Indoctrination vs Education

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Indoctrination vs Education

What's the difference?

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indoctrination is a form of

indoctrination is a form of education dished out by the incredulous.

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Do you believe that atheist's

Do you believe that atheist's can be indoctrinated and religious educated? Is indoctrination only restricted to the views that you disagree with?

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Indoctrination is the

Indoctrination is the spreading of beliefs and ideas without the inclusion of critical thought or evaluation.
Education is the spreading of knowledge obtained by use of critical thought and evaluation.

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Indoctrination vs Education

Indoctrination vs Education
"What's the difference?"


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I went to a sectarian "faith"

I went to a sectarian "faith" school where the 'RE', religious education, was usually delivered by a priest who talked only of Christianity and Christian teaching. It was indoctrination in that there was no balance. No other religionists participated and non-believers weren't mentioned.

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Education relies on Critical

Education relies on Critical thinking, rational thought, and valid and verifiable conclusions. Indoctrination relies on unsupported myth, assumption, emotional appeal and will rarely stand up to a critical analysis. Recognizing indoctrination leads to wisdom.
1. America, land of the free.
2. Romantic love lasts forever.
3. We only use 10% of our brain.
4. There were not 13 original colonies in America
5. George Washington was not the first president, he was number 8 and he fought in the war between England and the US, he was only a general. He followed orders and was not responsible for the events leading up to the separation or independence.
6. Abraham Lincoln did not want to free the slaves. “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races,” Illinois race for U.S. Senate, Stephen Douglas, fourth debate. This whole issue is so much more complected than people think.
7. Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Hosts of countries were here before him. And he was a brutal butcher of human life.
8. There is no good evidence to suggest Moses, Jesus or any of the patriarchs existed.
9. Did man land on the moon? (The Van Allen belts sure seem like a modern boundary that NASA admits they can not traverse. Why is all the early telemetry lost? Why do NASA spokespersons say that we have never been out of low earth orbit? Is something going on here?
10. Have you really bought into the idea that two jet liners can vanish into buildings, pass through the central core and come out the other side? And then cause all three buildings to drop at free fall speed and pulverize into dust?
11. Do you actually believe Tide is new and improved?

Indoctrination is everywhere. Unless you do the investigating you will be a pawn of it.

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The word gives it away:

The word gives it away: "indoctrination" is teaching a "doctrine". Although "doctrine" in broad sense is anything that is "taught" (from Latin "docere" "to teach"), usually it refers in strict sense to "a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief : dogma", as in "Catholic doctrine" (from Merriam-Webster dictionary).

On the other hand, when one refers to "education" one uses to think of the teaching of a wide range of knowledge and skills.

Since words are rather malleable in meaning, there is some overlapping between the possible meanings of those two words.

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Indoctrination teaches you

Education teaches you how to think.

Indoctrination teaches you what to think.

Religion teaches you not to think.

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@Algebe Re: Edu/Indoc/Rel

@Algebe Re: Edu/Indoc/Rel

Well, dang. I had planned on putting a response on here, but there is no way I can explain those things any better than what you just did. Simple and elegant. Nice.

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The difference is whose doing

The difference is whose doing it. If its you towards your children, its education. If its someone you disagree with towards their children, its indoctrination.

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The source does not define

The source does not define the difference between indoctrination and education. For example, twenty adults proselytizing on a single child, or Hitler making a speech to thousands at Nurburgring, both fall into the category of indoctrination.

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If you are certain you are

If you are certain you are correct, then you have (probably) been indoctrinated.

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Usually religion in my

Usually religion in my experience. You know you can Google word definitions right?

the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.

Clearly the difference is that an education must involve teaching that ideas are not be accepted uncritically, that evidence and facts should underpin what we accept as true, rather than looking for evidence, and creating facts to underpin what you already believe to be true, and of course believing what no facts or evidence would ever stop you believing, like religion, but specifically like the creationist lobby, and their dishonest and mendacious attacks on scientific facts in order to promote the spurious superstitious creation myth, even renaming and re-branding it as ID as if anyone is fooled by that.

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Indoctrination is learning

Indoctrination is learning and memorizing information.

Education is learning what and how to learn.

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I believe that learning is

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This forum topic is a

This forum topic is a fascinating discussion about the differences between indoctrination and education. It's a subject that's often overlooked but incredibly relevant in today's society where the lines between the two can sometimes blur.

I appreciate the open platform that allows for a variety of viewpoints to be expressed. It's essential to have these kinds of discussions to better understand the impact of different educational approaches on young minds.

I'm currently working on a research paper that delves into the psychological effects of indoctrination in educational settings. I've been using this amazing website that's been incredibly helpful in structuring my paper and finding credible sources. I'm definitely going to include some of the insights from this forum discussion in my research. Has anyone else explored the long-term psychological impact of indoctrination versus education?

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No matter what anyone says,

No matter what anyone says, in reality the boundaries between indoctrination and education can be blurred. For example, in some cases, formal education may be influenced by certain political or religious beliefs. Consequently, it is important that educational institutions prioritize independence, critical thinking and diversity of views.

And it is important to find those who teach you something that prioritizes independence, critical thinking and diversity of views. When I went to GoIT school to learn programming, I prioritized the above, and I got what I wanted and I'm encouraging you to do the same. Check out their courses, here's to that future.

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