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'God Bless America'

I like to watch baseball on TV when I have the time and I want to enjoy a good nap, but in the last few years my peaceful slumber has been rudely and unceremoniously interrupted by 'God Bless America'. This all came about because some non-constitutionalist conservative assholes have decided that they will play this political prayer at the 7th inning stretch at every major and minor league baseball game.
The reason for the change in our national pasttime was a kneejerk prejudice react to the terrorist attacks of 9/11.
This unconstitutional practice breaks every constitutional law concerning individual rights and religious accommodation in public venues.
Case in point. 3 teenagers attending a minor league game were ejected from a stadium for not standing for the song. They are of course suing and will likely win.





Recently the Yankees lost a suit when a customer headed to the restroom during the song and was ejected for moving while the song was being performed.
The thing is that playing the song demands that you are not an American patriot if you are not protestant/ christian. It goes further than that. Simply not participating in this song prayer will get you ejected from a game that has nothing to do with politics or religion and that YOU paid for.

The arrogance of the religious right and conservatives in this nation shed the constitution every chance they get. They want to enforce their religious idealism, racism, and prejudices on every single person in this country. It is pure Fascism and I won't stand for it.

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Wow thats disgusting, i hope

Wow thats disgusting, i hope they win this suit.. Noone should be forced to stand for anything opinion based!

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Like Trumpites, such perps

Like Trumpites, such perps obviously can't see themselves from the point of view of people in the UK or other places around the world.

There seems to be a dearth of leadership in the USA today. Bloomberg and Romney haven't stepped forward and who can blame them?! So it looks like the USA will be stuck with the second best Clinton for President - and so we'll all be stuck with her. Let's all hope she's a steady pair of hands and sanity levels will increase over there.

(All that crap and they're still better off than Europeans! :-) And people wonder why Eurotrash like me hate USAmericans!! :-)

Seriously though, nationalism is a problem and so is religion. Both are dying naturally due to globalization, education and the communication revolution. Many in the USA seem to be following some ideology tied to a religion (Christianity). These ideologues feel threatened and are speaking out (and some are lashing out!)

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Hilary Clinton is an

Hilary Clinton is an excellent choice for president. Clinton is far more qualified leader than Cameron, Brown, Major or Thatcher. So you may hate America and it's politics, but considering the alternative, I'll take the USA everytime. BTW Bloomberg and Romney are failures.

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I hate clinton, she lies so

I hate clinton, she lies so much and will say anything to get elected.. One day she is for traditional marriage the next for any marriage.. #BernieOrBust

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You may hate Hillary but as

You may hate Hillary but as far as lies goes Bernie lies more than Clinton:

Just go to Politifact and see who is lying. The New York Times says Bernie lies more than Hillary albeit they lie about the same amount percentage wise.


You can check factcheck.org and see that Bernie lies more than Hillary.

So don't hand me this crap about Hillary being a liar.
BTW if you want Trump to win then pull your Bernie or bust crap. If Bernie beats Hillary, I will support Bernie. There is no need to tear down Hillary just because you support Bernie. Even Bernie told Rachel Maddow that if Hillary wins the nomination he will support her, according to the Huffington Post and other media sources:


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I cant believe clinton is the

I cant believe clinton is the democratic choice! A life long politician, a power broker, with scandel and even maybe murder tied to the land deals in Arkansas. Swept in to the senate on a wave of sentiment over her husband's cheating. I know of no meaningvful legislation during her career. Given sec. of state as a politilcal favor with no qualification that i can see. I stand on the left on most issues but feel betrayed. Hillary seems to be an elitist who shows disdain and condensation for her subordinates. I think Hillary will turn her back on us if elected and doesn't give a tinkers damn about being secular. I think she will continue to support what got her political career where it is today: big money.

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Bullshit All the Hillary

Bullshit All the Hillary Clinton scandals have been made up by conservatives. No one has been more scrutinized than Hillary Clinton and not one shred of evidence has been produced to support any of these lies. As for the "murder", I can't believe that any grown person would still buy into this made up conspiracy. As for the legislation that she worked on and brought, there has been no less than 325 according to Congress.gov:

Hillary is definitely not an "elitist". She has fought hard for the poor and working people of this nation.
You sir, Joshua, don't have your facts straight and are reacting on pure propaganda and emotion alone.
She was duly elected by the people of New York. You cannot say that they voted for her because they felt sorry for her. You don't know why each individual that voted for her reasons were.

She wasn't "given" Sec. of State. She was appointed and approved by even her enemies. So don't hand me that crap either.
If you have a legitimate reason to be against her, fine, state it, but don't post a bunch of bullshit and emotion crap or some already disproved conspiracy theory.

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