How has been your social life after becoming an atheist?

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How has been your social life after becoming an atheist?

Since I officially decided to become an atheist, girlfriend left and I lost a few friends. My family still thinks that am just joking or probably it's phase. Am sure after they realise how serious I am there will be some tension. I just want to hear other atheists' experiences.

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ha ha ha ha. if i shall tell

ha ha ha ha. if i shall tell my society about my atheism then of course society shall kill me and killer shall be called hero in society.

You are lucky that you are still alive.

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It looks ay self-efficacy of

It looks ay self-efficacy of atheist

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No problems. People find out

No problems. People find out I'm atheist and treat me as they will. No problem.

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@robot - Your good-natured

@robot - Your good-natured display about your possible epitaph is commendable. It's also sad, but we already know that. Cover your tracks and be safe.

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@Pitar - I tried my full to

@Pitar - I tried my full to protect myself. Nobody know about me. I fully protected myself as i tried my best now i think i am fully safe. Thanks for your bowel for me. As i am treing to escape from here to some european country.

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cmashouse, please don't post

cmashouse, please don't post random links requesting member participation again. Thank you in advance.

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Lonely. I didn't really lose

Lonely. I didn't really lose any friends over it, because I didn't have many to begin with. It just makes finding new friends hard. Not that I wouldn't be friends with a Christian. I just want a friend who has similar views as mine, and people where I live let their religion aff3ect their views about everything. I don't give a flying fuck if people believe in God, but I don't want to be friends with anyone who thinks abortion is murder, gays are going to hell, and that I'm a desperate sinner angry with God. Not to mention, I really love science, and when I hear people say things like "evolution is a lie" or "When God created the world 6000 years ago..." I honestly can't help but think they are a little stupid. I know they probably can't help it, it's what they were taught as kids, but when people say stupid things, it makes them look stupid, and I don't like stupid people.

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Hey Renators, I'd bet it's

Hey Renators, I'd bet it's probably an anxious time for you right now, while you see how the chips fall with your family, and friends.

Something you could do, is determine who will be a support for you, and who will not. Generally, a supportive person will endorse your doing what drives you, offer you empathy, and maybe even materiel support in your struggle. These people can be great friends. Others will question you, ridicule your decision, and may even try to harm you - 'jokingly', or otherwise - these people will not support what gives your life meaning, and expect time spent around them to be draining - even if they were once supportive friends.

It's important to note that support can come from anyone, and harm as well - even through believers/atheist. I hope you post more on how you're adjusting, as you go.

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