiment to Prove GOD to the entire world.

bigbill's picture
William is sounds like your

William is sounds like your comparing yourself to the 2 witnesses in the book of revelation.You nor I have the capabilities as these two have. Just like not everyone was A King or a priest or a Prophet during the Old testament time period.So please don`t fool yourself into believing by anyone`s teaching that you are infallible . Because you may have to learn the hard way that your just another follower of Christ.

algebe's picture
Who's William? Are you a

Who's William? Are you a Christian again?

William G Peter's picture
I'm not a believer 1st but

I'm not a believer 1st but these are my sequence of positions, I was a sinner, a believer then a serious believer & now I'm a witness of CHRIST. I'm about to leave for an appointment away 165kms, i shall be back to you. Have a nice day.

William G Peter's picture
When CHRIST was here people

When CHRIST was here people never thought that He was the Messiah, even a Samaritan woman knew that Messiah would come but when He was standing before her eye's she didn't realised that He's a Messiah, therefore you don't know the reality of the witnesses of CHRIST. I'm not claiming that I'm infallible but simply claim as Witness of CHRIST as/Acts 1:8 & Rev 11. I'm not believing b/c why I should believe when I have Proof of God? Therefore I can testify GOD than anybody else in the world.

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Peter : Jesus and Abraham

Peter : Jesus and Abraham were both mythical beings.

Chris McDearman's picture
Jesus was a real person.

Jesus was a real person.

chimp3's picture
I disagree.

I disagree.

bigbill's picture
chimp I`m sorry to peel your

chimp I`m sorry to peel your banana but Jesus was a real historical figure, Scholars the best in the world concur that Jesus once live don the Earth in the middle east, So repeating this nonsense won`t change the truth. Why don`t you come clean chimp boy and admit it Why the denial come into realty. At least the atheist I hear from admit that Jesus once lived.you have no rational argument.

MCDennis's picture
Scholars agree that jeebus

Scholars agree that jeebus existed? Do tell. Please identify these scholars of whom you speak.

And even if this character in a book does in fact exist, is there any proof or even any good evidence that he was a god, or the son of a god, or divine, or walked on water, healed the sick, raised the dead, etc. because as are as I am aware this is all just myth and dare I say it crazy bullshit nonsense. Please provide proof or at least good evidence that any of the claims made about jeebus in the holy bable are true and correct... or troll away.

bigbill's picture
one liberal scholar is greg

one liberal scholar is greg ludemann from Germany who I met personally Robert m price is the only scholar that I know of who believes that Jesus was a myth.It`s right there you have access to the google search type it in and you will get a whole planthea of names.Don`t try to be so ignorant and hurt my intelligence okay. Jesus was a real historical figure.Get over it stop being in denial,face up to reality!!!!!!

MCDennis's picture
Simple, sorry NO. You told

Simple, sorry NO. You told us the proof was in. You told us scholars believe that jeebus existed. You have the burden of proof. I asked you to provide the names of these ''scholars'' who agreed with you that he existed. And instead we got: I know a guy who thinks that jesus was a myth. Well so do I.

How about this: You have the burden of proof because you made the positive claim, so why don't you answer the question... or go away. Where is the proof that most ''scholars'' are convinced by proof or at least good evidence that jesus was a real character.

Also, you did a little tap dance in your answer. I asked you about proof of the jesus character's divinity... and of course you completely ignored that. Why?

I will be happy to ''face up to reality" as soon as you provide proof that whatever it is you believe in is true. Otherwise, the default position was, is and remains NOT to believe anything until there is a good reason supported by evidence to do so. That includes belief in fairies, ghosts, gods, goddesses, monsters, demons, devils and of course jeebus.


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