I asked a pastor questions on Homosexuality

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Exactly what Tin Man said. To

Exactly what Tin Man said. To bar the Out Of Context™ escape hatch, show him the actual Buybull verses, and to bar the impending It Was Mistranslated And Originally Meant X™ escape hatch, point out that the old versions of the Buybull are under lock and key by the Vatican, and thus he has no evidence to back up that assertion.

In case he tries to deflect with the What About Islam™ escape hatch, then also mention the Koran’s draconian policy on homosexuality and “adultery” immediately after mentioning the homophobic Buybull verses, and using this, point out that his religion and Islam are both the same pile of dog shit. If he tries to argue that atheism is also Just As Bad™, then point out that unlike religion, it doesn’t have any absolute dogma that teaches people to hate, and call him out on this false equivalency.

If he tries to run away with the classic No True Scotsman escape hatch, then point out that a) he’s selfish for trying to make this all about his image, b) if he really doesn’t think that the followers of those Buybull verses are not True Christians™ then he should tell that to them and not you, and c) he doesn’t get to pretend that the followers of his religion whom he finds personally distasteful are not True Christians™ to make himself feel better.

If he tries to rationalize it away by shifting the goalposts, then remember that he will be subject to Rohan’s Law, which states that the farther you push an apologist, the more exploded and outlandish their claims will get- thus making him easier to trap

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I just noticed going through

I just noticed going through the readings the pastor referenced in his response that he suggested reading Romans 1 18-32, and basically wanted me to read the entire thing but the last line and the last line is explicit on how to treat homosexuals and atheists, "Although they know god's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them". So I find that a bit sus. I'm gonna question him on where he get's that moderate view on how to treat homosexuals/atheists when the bible is clear on what to do. That was also a new testament passage, so I can only imagine he's gonna pull some Jesus "love thy neighbor" crap. So it should be interesting

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I just realised going back

I just realised going back over it that the last line was 32, and he did actually want me to read it. I thought he was trying to edit himself but it's actually no worries.

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Homosexuality is a natural

Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, best explained through the scientific fact of species evolution.

Mumbo jumbo superstition won't help us explain it at all. In moral terms since gay people harm no one and like heterosexuals as long as sex is between consenting adults, where no one is being pressured, forced or coerced, then I don't see any explanation is necessary, or why anyone cares what consenting adults do with or to each other?

The sooner religions are firmly told to mind their own business the better. If anyone wants to impose archaic draconian and superstitious rules on themselves crack on, but religions should have no power to force their rules on anyone who doesn't want them.

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Point that pastor to this

Point that pastor to this link:


According to Bagemihl (1999), same-sex behavior (comprising courtship, sexual, pair-bonding, and parental activities) has been documented in over 450 species of animals worldwide (Wikipedia).

Can't get much more natural...



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