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Hello everybody
I'm very happy to join this community for expressing in total freedom.
I'm an ex Muslim.I live in a muslim country where you can't criticize the religion. Just being an atheist is being a traitor you should be killed. You can't discuss on public her.
I hope finding people to discuss and change ideas with me in this page.
Thanks for you.

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Welcome to the forums but

Welcome to the forums but please take care to hide your identity. Feel free to bring up topics as you like. Look forward to hearing from you.,

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Thanks for your comment

Thanks for your comment Cognostic.

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Stay safe Adam, always use a

Stay safe Adam, always use a VPN, Tor if you can.

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Thank you Old man shouts

Thank you Old man shouts

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Welcome to AR Adam!

Welcome to AR Adam!

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thank you xenoview

thank you xenoview

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Hey there, Adam. Welcome.

Hey there, Adam. Welcome. Take extra care to keep yourself safe. Good having you with us.

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thank you Tin-Man

thank you Tin-Man

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Welcome to AR Adam. I wish

Welcome to AR Adam. I wish you well, and that you enjoy a happy and prosperous life.

As you can readily see, many of us atheists do care. We care about our loved ones, our beliefs, and strangers.

I also hope to see you engaged in debates, they are a gateway to understanding others, knowledge, learning compassion, and the truth.

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Welcome Adam.

Welcome Adam.

I admire your courage ,and wish you peace of mind.

As an atheist and secular humanist, I have no problem with idea of deceiving others to protect myself .

Please take care and stay safe.

PS do you use a VPN? If not ,perhaps it might be worthwhile researching and considering

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I'll add my welcome to those

I'll add my welcome to those preceding me.

And reinforce the advice that you should exercise caution to prevent your actual identity becoming known to the duplicitous, or worse still, the homicidal. I won't provide direct pointers to relevant safety measures here, in the interests of that well-known principle of military operations, that the longer an enemy spends figuring out what to do, the less time said enemy has to act upon any information, or launch an offensive. However, information on the relevant safety measures you can take is available, I assure you, and there are many tools you can arm yourself with to make the life of the miscreants that much more difficult.

However, even with those tools in place, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you, is to obfuscate personal details and anonymise any events or actions that are even remotely personal. You may of course already be aware of this need, but it's a skill that takes time honing.

If in doubt, seek an admin's advice first.

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Welcome Adam.

Welcome Adam.

What kind of bird is that?

As others have said, take every precaution when posting here. Say nothing to identify yourself or your country. Also, use a VPN and clear your browser history often.

In Christian countries it took centuries to tame the rabid beast we call religion. I hope freedom and enlightenment arrive faster where you live.

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