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Ex-Pagan New Ager

I firstly apologize for having this posted in the debate section, im new to the site, joined today, and when i was told to select a forum section, it was eithre "Debate" or "Robert" "Vish" or "Armin" not sure why the forum sections are different peoples names, hopefully I'll learn my way around soon enough.

Anyways. Just wondering if there are any ex-pagans or ex-new ager's here. I recently left paganism and new age spirituality and it sucks not having anyone that understands or relates. I was born and raised into a strict unloving christian home, and by age 19 I was doing research on the origins on christianity out of curiosity. I was devastated after finding out that christianity stole most of its info and holiday's from paganism. I wanted nothing more than to have truth and to follow the right beliefs. So I left christianity and became pagan. My friendship circle consisted of pagans, new agers, wiccans...and the worse...starseeds. I was so deep in the woo woo shit that it took me years to get out of it. I started to see how crazy it all really was, doing spells that never worked (the same way prayer never worked), believing in wacky shit like the twin flame theory and reincarnated aliens, yeah it was bad, lol, when i started having my doubts, my so-called friends would get very defensive and aggressive. It felt too familiar....yupp just like the christians, they didn't want their crazy beliefs questioned and had no real answers, i was sick of hearing "the universe works in mysterious ways" "listen to your spirit guides, you don't need logic, only emotion". I finally left the shit behind, but i'd love to know if there are any ex-pagans or ex-new ager's/ex-wiccans here on the site and what it was that got you into the spiritual stuff and what it was that finally made you leave.

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It started when I was dating

It started when I was dating a female who's mother was a Wiccan priestess. It ended at a Spring equinox ceremony 3 years later, which I'm not getting into but, I had fun... My parents were christian ministers... Feel free to contact me if you feel like it.

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I was interested with Wiccan

I was interested with Wiccan when I was in college but now I find their religion quite funny. But, if I have to pick between Christianism and Wiccan, I will rather opt for more peaceful religion which is Wiccan.

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