Evidence of GOD/ JESUS over Myths.

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@ peter

@ peter

Thank's replying.
But I find that you didn't provide much of an answer. What I mean is that you are pretty much just restating religious propaganda: "God is Spirit who exist as the HOLY SPIRIT and..."

The only part of your post that is close to answering my questions is "I have witnessed everything about CHRIST written in the Bible..."

I gather you are somehow talking about internal experiences?

To help us understand what you mean: How would you define the word "witness" in the context you are using it?

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Hi Peter,

Hi Peter,

Please explain how Jesus of Nazareth was born in Nazareth when the place did not exist until it was named by Helena about 300 years after Jesus's alleged birth.

(Thanks to Pitar for alerting us to this little gem.)

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Nazareth was exist even

Nazareth was exist even before what did u describe as the Bible says which far enough for Proof simply.

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Can you please provide

Can you please provide positive proof, for example, contemporaneous records, archeological data, etc. to back up your claim that Nazareth existed during the period when jesus is alleged to have lived. The bible is not self-validating, therefore a mention of Nazareth in the bible is not proof.

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Why do you bother about

Why do you bother about records, if you say the Bible is not Proof in the same way I can argue reasonably that the records of your date of birth is not true, you cant prove your DOB is true by yourself, you have to depend somebody. However there's no need to argue about your DOB b/c you're alive today that proved you were once born irrespective of records as Proofs. Similarly there's Bible today in the hands of many that's far enough to conclude what Bible says is true.

But still if you want a Proof then there's an authentic source exist who was responsible for the Bible and anybody can establish a contact and come to know the whole Bible says is true. In stead of establishing such a contact you people are seeking records, archeological data etc.,were unnecessary approach, obviously those records are not viable due to the natural degradation that doesn't mean you can ignore it but preserve as an ancient documents to some extent to know some details of the past.

Therefore what Bible says is true, if you look at Bible that speaks certain things pertaining to the present so as to understand the both the past & future are true. Thank you.

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Peter: "Similarly there's

Peter: "Similarly there's Bible today in the hands of many that's far enough to conclude what Bible says is true."

Where do you think the Bible came from? Who wrote the original books? Who translated them into Greek, Latin, English? Who made the successive copies of the manuscripts they translated from? Who authenticated those manuscripts? Who picked which books should go into the Bible and which should be left out? Do you think every copy of the manuscripts, every translation was perfectly accurate?

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The Bible came from God who

The Bible came from God who created heaven and earth and inspired men to write it, therefore the Bible is now in your hands that proves there must be someone who wrote it in Original language, some one who translated into other languages, someone who copied it so as to made it available for the subsquent peoples, someone or group which authenticated it, Some one or some group which chosen some books and left some.

The Bible have contradictions, discrepancies and inconsistencies which are necessary tools so as to open closed mindedness of men who is closed to the knowledge of God, therefore the Holy Bible is perfect & accurate and successfully turn mortal into an Immortal that might be tested that's what Bible provide a Proof that God exist as the climax of this world in the times to come.

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@Peter: "therefore the Bible

@Peter: "therefore the Bible is now in your hands that proves there must be someone who wrote it in Original language, some one who translated into other languages, someone who copied it...."

And at each of those steps there was ample scope for errors, embellishment, fraud, political interference, etc.

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WTF? Please speak English.

WTF? Please speak English.

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I'm sitting this one out but

I'm sitting this one out but thanks for the debate.

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Are you fucking kidding me?

Are you fucking kidding me? Peter is trying to justify the bible by....wait for it.... Birthering US?
NOTE: "Why do you bother about records, if you say the Bible is not Proof in the same way I can argue reasonably that the records of your date of birth is not true,"-Peter.
There is so much wrong with this guy Peter it isn't even funny.
1) The bible- filled with hearsay and allegory. No corroboration from any credible source. In essence, the bible is supposed to be valid because it claims to be. That would be like ME claiming that I am supernatural just because I say so.
2) Birth records are documents that are highly substantiated. There are witnesses, and the witnesses are held to a high standard and requirements. They aren't people that just heard a story about a birth and claim that they know something about it. They are first-hand eye witnesses and there are no less than 4.
So, NO Peter, you can't "birther" us to discredit what "records" are.

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I'm not kidding you but

I'm not kidding you but serious than any body when comes to the discussion on God of the Bible. I'm sure you're an impatient nut through the way you communicate, be it known to you.

1.Bible is infallible in all that might be known if you're capable enough to understand. In essense Bible is capable to TURN mortal man into Immortal, mind that please even I'm scheduled to demonstrate. Simply I can throw the records of your DOB into garbage, saying it's forged, false and you cant argue that's true, that's what your fate, you have to depend on others to know your DOB there's no other way.

2. Like you said about DOB the same is available for the Holy Bible, Eye witnesses only wrote by the inspiration of GOD, even I'm a witness of events that took place before 2000 years, I can PROVE before 2000 years I exist like CHRIST who said, before Abraham was I'm in John 8:58.

There's a HOLY SPIRIT indwells me so as to substantiate the HOLY BIBLE is true that of your DOB. CHRIST knew that you like people would say in the future like these that's why he said in Matthew 16:28 there're SOME who shall not taste death until they see the return of the son of man and also He made available those SOME in 21st century who are 1st hand eye witnesses as I'm one of such witness, being the New Testament Activists.

3.New Testament Activist's are here in 21st century so as to repetition CHRIST in view of the whole world as Proof of God. So, be careful when you say something on the Holy Bible.

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Peter: Me thinks you are

Peter: Me thinks you are filled with megalomania not spirit. Immortal my ass! Keep your delusions. You are failing as a witness . A very unconvincing witness.

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I accept that when I die, my

I accept that when I die, my lights go out and there is nothing else, ever. Peter will die one day, but he will then be unable to realize that he is not immortal.

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Peter - There's a HOLY SPIRIT

Peter - There's a HOLY SPIRIT indwells me

in front or in back?

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The resurrection has been altered and rewritten. So your god AND the bible is fallible because it is edited. The first or oldest known scriptures of MARK (Codex Sinaiticus) state that 3 cleaning women found the tomb of jesus empty. They didn't see a spirit, they didn't see jesus, just an empty tomb. A common problem of the period. Later, some centuries later the story changed to fit the myth. A later version has over 500 witnesses an actuall resurrection a complete impossibility. The logistics alone proves that it is an impossibility.
AND BTW Peter, you can insult me all you want. I really don't give a fuck! You are a ludicrous person so you have no credibility. Your insults are absurd as are you!

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Do you have any sources on

Do you have any sources on that, because I'm trying to collect some for my Skype group.

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and again....

and again....


2 questions...if you would be so kind....

1/ Which bible are you using ?

2/ You mentioned a supposed person called Abraham.....I wonder could you tell me where this character came from..?


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