Is Greed Moral?

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We have that problem here in

We have that problem here in the US as well. On paper the tax system looks progressive but there are problems. For example, Social Security taxes are about 6.2% but it is only on the first $127,200. Which makes it highly regressive in practice. Consider:

  • Someone who makes $25,000, pays a 6.2% tax to Social Security.
  • Someone who makes $50,000,000, pays an effective rate of about 0.016% to Social Security.
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WOW to both examples. That's

WOW to both examples. That's a complete scum!!! I've been making around 24.000 € net (28k $). And I'd like to say that I don't mind to pay 23% of the total salary, because I know that this pays employment and retirement benefits, public schools, public health, roads, police, etc. What I can't stand is that big corporations are clearly cheating on us! That's exactly an example of how the consequences of greed must be considered immoral.


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