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My mistake , I can see know

My mistake , I can see know that you're altogether too stupid to bother with. A mistake I shall not be repeating.

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Sheldon, good. Bye.


good. Bye.

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Apollo: "Everybody has a

Apollo: "Everybody has a world view they can not prove."

Not everybody. I can prove my world. Walk to the front door of your house. Open the door. Step outside, closing door. Now open your eyes and look.

That is my world view. With OPEN eyes.


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I don't use the word

I don't use the word "supernatrual" my self. Its a term from the middle ages derived from a metaphysics that I don't believe in. You are trapped unwittingly, yet faithfully, in a metaphysics that you seem to know little about.
I didn't say that God influenced evolution. I believe evolution is a process that God created. God created all the natural processes. Science is about how the natural processes God created work. Science is not about if God exists or does not exist. its beyond the scope of science.

Too, I have no proof that you Randomhero1982 exist. Your posts could be from an automaton, such as IBM's computer, Watson. yet I believe that you exists. You have similiar beliefs that you don't have enough evidence to prove, yet you believe them.

Did you ever consider identifying your own assumptions? and trying to prove them?
All this stuff you guys throw out challenging others to prove what they believe, yet you can't even prove your own beliefs. many of you are so uneducated you aren't even aware you have beliefs.

Where did material come from? You are left with either it always existed, or it created itself. Which one do you choose? and demonstrate a causal link to prove it.

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"I believe evolution is a

"I believe evolution is a process that God created."

Then demonstrate some objective evidence for this belief.

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Its obvious objectivity doesn

Its obvious objectivity doesn't exist. All you are doing is talking out of your own personal belief system. Demonstrate the existence of "objectivity". If objectivity exists, whe do scientists not all agree on things like strign theory and partical theory? too, if objectivity exists, why don't all athiests agree on all subjects?

God isn't provable or disprovable.

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RE: Evolution is a process

RE: Evolution is a process God Created???
Don't you have to prove a god before you can make such an assertion. I believe the Blue Creator Bunny created the process of evolution. How are these two positions any different from one another?

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God isn't provable or

God isn't provable or disprovable.
Some scientists believe in string theory, but the strings are assumed (unproven). Its not unusual for people, scientists too, to believe things they haven't proven. You can believe in the Blue Creator Bunny if you want to. I'm not sure anyone can prove you worng.

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@ Apollo

@ Apollo

"The existence of God is not provable. Nor can it be disproven."

You sure about that? Take a gander …

Proverbs {6:16-19} These six things does the LORD hate: yes, seven are an abomination unto him: 1) a proud look, 2) a lying tongue, 3) hands that shed innocent blood, 4) a heart that devises wicked imaginations, 5) feet that be swift in running to mischief, 6) a false witness that speaks lies, 7) and he that sows discord among brethren.

  1. A Proud Look. Well, this is the one that is not in the Bible anywhere. I concede that God does not have “a proud look.” However, with persons like William Lane Craig overemphasizing his non-existent qualities, he probably does have a “proud look” now.
  2. A Lying Tongue. Unfortunately, the entire Bible is a lie. But, specifically, try these:
    • 1 Kings {22:23} Now therefore, behold, the LORD has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all your prophets, and the LORD has spoken evil concerning you.
    • 2 Chronicles {18:22} Now therefore, behold, the LORD has put a lying spirit in the mouth of your prophets, and the LORD has spoken evil against you.
    • Jeremiah {4:10} Then I said, Lord GOD! surely you have greatly deceived the people and Jerusalem, saying, You shall have peace; whereas the sword reaches into the soul.
    • Jeremiah {20:7} O LORD, you have deceived me, and I was deceived: you are stronger than I, and have prevailed: I am in derision daily, every one mocks me.
    • Ezekiel {14:9} And if the prophet is deceived when he has spoken a thing, I the LORD have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand upon him, and will destroy him from the midst of my people Israel. [First, it lies to the person, then says it will destroy him for lying. Sweet!]
    • 2 Thessalonians {2:11} And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. [And this is ALL Christians.]
  3. Hands that shed innocent blood. Boy, where in the Bible won’t you find this?
    • Genesis {7:21-22} And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth, and every man: all in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died.
    • Exodus {11:5} And all the firstborn in the land of Egypt shall die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sits upon his throne, even the firstborn of the maidservant that is behind the mill; and all the firstborn of beasts. [God, the filicidal maniac.]
    • 1 Samuel {15:3} Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.
  4. Heart that devises wicked imaginations. Again, where in the Bible is this not?
    • The whole books of both Exodus and Joshua = animal sacrifices, blood offerings, burnt offerings, human sacrifices, ethnic genocidal cleansings, rapes, enslavement, etc., etc., etc. [Nothing but pure horror and evil.]
  5. Feet that are swift in running to mischief.
    • Psalms {2:12} Kiss the Son, unless he is angry, and you perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little.
    • Isaiah {45:7} I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.
  6. A false witness that speaks lies.
    • Hell, see #2 above…
  7. He that sows discord among brethren, and some cannibalism.
    • Leviticus {26:28-29} Then I will walk contrary to you also in fury; and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins. And you shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall you eat.
    • Deuteronomy {28:53} And you shall eat the fruit of your own body, the flesh of your sons and of your daughters, which the LORD your God has given you, in the siege, and in the straightness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress thee.
    • Matthew {10:34-38} Do not think that I have come to send peace on the Earth: I have come not to send peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be the ones of his own household. He that loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that takes not his cross, and follows after me, is not worthy of me. And I find anyone unworthy if I am to love them more than mine own father and mother, mine own wife, and mine own children.


Thus, your deity is everything it hates and despises. Since it is everything it hates and depises, your deity suicided itself a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Thus, your deity does not exist.


EDIT: fixed a typo

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As to Proverbs and what not, they have no effect on me. I don't view the Bible as some Paper Pope. The Bible is not a rational book, not a history book. I read the Bible with the same critical mode that I read Dawkins' books.
So you are wasting your breath.

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Actually it took no breath at

Actually it took no breath at all. Just a bunch of finger movements.

However your beliefs are as absolute as the Bible and most of what you spew onto these forums is definitely Biblical.


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Belief is proportional to the

Belief is proportional to the evidence provided. Belief without evidence is putting the cart before the horse. Or just being a creationist. Belief without evidence is pure ignorance (AKA - FAITH). Unjustified belief in any other area, other than religion, is regarded as pure bullshit. String Theory is not actually a theory. All five versions break down at some point. Belief is proportioned to their use in describing quantized gravity. Then M theory comes along and connects the various string theories. It is being pursued because it may actually be the unifying theory of the universe; however, to believe it is so without evidence is retarded. You are using an equivocation fallacy when uttering the word belief. As in, you either believe or "you do not believe. " This is an error. Belief occurs on a scale and matches the available evidence. "M theory might be the theory of everything? 50/50 . God created the universe (Null Hypothesis). No evidence at all. Blue Creator bunnies have the exact same probability of existing as the Christian God. M Theory kicks both their asses.

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@ Apollo

@ Apollo

What useless dribble you have posted. AGAIN!!

One question: You keep making preposterous claims about some god. However, you failed to define which god?

Middle-East: (169)
A, Adad, Adapa, Adrammelech, Aeon, Agasaya, Aglibol, Ahriman, Ahura Mazda, Ahurani, Ai-ada, Al-Lat, Aja, Aka, Alalu, Al-Lat, Amm, Al-Uzza (El-'Ozza or Han-Uzzai), An, Anahita, Anath (Anat), Anatu, Anbay, Anshar, Anu, Anunitu, An-Zu, Apsu, Aqhat, Ararat, Arinna, Asherali, Ashnan, Ashtoreth, Ashur, Astarte, Atar, Athirat, Athtart, Attis, Aya, Baal (Bel), Baalat (Ba'Alat), Baau, Basamum, Beelsamin, Belit-Seri, Beruth, Borak, Broxa, Caelestis, Cassios, Lebanon, Antilebanon, and Brathy, Chaos, Chemosh, Cotys, Cybele, Daena, Daevas, Dagon, Damkina, Dazimus, Derketo, Dhat-Badan, Dilmun, Dumuzi (Du'uzu), Duttur, Ea, El, Endukugga, Enki, Enlil, Ennugi, Eriskegal, Ereshkigal (Allatu), Eshara, Eshmun, Firanak, Fravashi, Gatamdug, Genea, Genos, Gestinanna, Gula, Hadad, Hannahanna, Hatti, Hea, Hiribi, The Houri, Humban, Innana, Ishkur, Ishtar, Ithm, Jamshid or Jamshyd, Jehovah, Jesus, Kabta, Kadi, Kamrusepas, Ki (Kiki), Kingu, Kolpia, Kothar-u-Khasis, Lahar, Marduk, Mari, Meni, Merodach, Misor, Moloch, Mot, Mushdama, Mylitta, Naamah, Nabu (Nebo), Nairyosangha, Nammu, Namtaru, Nanna, Nebo, Nergal, Nidaba, Ninhursag or Nintu, Ninlil, Ninsar, Nintur, Ninurta, Pa, Qadshu, Rapithwin, Resheph (Mikal or Mekal), Rimmon, Sadarnuna, Shahar, Shalim, Shamish, Shapshu, Sheger, Sin, Siris (Sirah), Taautos, Tammuz, Tanit, Taru, Tasimmet, Telipinu, Tiamat, Tishtrya, Tsehub, Utnapishtim, Utu, Wurusemu, Yam, Yarih (Yarikh), Yima, Zaba, Zababa, Zam, Zanahary (Zanaharibe), Zarpandit, Zarathustra, Zatavu, Zazavavindrano, Ziusudra, Zu (Imdugud), Zurvan

China (170):
Ba, Caishen, Chang Fei, Chang Hsien, Chang Pan, Ch'ang Tsai, Chao san-Niang, Chao T'eng-k'ang, Chen Kao, Ch'eng Huang, Cheng San-Kung, Cheng Yuan-ho, Chi Po, Chien-Ti, Chih Jih, Chih Nii, Chih Nu, Ch'ih Sung-tzu, Ching Ling Tzu, Ch'ing Lung, Chin-hua Niang-niang, Chio Yuan-Tzu, Chou Wang, Chu Niao, Chu Ying, Chuang-Mu, Chu-jung, Chun T'i, Ch'ung Ling-yu, Chung Liu, Chung-kuei, Chung-li Ch'üan, Di Jun, Fan K'uei, Fei Lien, Feng Pho-Pho, Fengbo, Fu Hsing, Fu-Hsi, Fu-Pao, Gaomei, Guan Di, Hao Ch'iu, Heng-o, Ho Po (Ping-I), Hou Chi, Hou T'u, Hsi Ling-su, Hsi Shih, Hsi Wang Mu, Hsiao Wu, Hsieh T'ien-chun, Hsien Nung, Hsi-shen, Hsu Ch'ang, Hsuan Wen-hua, Huang Ti, Huang T'ing, Huo Pu, Hu-Shen, Jen An, Jizo Bosatsu, Keng Yen-cheng, King Wan, Ko Hsien-Weng, Kuan Ti, Kuan Ti, Kuei-ku Tzu, Kuo Tzu-i, Lai Cho, Lao Lang, Lei Kung, Lei Tsu, Li Lao-chun, Li Tien, Liu Meng, Liu Pei, Lo Shen, Lo Yu, Lo-Tsu Ta-Hsien, Lu Hsing, Lung Yen, Lu-pan, Ma-Ku, Mang Chin-i, Mang Shen, Mao Meng, Men Shen, Miao Hu, Mi-lo Fo, Ming Shang, Nan-chi Hsien-weng, Niu Wang, Nu Wa, Nu-kua, Pa, Pa Cha, Pai Chung, Pai Liu-Fang, Pai Yu, P'an Niang, P'an-Chin-Lien, Pao Yuan-ch'uan, Phan Ku, P'i Chia-Ma, Pien Ho, San Kuan, Sao-ch'ing Niang, Sarudahiko, Shang Chien, Shang Ti, She chi, Shen Hsui-Chih, Shen Nung, Sheng Mu, Shih Liang, Shiu Fang, Shou-lao, Shun I Fu-jen, Sien-Tsang, Ssu-ma Hsiang-ju, Sun Pin, Sun Ssu-miao, Sung-Chiang, Tan Chu, T'ang Ming Huang, Tao Kung, T'ien Fei, Tien Hou, Tien Mu, Ti-tsang, Tsai Shen, Ts'an Nu, Ts'ang Chien, Tsao Chun, Tsao-Wang, T'shai-Shen, Tung Chun, T'ung Chung-chung, T'ung Lai-yu, Tung Lu, T'ung Ming, Tzu-ku Shen, Wa, Wang Ta-hsien, Wang-Mu-Niang-Niang, Weiwobo, Wen-ch'ang, Wu-tai Yuan-shuai, Xi Hou, Xi Wangmu, Xiu Wenyin, Yanwang, Yaoji, Yen-lo, Yen-Lo-Wang, Yi, Yu, Yu Ch'iang, Yu Huang, Yun-T'ung, Yu-Tzu, Zaoshen, Zhang Xi,, Zhinü,, Zhongguei,, Zigu Shen,, Zisun, Ch'ang-O

Slavic: (125)
Aba-khatun, Aigiarm, Ajysyt, Alkonost, Almoshi, Altan-Telgey, Ama, Anapel, As-ava, Ausaitis, Austeja, Ayt'ar, Baba Yaga (Jezi Baba), Belobog (Belun), Boldogasszony, Breksta, Bugady Musun, Chernobog (Crnobog, Czarnobog, Czerneboch, Cernobog), Cinei-new, Colleda (Koliada), Cuvto-ava, Dali, Darzu-mate, Dazhbog, Debena, Devana, Diiwica (Dilwica), Doda (Dodola), Dolya, Dragoni, Dugnai, Dunne Enin, Edji, Elena, Erce, Etugen, Falvara, The Fates, The Fatit, Gabija, Ganiklis, Giltine, Hotogov Mailgan, Hov-ava, Iarila, Isten, Ja-neb'a, Jedza, Joda-mate, Kaldas, Kaltes, Keretkun, Khadau, Khursun (Khors), Kostrubonko, Kovas, Krumine, Kupala, Kupalo, Laima, Leshy, Marina, Marzana, Matergabiae, Mat Syra Zemlya, Medeine, Menu (Menulis), Mir-Susne-Khum, Myesyats, Nastasija, (Russia) Goddess of sleep., Nelaima, Norov, Numi-Tarem, Nyia, Ora, Ot, Patollo, Patrimpas, Pereplut, Perkuno, Perun, Pikuolis, Pilnytis, Piluitus, Potrimpo, Puskaitis, Rod, Rugevit, Rultennin, Rusalki, Sakhadai-Noin, Saule, Semargl, Stribog, Sudjaje, Svantovit (Svantevit, Svitovyd), Svarazic (Svarozic, Svarogich), Tengri, Tñairgin, Triglav, Ulgen (Ulgan, Ülgön), Veles (Volos), Vesna, Xatel-Ekwa, Xoli-Kaltes, Yamm, Yarilo, Yarovit, Ynakhsyt, Zaria, Zeme mate, Zemyna, Ziva (Siva), Zizilia, Zonget, Zorya, Zvoruna, Zvezda Dennitsa, Zywie

Hindu (72):
Aditi, Adityas, Ambika, Ananta (Shesha), Annapurna (Annapatni), Aruna, Ashvins, Balarama, Bhairavi, Brahma, Buddha, Dakini, Devi, Dharma, Dhisana, Durga, Dyaus, Ganesa (Ganesha), Ganga (Ganges), Garuda, Gauri, Gopis, Hanuman, Hari-Hara, Hulka Devi, Jagganath, Jyeshtha, Kama, Karttikeya, Krishna, Krtya, Kubera, Kubjika, Lakshmi or Laksmi, Manasha, Manu, Maya, Meru, Nagas, Nandi, Naraka, Nataraja, Nirriti, Parjanya, Parvati, Paurnamasi, Prithivi, Purusha, Radha, Rati, Ratri, Rudra, Sanjna, Sati, Shashti, Shatala, Sitala (Satala), Skanda, Sunrta, Surya, Svasti-devi, Tvashtar, Uma, Urjani, Vach, Varuna, Vayu, Vishnu (Avatars of Vishnu: Matsya; Kurma; Varaha; Narasinha; Vamana; Parasurama; Rama; Krishna; Buddha; Kalki), Vishvakarman, Yama, Sraddha

Japan (53):
Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone, Ama no Uzume, Ama-terasu, Amatsu Mikaboshi, Benten (Benzai-Ten), Bishamon, Chimata-No-Kami, Chup-Kamui, Daikoku, Ebisu, Emma-O, Fudo, Fuji, Fukurokuju, Gekka-O, Hachiman, Hettsui-No-Kami, Ho-Masubi, Hotei, Inari, Izanagi and Izanami, Jizo Bosatsu, Jurojin, Kagutsuchi, Kamado-No-Kami, Kami, Kawa-No-Kami, Kaya-Nu-Hima, Kishijoten, Kishi-Mojin, Kunitokotatchi, Marici, Monju-Bosatsu, Nai-No-Kami, No-Il Ja-Dae, O-Kuni-Nushi, Omoigane, Raiden, Shine-Tsu-Hiko, Shoten, Susa-no-wo, Tajika-no-mikoto, Tsuki-yomi, Uka no Mitanna, Uke-mochi, Uso-dori, Uzume, Wakahirume, Yainato-Hnneno-Mikoi, Yama-No-Kami, Yama-no-Karni, Yaya-Zakurai, Yuki-Onne

India (43)
Agni, Ammavaru, Asuras, Banka-Mundi, Brihaspati, Budhi Pallien, Candi, Challalamma, Chinnintamma, Devas, Dyaush, Gauri-Sankar, Grhadevi, Gujeswari, Indra, Kali, Lohasur Devi, Mayavel, Mitra, Prajapati, Puchan, Purandhi, Rakshas, Rudrani, Rumina, Samundra, Sarasvati, Savitar, Siva (Shiva), Soma, Sura, Surabhi, Tulsi, Ushas, Vata, Visvamitra, Vivasvat, Vritra, Waghai Devi, Yaparamma, Yayu, Zumiang Nui, Diti

Other Asian: (31)
Dewi Shri, Po Yan Dari, Shuzanghu, Antaboga, Yakushi Nyorai, Mulhalmoni, Tankun, Yondung Halmoni, Aryong Jong, Quan Yin, Tengri, Uminai-gami, Kamado-No-Kami, Kunitokotatchi, Giri Devi, Dewi Nawang Sasih, Brag-srin-mo, Samanta-Bhadra, Sangs-rgyas-mkhá, Sengdroma, Sgeg-mo-ma, Tho-og, Ui Tango, Yum-chen-mo, Zas-ster-ma-dmar-mo, Chandra, Dyaus, Ratri, Rodasi, Vayu, Au-Co

African: 250 Gods, Demigods and First Men
Abassi, Abuk, Adu Ogyinae, Agé, Agwe, Aida Wedo, Ajalamo, Aje, Ajok, Akonadi, Akongo, Akuj, Amma, Anansi, Asase Yaa, Ashiakle, Atai, Ayaba, Aziri, Baatsi, Bayanni, Bele Alua, Bomo rambi, Bosumabla, Buk, Buku, Bumba, Bunzi, Buruku, Cagn, Candit, Cghene, Coti, Damballah-Wedo, Dan, Deng, Domfe, Dongo, Edinkira, Efé, Egungun-oya, Eka Abassi, Elephant Girl Mbombe, Emayian, Enekpe, En-Kai, Eseasar, Eshu, Esu, Fa, Faran, Faro, Fatouma, Fidi Mukullu, Fon, Gleti, Gonzuole, Gû, Gua, Gulu, Gunab, Hammadi, Hêbiesso, Iku, Ilankaka, Imana, Iruwa, Isaywa, Juok, Kazooba, Khakaba, Khonvum, Kibuka, Kintu, Lebé, Leza, Libanza, Lituolone, Loko, Marwe, Massim Biambe, Mawu-Lisa (Leza), Mboze, Mebeli, Minepa, Moombi, Mukameiguru, Mukasa, Muluku, Mulungu, Mwambu, Nai, Nambi, Nana Buluku, Nanan-Bouclou, Nenaunir, Ng Ai, Nyaliep, Nyambé, Nyankopon, Nyasaye, Nzame, Oboto, Obumo, Odudua-Orishala, Ogun, Olokun, Olorun, Orisha Nla, Orunmila, Osanyin, Oshe, Osun, Oya, Phebele, Pokot-Suk, Ralubumbha, Rugaba, Ruhanga, Ryangombe, Sagbata, Shagpona, Shango, Sopona, Tano, Thixo, Tilo, Tokoloshi, Tsui, Tsui'goab, Umvelinqangi, Unkulunkulu, Utixo, Wak, Wamara, Wantu Su, Wele, Were, Woto, Xevioso, Yangombi, Yemonja, Ymoa, Ymoja, Yoruba, Zambi, Zanahary, Zinkibaru

Australian: 93 Gods, Goddesses and Places in the Dreamtime
Alinga, Anjea, Apunga, Arahuta, Ariki, Arohirohi, Bamapana, Banaitja, Bara, Barraiya, Biame, Bila, Boaliri, Bobbi-bobbi, Bunbulama, Bunjil, Cunnembeille, Daramulum, Dilga, Djanggawul Sisters, Eingana, Erathipa, Gidja, Gnowee, Haumia, Hine Titama, Ingridi, Julana, Julunggul, Junkgowa, Karora, Kunapipi-Kalwadi-Kadjara, Lia, Madalait, Makara, Nabudi, Palpinkalare, Papa, Rangi, Rongo, Tane, Tangaroa, Tawhiri-ma-tea, Tomituka, Tu, Ungamilia, Walo, Waramurungundi, Wati Kutjarra, Wawalag Sisters, Wuluwaid, Wuragag, Wuriupranili, Wurrunna, Yhi

Buddhism: 10 Gods and Relatives of God
Aizen-Myoo, Ajima,Dai-itoku-Myoo, Fudo-Myoo, Gozanze-Myoo, Gundari-Myoo, Hariti, Kongo-Myoo, Kujaku-Myoo, Ni-O

Carribean: 62 Gods, Monsters and Vodun Spirits
Agaman Nibo, Agwe, Agweta, Ah Uaynih, Aida Wedo, Atabei, Ayida, Ayizan, Azacca, Baron Samedi, Ulrich, Ellegua, Ogun, Ochosi, Chango, Itaba, Amelia, Christalline, Clairmé, Clairmeziné, Coatrischie, Damballah, Emanjah, Erzuli, Erzulie, Ezili, Ghede, Guabancex, Guabonito, Guamaonocon, Imanje, Karous, Laloue-diji, Legba, Loa, Loco, Maitresse Amelia, Mapiangueh, Marie-aimée, Marinette, Mombu, Marassa, Nana Buruku, Oba, Obtala, Ochu, Ochumare, Oddudua, Ogoun, Olokum, Olosa, Oshun, Oya, Philomena, Sirêne, The Diablesse, Itaba, Tsilah, Ursule, Vierge, Yemaya, Zaka

Celtic: 166 Gods, Goddesses, Divine Kings and Pagan Saints
Abarta, Abna, Abnoba, Aine, Airetech,Akonadi, Amaethon, Ameathon, An Cailleach, Andraste, Antenociticus, Aranrhod, Arawn, Arianrod, Artio, Badb,Balor, Banbha, Becuma, Belatucadros, Belatu-Cadros, Belenus, Beli,Belimawr, Belinus, Bendigeidfran, Bile, Blathnat, Blodeuwedd, Boann, Bodus,Bormanus, Borvo, Bran, Branwen, Bres, Brigid, Brigit, Caridwen, Carpantus,Cathbadh, Cecht, Cernach, Cernunnos, Cliodna, Cocidius, Conchobar, Condatis, Cormac,Coronus,Cosunea, Coventina, Crarus,Creidhne, Creirwy, Cu Chulainn, Cu roi, Cuda, Cuill,Cyhiraeth,Dagda, Damona, Dana, Danu, D'Aulnoy,Dea Artio, Deirdre, Dewi, Dian, Diancecht, Dis Pater, Donn, Dwyn, Dylan, Dywel,Efnisien, Elatha, Epona, Eriu, Esos, Esus, Eurymedon,Fedelma, Fergus, Finn, Fodla, Goewyn, Gog, Goibhniu, Govannon, Grainne, Greine,Gwydion, Gwynn ap Nudd, Herne, Hu'Gadarn, Keltoi,Keridwen, Kernunnos,Ler, Lir, Lleu Llaw Gyffes, Lludd, Llyr, Llywy, Luchta, Lug, Lugh,Lugus, Mabinogion,Mabon, Mac Da Tho, Macha, Magog, Manannan, Manawydan, Maponos, Math, Math Ap Mathonwy, Medb, Moccos,Modron, Mogons, Morrig, Morrigan, Nabon,Nantosuelta, Naoise, Nechtan, Nedoledius,Nehalennia, Nemhain, Net, Nisien, Nodens, Noisi, Nuada, Nwywre,Oengus, Ogma, Ogmios, Oisin, Pach,Partholon, Penard Dun, Pryderi, Pwyll, Rhiannon, Rosmerta, Samhain, Segidaiacus, Sirona, Sucellus, Sulis, Taliesin, Taranis, Teutates, The Horned One, The Hunt, Treveni,Tyne, Urien, Ursula of the Silver Host, Vellaunus, Vitiris, White Lady

Egyptian: 85 Gods, Gods Incarnate and Personified Divine Forces:
Amaunet, Amen, Amon, Amun, Anat, Anqet, Antaios, Anubis, Anuket, Apep, Apis, Astarte, Aten, Aton, Atum, Bastet, Bat, Buto, Duamutef, Duamutef, Hapi, Har-pa-khered, Hathor, Hauhet, Heket, Horus, Huh, Imset, Isis, Kauket, Kebechsenef, Khensu, Khepri, Khnemu, Khnum, Khonsu, Kuk, Maahes, Ma'at, Mehen, Meretseger, Min, Mnewer, Mut, Naunet, Nefertem, Neith, Nekhbet, Nephthys, Nun, Nut, Osiris, Ptah, Ra, Re, Renenet, Sakhmet, Satet, Seb, Seker, Sekhmet, Serapis, Serket, Set, Seth, Shai, Shu, Shu, Sia, Sobek, Sokar, Tefnut, Tem, Thoth

Hellenes (Greek) Tradition (540 Gods, Demigods, Divine Bastards)
Acidalia, Aello, Aesculapius, Agathe, Agdistis, Ageleia, Aglauros, Agne, Agoraia, Agreia, Agreie, Agreiphontes, Agreus, Agrios, Agrotera, Aguieus, Aidoneus, Aigiokhos, Aigletes, Aigobolos, Ainia,Ainippe, Aithuia, Akesios, Akraia, Aktaios, Alalkomene, Alasiotas, Alcibie, Alcinoe, Alcippe, Alcis,Alea, Alexikakos, Aligena, Aliterios, Alkaia, Amaltheia, Ambidexter, Ambologera, Amynomene,Anaduomene, Anaea, Anax, Anaxilea, Androdameia, Andromache, Andromeda, Androphonos, Anosia, Antandre,Antania, Antheus, Anthroporraistes, Antianara, Antianeira, Antibrote, Antimache, Antimachos, Antiope,Antiopeia, Aoide, Apatouria, Aphneius, Aphrodite, Apollo, Apotropaios, Areia, Areia, Areion, Areopagite, Ares, Areto, Areximacha, Argus, Aridnus,Aristaios, Aristomache, Arkhegetes, Arktos, Arretos, Arsenothelys, Artemis, Asclepius, Asklepios, Aspheleios, Asteria, Astraeos, Athene, Auxites, Avaris, Axios, Axios Tauros,Bakcheios, Bakchos, Basileus, Basilis, Bassareus, Bauros, Boophis, Boreas, Botryophoros, Boukeros, Boulaia, Boulaios, Bremusa,Bromios, Byblis,Bythios, Caliope, Cedreatis, Celaneo, centaur, Cerberus, Charidotes, Charybdis, Chimera, Chloe, Chloris, Choreutes, Choroplekes, Chthonios, Clete, Clio, clotho,Clyemne, cockatrice, Crataeis, Custos, Cybebe, Cybele, Cyclops, Daphnaia, Daphnephoros, Deianeira, Deinomache, Delia, Delios, Delphic, Delphinios, Demeter, Dendrites, Derimacheia,Derinoe, Despoina, Dikerotes, Dimeter, Dimorphos, Dindymene, Dioktoros, Dionysos, Discordia, Dissotokos, Dithyrambos, Doris, Dryope,Echephyle,Echidna, Eiraphiotes, Ekstatophoros, Eleemon, Eleuthereus, Eleutherios, Ennosigaios, Enodia, Enodios, Enoplios, Enorches, Enualios, Eos, Epaine, Epidotes, Epikourios, Epipontia, Epitragidia, Epitumbidia, Erato, Ergane, Eribromios, Erigdoupos, Erinus, Eriobea, Eriounios, Eriphos, Eris, Eros, Euanthes, Euaster, Eubouleus, Euboulos, Euios, Eukhaitos, Eukleia, Eukles, Eumache, Eunemos, Euplois, Euros, Eurybe,Euryleia, Euterpe, Fates, Fortuna, Gaia, Gaieokhos, Galea, Gamelia, Gamelios, Gamostolos, Genetor, Genetullis, Geryon, Gethosynos, giants, Gigantophonos, Glaukopis, Gorgons, Gorgopis, Graiae, griffin, Gynaikothoinas, Gynnis, Hagisilaos, Hagnos, Haides, Harmothoe, harpy, Hegemone, Hegemonios, Hekate, Hekatos, Helios, Hellotis, Hephaistia, Hephaistos, Hera, Heraios, Herakles, Herkeios, Hermes, Heros Theos, Hersos, Hestia, Heteira, Hiksios, Hipp, Hippia, Hippios, Hippoi Athanatoi, Hippolyte, Hippolyte II, Hippomache, Hippothoe, Horkos, Hugieia, Hupatos, Hydra, Hypate, Hyperborean, Hypsipyle, Hypsistos, Iakchos, Iatros, Idaia, Invictus, Iphito,Ismenios, Ismenus,Itonia, Kabeiria, Kabeiroi, Kakia, Kallinikos, Kallipugos, Kallisti, Kappotas, Karneios, Karpophoros, Karytis, Kataibates, Katakhthonios, Kathatsios, Keladeine, Keraunos, Kerykes, Khalinitis, Khalkioikos, Kharmon, Khera, Khloe, Khlori,Khloris,Khruse, Khthonia, Khthonios, Kidaria, Kissobryos, Kissokomes, Kissos, Kitharodos, Kleidouchos, Kleoptoleme, Klymenos, Kore, Koruthalia, Korymbophoros, Kourotrophos, Kranaia, Kranaios, Krataiis, Kreousa, Kretogenes, Kriophoros, Kronides, Kronos,Kryphios, Ktesios, Kubebe, Kupris, Kuprogenes, Kurotrophos, Kuthereia, Kybele, Kydoime,Kynthia, Kyrios, Ladon, Lakinia, Lamia, Lampter, Laodoke, Laphria, Lenaios, Leukatas, Leukatas, Leukolenos, Leukophruene, Liknites, Limenia, Limnaios, Limnatis, Logios, Lokhia, Lousia, Loxias, Lukaios, Lukeios, Lyaios, Lygodesma, Lykopis, Lyseus, Lysippe, Maimaktes, Mainomenos, Majestas, Makar, Maleatas, Manikos, Mantis, Marpe, Marpesia, Medusa, Megale, Meilikhios, Melaina, Melainis, Melanaigis, Melanippe,Melete, Melousa, Melpomene, Melqart, Meses, Mimnousa, Minotaur, Mneme, Molpadia,Monogenes, Morpho, Morychos, Musagates, Musagetes, Nebrodes, Nephelegereta, Nereus,Nete, Nike, Nikephoros, Nomios, Nomius, Notos, Nyktelios, Nyktipolos, Nympheuomene, Nysios, Oiketor, Okyale, Okypous, Olumpios, Omadios, Ombrios, Orithia,Orius,Ortheia, Orthos, Ourania, Ourios, Paelemona, Paian, Pais, Palaios, Pallas, Pan Megas, Panakhais, Pandemos, Pandrosos, Pantariste, Parthenos, PAsianax, Pasiphaessa, Pater, Pater, Patroo s, Pegasus, Pelagia, Penthesilea, Perikionios, Persephone, Petraios, Phanes, Phanter, Phatria, Philios, Philippis, Philomeides, Phoebe, Phoebus, Phoenix, Phoibos, Phosphoros, Phratrios, Phutalmios, Physis, Pisto, Plouton, Polemusa,Poliakhos, Polias, Polieus, Polumetis, Polydektes, Polygethes, Polymnia, Polymorphos, Polyonomos, Porne, Poseidon, Potnia Khaos, Potnia Pheron, Promakhos, Pronoia, Propulaios, Propylaia, Proserpine, Prothoe, Protogonos, Prytaneia, Psychopompos, Puronia, Puthios, Pyrgomache, Python, Rhea, Sabazios, Salpinx, satyr, Saxanus, Scyleia, Scylla, Sirens, Skeptouchos, Smintheus, Sophia, Sosipolis, Soter, Soteria, Sphinx, Staphylos, Sthenias, Sthenios, Strife, Summakhia, Sykites, Syzygia, Tallaios, Taureos, Taurokeros, Taurophagos, Tauropolos, Tauropon, Tecmessa, Teisipyte, Teleios, Telepyleia,Teletarches, Terpsichore, Thalestris, Thalia, The Dioskouroi, Theos, Theritas, Thermodosa, Thraso, Thyonidas, Thyrsophoros, Tmolene, Toxaris, Toxis, Toxophile,Trevia, Tricephalus, Trieterikos, Trigonos, Trismegestos, Tritogeneia, Tropaios, Trophonius,Tumborukhos, Tyche, Typhon, Urania, Valasca, Xanthippe, Xenios, Zagreus, Zathos, Zephryos, Zeus, Zeus Katakhthonios, Zoophoros

Native American: 711 Gods, Heroes, and Anthropomorphized Facets of Nature
Aakuluujjusi, Ab Kin zoc, Abaangui, Ababinili, Ac Yanto, Acan, Acat, Achiyalatopa, Acna, Acolmiztli, Acolnahuacatl, Acuecucyoticihuati, Adamisil Wedo, Adaox, Adekagagwaa, Adlet, Adlivun, Agloolik, Aguara, Ah Bolom Tzacab, Ah Cancum, Ah Chun Caan, Ah Chuy Kak, Ah Ciliz, Ah Cun Can, Ah Cuxtal, Ah hulneb, Ah Kin, Ah Kumix Uinicob, Ah Mun, Ah Muzencab, Ah Patnar Uinicob, Ah Peku, Ah Puch, Ah Tabai, Ah UincirDz'acab, Ah Uuc Ticab, Ah Wink-ir Masa, Ahau Chamahez, Ahau-Kin, Ahmakiq, Ahnt Alis Pok', Ahnt Kai', Aholi, Ahsonnutli, Ahuic, Ahulane, Aiauh, Aipaloovik, Ajbit, Ajilee, Ajtzak, Akbaalia, Akba-atatdia, Akhlut, Akhushtal, Akna, Akycha, Alaghom Naom Tzentel, Albino Spirit animals, Alektca, Alignak, Allanque, Allowat Sakima, Alom, Alowatsakima, Amaguq, Amala, Amimitl, Amitolane, Amotken, Andaokut, Andiciopec, Anerneq, Anetlacualtiliztli, Angalkuq, Angpetu Wi, Anguta, Angwusnasomtaka, Ani Hyuntikwalaski, Animal spirits, Aningan, Aniwye, Anog Ite, Anpao, Apanuugak, Apicilnic, Apikunni, Apotamkin, Apoyan Tachi, Apozanolotl, Apu Punchau, Aqalax, Arendiwane, Arnakua'gsak, Asdiwal, Asgaya Gigagei, Asiaq, Asin, Asintmah, Atacokai, Atahensic, Aticpac Calqui Cihuatl, Atira, Atisokan, Atius Tirawa, Atl, Atlacamani, Atlacoya, Atlatonin, Atlaua, Atshen, Auilix, Aulanerk, Aumanil, Aunggaak, Aunt Nancy, Awaeh Yegendji, Awakkule, Awitelin Tsta, Awonawilona, Ayauhteotl, Azeban, Baaxpee, Bacabs, Backlum Chaam, Bagucks, Bakbakwalanooksiwae, Balam, Baldhead, Basamacha, Basket Woman, Bead Spitter, Bear, Bear Medicine Woman, Bear Woman, Beaver, Beaver Doctor, Big Heads, Big Man Eater, Big Tail, Big Twisted Flute, Bikeh hozho, Bitol, Black Hactcin, Black Tamanous, Blind Boy, Blind Man, Blood Clot Boy, Bloody Hand, Blue-Jay, Bmola, Bolontiku, Breathmaker, Buffalo, Buluc Chabtan, Burnt Belly, Burnt Face, Butterfly, Cabaguil, Cacoch, Cajolom, Cakulha, Camaxtli, Camozotz, Cannibal Grandmother, Cannibal Woman, Canotila, Capa, Caprakan, Ca-the-ña, Cauac, Centeotl, Centzonuitznaua, Cetan, Chac Uayab Xoc, Chac, Chahnameed, Chakwaina Okya, Chalchihuitlicue, Chalchiuhtlatonal, Chalchiutotolin, Chalmecacihuilt, Chalmecatl, Chamer, Changing Bear Woman, Changing Woman, Chantico, Chaob, Charred Body, Chepi, Chibiabos, Chibirias, Chiccan, Chicomecoatl, Chicomexochtli, Chiconahui, Chiconahuiehecatl, Chie, Child-Born-in-Jug, Chirakan, Chulyen, Cihuacoatl, Cin-an-ev, Cinteotl, Cipactli, Cirapé, Cit Chac Coh, Cit-Bolon-Tum, Citlalatonac, Citlalicue, Ciucoatl, Ciuteoteo, Cizin, Cliff ogre, Coatlicue, Cochimetl, Cocijo, Colel Cab, Colop U Uichkin, Copil, Coyolxauhqui, Coyopa, Coyote, Cripple Boy, Crow, Crow Woman, Cum hau, Cunawabi, Dagwanoenyent, Dahdahwat, Daldal, Deohako, Dhol, Diyin dine, Djien, Djigonasee, Dohkwibuhch, Dzalarhons, Dzalarhons, Eagentci, Eagle, Earth Shaman, Eeyeekalduk, Ehecatl, Ehlaumel, Eithinoha, Ekchuah, Enumclaw, Eototo, Esaugetuh Emissee, Esceheman, Eschetewuarha, Estanatlehi, Estasanatlehi, Estsanatlehi, Evaki, Evening Star, Ewah, Ewauna, Face, Faces of the Forests, False Faces, Famine, Fastachee, Fire Dogs, First Creator, First Man and First Woman, First Scolder, Flint Man, Flood, Flower Woman, Foot Stuck Child, Ga'an, Ga-gaah, Gahe, Galokwudzuwis, Gaoh, Gawaunduk, Geezhigo-Quae, Gendenwitha, Genetaska, Ghanan, Gitche Manitou, Glispa, Glooskap, Gluscabi, Gluskab, Gluskap, Godasiyo, Gohone, Great Seahouse, Greenmantle, Gucumatz, Gukumatz, Gunnodoyak, Gyhldeptis, Ha Wen Neyu, Hacauitz, Hacha'kyum, Hagondes, Hahgwehdiyu, Hamatsa, Hamedicu, Hanghepi Wi, Hantceiitehi, Haokah, Hastseoltoi, Hastshehogan, He', Hen, Heyoka, Hiawatha, Hino, Hisakitaimisi, Hokhokw, Hotoru, Huehuecoyotl, Huehueteotl, Huitaca, Huitzilopochtli, Huixtocihuatl, Hummingbird, Hun hunahpu, Hun Pic Tok, Hunab Ku, Hunahpu Utiu, Hunahpu, Hunahpu-Gutch, Hunhau, Hurakan, Iatiku And Nautsiti, Ich-kanava, Ictinike, Idliragijenget, Idlirvirisong, Igaluk, Ignirtoq, Ikanam, Iktomi, Ilamatecuhtli, Illapa, Ilya p'a, i'noGo tied, Inti, Inua, Ioskeha, Ipalnemohuani, Isakakate, Ishigaq, Isitoq, Issitoq, Ite, Itzamná, Itzananohk`u, Itzlacoliuhque, Itzli, Itzpapalotl, Ix Chebel Yax, Ixbalanque, Ixchel, Ixchup, Ixmucane, Ixpiyacoc, Ixtab, Ixtlilton, Ixtubtin, Ixzaluoh, Iya, Iyatiku, Iztaccihuatl, Iztacmixcohuatl, Jaguar Night, Jaguar Quitze, Jogah, Kaakwha, Kabun, Kabun, Kachinas, Kadlu, Ka-Ha-Si, Ka-Ha-Si, Kaik, Kaiti, Kan, Kana'ti and Selu, Kanati, Kan-u-Uayeyab, Kan-xib-yui, Kapoonis, Katsinas, Keelut, Ketchimanetowa, Ketq Skwaye, Kianto, Kigatilik, Kilya, K'in, Kinich Ahau, Kinich Kakmo, Kishelemukong, Kisin, Kitcki Manitou, Kmukamch, Kokopelli, Ko'lok, Kukulcan, Kushapatshikan, Kutni, Kutya'I, Kwakwakalanooksiwae,Kwatee, Kwekwaxa'we, Kwikumat, Kyoi, Lagua, Land Otter People, Lawalawa, Logobola, Loha, Lone Man, Long Nose, Loon, Loon Medicine, Loon Woman, Loo-wit, Macaw Woman, Macuilxochitl, Maho Peneta, Mahucutah, Makenaima, Malesk, Malina, Malinalxochi, Malsum, Malsumis, Mam, Mama Cocha, Man in moon, Manabozho, Manetuwak, Mani'to, Manitou, Mannegishi, Manu, Masaya, Masewi, Master of Life, Master Of Winds, Matshishkapeu, Mavutsinim, Mayahuel, Medeoulin, Mekala, Menahka, Meteinuwak, Metztli, Mexitl, Michabo, Mictecacihuatl, Mictlan, Mictlantecuhtli, Mikchich, Mikumwesu, Mitnal, Mixcoatl, Mongwi Kachinum, Morning Star, Motho and Mungo, Mulac, Muut, Muyingwa, Nacon, Nagenatzani, Nagi Tanka, Nagual, Nahual, Nakawé, Nanabojo, Nanabozho, Nanabush, Nanahuatzin, Nanautzin, Nanih Waiya, Nankil'slas, Nanook, Naum, Negafook, Nerrivik, Nesaru, Nianque, Nishanu, Nohochacyum, Nokomis, Nootaikok, North Star, Nujalik, Nukatem, Nunne Chaha, Ocasta, Ockabewis, Odzihozo, Ohtas, Oklatabashih, Old Man, Olelbis, Omacatl, Omecihuatl, Ometecuhtli, Onatha, One Tail of Clear Hair, Oonawieh Unggi, Opochtli, Oshadagea, Owl Woman, Pah, Pah, Paiowa, Pakrokitat, Pana, Patecatl, Pautiwa, Paynal, Pemtemweha, Piasa, PikvÁhahirak, Pinga, Pomola, Pot-tilter, Prairie Falcon, Ptehehincalasanwin, Pukkeenegak, Qaholom, Qakma, Qiqirn, Quaoar, Quetzalcoatl, Qumu, Quootis-hooi, Rabbit, Ragno, Raven, Raw Gums, Rukko, Sagamores, Sagapgia, Sanopi, Saynday, Sedna, Selu, Shakuru, Sharkura, Shilup Chito Osh, Shrimp house, Sila, Sint Holo, Sio humis, Sisiutl, Skan, Snallygaster, Sosondowah, South Star, Spider Woman, Sta-au, Stonecoats, Sun, Sungrey, Ta Tanka, Tabaldak, Taime, Taiowa, Talocan, Tans, Taqwus, Tarhuhyiawahku, Tarquiup Inua, Tate, Tawa, Tawiscara, Ta'xet, Tcisaki, Tecciztecatl, Tekkeitserktock, Tekkeitsertok, Telmekic, Teoyaomqui, Tepeu, Tepeyollotl, Teteoinnan, Tezcatlipoca, Thobadestchin, Thoume', Thunder, Thunder Bird, Tieholtsodi, Tihtipihin, Tirawa, Tirawa Atius, Tlacolotl, Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli, Tlaloc, Tlaltecuhtli, Tlauixcalpantecuhtli, Tlazolteotl, Tohil, Tokpela,Tonantzin, Tonatiuh, To'nenile, Tonenili, Tootega, Torngasak, Torngasoak, Trickster/Transformer, True jaguar, Tsentsa, Tsichtinako, Tsohanoai Tsonoqwa, Tsul 'Kalu, Tulugaak, Tumas, Tunkan ingan, Turquoise Boy, Twin Thunder Boys, Txamsem, Tzakol, Tzitzimime, Uazzale, Uchtsiti, Udó, Uentshukumishiteu, Ueuecoyotl, Ugly Way, Ugni, Uhepono, Uitzilopochtli, Ukat, Underwater Panthers, Unhcegila, Unipkaat, Unk, Unktomi, Untunktahe, Urcaguary, Utea, Uwashil, Vassagijik, Voltan, Wabosso, Wabun, Wachabe, Wah-Kah-Nee, Wakan, Wakanda, Wakan-Tanka, Wakinyan, Wan niomi, Wanagi, Wananikwe, Watavinewa, Water babies, Waukheon, We-gyet, Wemicus, Wendigo, Wentshukumishiteu, White Buffalo Woman, Whope, Wi, Wicahmunga, Wihmunga, Windigo, Winonah, Wisagatcak, Wisagatcak, Wishpoosh, Wiyot, Wovoka, Wuya, Xaman Ek, Xelas, Xibalba, Xilonen, Xipe Totec, Xiuhcoatl, Xiuhtecuhtli, Xiuhtecutli, Xmucane, Xochipili, Xochiquetzal, Xocotl, Xolotl, Xpiyacoc, Xpuch And Xtah, Yacatecuhtli, Yaluk, Yanauluha, Ya-o-gah, Yeba Ka, Yebaad, Yehl, Yeitso, Yiacatecuhtli, Yolkai Estsan, Yoskeha, Yum Kaax, Yuwipi, Zaramama, Zipaltonal, Zotz

Norse, 111 Deities, Giants and Monsters:
Aegir, Aesir, Alfrigg, Audumbla, Aurgelmir, Balder, Berchta, Bergelmir, Bor, Bragi, Brisings, Buri, Etin, Fenris, Forseti, Frey, Freyja, Frigga, Gefion, Gerda, Gode, Gymir, Harke, Heimdall, Hel, Hermod, Hodur, Holda, Holle, Honir, Hymir, Idun, Jormungandr, Ljolsalfs, Loki, Magni, Mimir, Mistarblindi, Muspel, Nanna, Nanni, Nerthus, Njord, Norns, Odin, Perchta, Ran, Rig, Segyn, Sif, Skadi, Skirnir, Skuld, Sleipnir, Surt, Svadilfari, tanngniotr, tanngrisnr, Thiassi, Thor, Thrud, Thrudgelmir, Thrym, Thurs, Tyr, Uller, Urd, Vali, Vali, Valkyries, Vanir, Ve, Verdandi, Vidar, Wode, Ymir

Pacific islands: 99 Deities, Demigods and Immortal Monsters:
Abeguwo, Abere, Adaro, Afekan, Ai Tupua'i, 'Aiaru, Ala Muki, Alalahe, Alii Menehune, Aluluei, Aruaka, Asin, Atanea, Audjal, Aumakua, Babamik, Bakoa, Barong, Batara Kala, Buring Une, Darago, Dayang-Raca, De Ai, Dogai, Enda Semangko, Faumea, Giriputri, Goga, Haumea, Hiiaka', Hina, Hine, Hoa-Tapu, 'Imoa, Io, Kanaloa, Kanaloa, Kane, Kapo, Kava, Konori, Ku, Kuhuluhulumanu, Kuklikimoku, Kukoae, Ku'ula, Laka, Laulaati, Lono, Mahiuki, MakeMake, Marruni, Maru, Maui, Melu, Menehune, Moeuhane, MOO-LAU, Ndauthina, Ne Te-reere, Nevinbimbaau, Ngendei, Nobu, Oro, Ove, Paka'a, Papa, Pele, Quat, Rangi, Rati, Rati-mbati-ndua, Ratu-Mai-Mbula, Rua, Ruahatu, Saning Sri, Ta'aroa, Taaroa, Tamakaia, Tane, Tanemahuta, Tangaroa, Tawhaki, Tiki, Tinirau, Tu, Tuli, Turi-a-faumea, Uira, Ukupanipo, Ulupoka, Umboko Indra, Vanuatu, Wahini-Hal, Walutahanga, Wari-Ma-Te-Takere, Whaitiri, Whatu, Wigan

South American: 53 Deities, Demigods, Beings of Divine Substance:
Abaangui, Aclla, Akewa, Asima Si, Atoja, Auchimalgen, Axomama, Bachué, Beru, Bochica, Boiuna, Calounger, Catequil, Cavillaca, Ceiuci, Chasca, Chie, Cocomama, Gaumansuri, Huitaca, Iae, Ilyap'a, Ina, Inti, Ituana, Jamaina, Jandira, Jarina, Jubbu-jang-sangne, Ka-ata-killa, Kilya, Kuat, Kun, Luandinha, Lupi, Mama Allpa, Mama Quilla, Mamacocha, Manco Capac, Maret-Jikky, Maretkhmakniam, Mariana, Oshossi, Pachamac, Pachamama, Perimbó, Rainha Barba, Si, Supai, Topétine, Viracocha, Yemanja (Imanje), Zume Topana

“Why do you believe in your god and not any of these thousands of now-dead gods? Could it be simply because of the circumstances of your birth? Does the absolute truth depend on where you are born?” (Graveyard of the Gods).

As Ricky Gervais said, “Tell me the reason why you do not believe in all the other gods that have existed, and you have just answered your question as to why I do not believe in your god.”

Well, for me, you can also add YHWH and Allah. The two worst. And any others that ain’t listed. You dumb-ass Religious Absolutists keep forgetting that there are several gods still in existence today: YHWH, Allah, Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

Whats does YHWH stand for? Yo Homey, What's Happening.


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Don't forget Prince Philip. He's worshipped as a god by the Kastom people on one of the islands in Vanuatu. As far as I know, it's the only religion with an actual living god who's appeared in front of his followers.

And the Prince Philip cult's way behind Christianity/Islam/Hindu in the silly religion rankings.

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As always, god is poorly

As always, god is poorly defined but can fit into any little gap they don't understand.

Utter bollocks.

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People who do not believe in

People who do not believe in the Over Lord are merely deaf to his calling.

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The puny mind of the Atheist

The puny mind of the Atheist constructs what he believes to be a “self” out of mostly discursive and uncontrollable thoughts. He has no insight into their origin in the Over Lord.

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Says the bellend with an

Says the bellend with an imaginary friend... grow up.

rat spit's picture
The only imaginary

The only imaginary fabrication here is your adherence to a “self” of your own.

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Sorry for jumping in Random..

Sorry for jumping in Random...

rat spit: "The puny mind of the Atheist constructs what he believes to be a “self” out of mostly discursive and uncontrollable thoughts. He has no insight into their origin in the Over Lord."

rat spit: "The only imaginary fabrication here is your adherence to a “self” of your own."

Do you actually read what you are posting before you post it?


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Yeah. Believe it or not I

Yeah. Believe it or not I sound out everything in my head as I’m writing it. Is this supposed to be a vague insult of some kind?

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Just to sum, up some points

Just to sum, up some points made in this thread by atheists on how to know things.
1. Its OK to believe things on someone elses say so
2. Its OK to believe in youtube videos.

I don't think I'm drinking that kool aid. You haven't given any direction on how to seperate the baloney for the reliable concerning what people say, and you haven't given any way to determine if some video is fabricated. You guys make it seem like you believe in Superman just cause you saw him on video.

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You guys make it seem like

You guys make it seem like you believe in Superman just cause you saw him on video

Or an invisible magic man that interacts with reality but isn't part of reality, because he's in a book.

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Just to sum, up some points

Just to sum, up some points made in this thread by atheists on how to know things.
1. Its OK to believe things on someone elses say so
2. Its OK to believe in youtube videos.

Again you're simply too stupid to bother with, as this post amply demonstrates again. I mean anyone who can't spell else's or abbreviate it is, well what can one say.

"You haven't given any direction on how to seperate the baloney for the reliable "

Again too stupid to bother with, I mean you already claimed there was no such thing as objective evidence, so how stupid is that sentence, pretty goddamn stupid tbh.

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Insulting is a weak and insecure person's way of trying to look strong.

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One man’s insult is another

One man’s insult is another man’s truth.

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so why do you bother?

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Person A says: This is what I think. Here's the evidence. Here's the method I used. Check them for yourself if you want.
Person B says: This is the truth. It's in this special book. Only this is true. If you question this, god will send you to hell.

Which one do you believe?

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I don't believe in hell, so its a toss up. I have mentioned many times on this forum that I do not believe in hell literally. Its a metaphor. yet you assume I believe in hell. You assume. And you believe/have faith in your assumptions, despite claims to be evidence based.

Did you ever consider offering an actual example? in lieu of such abstract, and therefore not practical instances.
What is your evidence and your method for drawing your conclusions? about whatever. Give me a concrete example, then I will likely discuss it.

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Apollo, you said...Its

Apollo, you said...

Its obvious objectivity doesn't exist. All you are doing is talking out of your own personal belief system. Demonstrate the existence of "objectivity". If objectivity exists, whe do scientists not all agree on things like strign theory and partical theory? too, if objectivity exists, why don't all athiests agree on all subjects?

Would that not also imply that the bible, quaran etc... is also not objective?

Therefore, even less proof then theism had to begin with...


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