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Forced belief

I posit that almost every person that holds a religious or spiritual belief was forced into that belief in one form or another. I dare say that few if anyone has come to believe in a god strictly of their own volition.
Most people are born into what they believe. Their family foists that belief upon them. Still, others are extorted into that belief by missionaries. Some governments make belief mandatory and the penalty for defying the law is up to and include death and torture. Some organizations like the Taliban and ISIL force belief on people. Even in the USA, we have belief forced upon us directly or indirectly. Take the singing of "god Bless America" at baseball games. That is a form of peer pressure that says you are not an American, not a patriot unless you are a christian.
While many christians, especially "born again" christians will say that they came to their belief on their own, but we know that isn't the case. They may have decided to be born again, but their belief in a god began without their choice, even before they were able to actually comprehend what was being forced upon them.
Rituals, ceremonies, traditions, are the tools that justify how people are indoctrinated at an early age. It is tantamount to child abuse.
Thus the christian misunderstanding about why people choose to be atheists. They can't conceive free choice. There are instructed from an early age to NEVER question religious authority. And the consequences are high for doing so. Ostracism, hatred, even violence are vented at people that even question a religious belief.
I for one cannot find an instance whereby a person has decided to believe in a god strictly on their own.

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"I for one cannot find an

"I for one cannot find an instance whereby a person has decided to believe in a god strictly on their own."

Nor can I, for all the looking I've done.

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Sometimes a lie is easier to

Sometimes a lie is easier to live with than the truth....

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