I'm really curious what conclusions can be made about music and devil?

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I assume the original poster

I assume the original poster is long gone now. But I almost feel bad for the guy, seeing scary things in music. The world has to be terrifying to him/her, devil is in the music, it could be anywhere! Corrupting the souls of kids! Oh my! And if one believes in god/devil fairy tale what's to stop them from believing in ghosts, zombies, vampires and any other scary concept brought up in a movie meant to scare people.

Sounds like a terrifying way to think and operate in this world. Me I can sit back and relax and know if I follow just the rules that demonstrated themselves as true via solid real world evidence that I can personally research and study and avoid. I easily fall asleep at night knowing there is no monster that is going to get me while I sleep. No child like fear of ghost that keep me up at night that can float right through walls.



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I used to annoy my late wife,

I used to annoy my late wife, waking her in the night while I laughed out loud in my sleep. I have had the pleasure of sleeping easy nearly all my life and I still have great dreams and I never pray before bed.


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