The God Delusion

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@ Sheldon

@ Sheldon

"I do hope he is trolling."

Good point. At least a troll knows enough to look both ways before crossing a street. But some of the crap that has been put forward indicates a complete disconnect with reality.

Troll = just an asshole
Some theistic claims = sheer insanity

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Well what can you expect from Apollo, when he's using his senses and observation to argue that these are useless for verifying reality.

Its a tired old theist lie, that objective methods like science are not really objective because they rely on subjective human observations. This might be true if they rested solely on that, but the scientific method robustly and rigorously tests observations and data. It's far and away the best method we have for validating claims assertions beliefs and ideas about the physical world and universe.

So its risible when Apollo claims its unreliable, just so he can indulge an entirely unevidenced belief in a deity from an archaic superstition. Especially since his claim would render all claims equally subjective to achieve this, when we know this is errant nonsense.

Note he won't answer a simple question, when he sees clearly it destroys his rhetoric.

@Apollo is it an objective fact that the world is not flat?

Why does he think murder and rape are wrong or immoral?


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