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Oh nope not what it means but

Oh nope not what it means but now you mention it women will be hurt more than men tho as the republicans demonstrated with the hobby lobby law.
A republican senator candidite wants to seceed the south and turn it into a white christian theocracy the prepublicans are batshit crazy.
Im just attempting to warn anyone i can.

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The NH Free State Project is

The NH Free State Project is looking to secede as well, but only because they're sick of the butchered politics of the rest of the nation.

I'll admit that I'm totally a Northerner at this point, but I say let the South go. They're dragging us down anyway. Statistically, they are making us look *very* bad. I'm sure there are reasons why that's not a good idea, but... I'm sure the rest of the country will figure out a way to make do. Besides, they'll go bankrupt in 10 minutes and beg to come back (unless they take Texas with them).

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If the mostly Republican

If the mostly Republican South were to defect from The mostly Democrat North you better believe they would be taking Texas with them.


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