IQ/intelligence- is it real and what causes it??

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IQ/intelligence- is it real and what causes it??

I'm unusually smarter than nearly everyone I know except my family and extended family. compared to ALL my relatives, I have the IQ of a bag of nails. but, I dunno what this IQ thing is..... or if it's even real. and if it is real, what causes it and what can change it?. My scores on IQ tests proxies have increased rapidly but I feel even dumber than I was when I was a kid...........

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IQ tests are really good

IQ tests are really good indicators of how well you will do on IQ tests.

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"I feel even dumber than I

Don't know why it double posted.
A bug?

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"I feel even dumber than I

"I feel even dumber than I was when I was a kid"

that is normal.

The kids being dumb is a myth, they are evolving to become smarter than their parents.

How else would you explain so many atheists coming out of theistic families?

Smarter= smarter in general= they have more potential.
This is shown by how fast they learn things that an adult would take years to learn.

It also has to do with the age of the brain.

The younger the more potential it has.

So do not get surprised if you scored better at IQ tests or you felt you were smarter when you were younger.

I remember myself how my scores in the same hard core video game were getting worse the older I got.

That doesn't mean that you get less intelligent but slower to get answers compared to what you used to.
Sometimes speed does matter.

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IQ is a rough approximation

IQ is a rough approximation of ability to handle mathematics, language and logic. Certainly is not perfect but historically is a consistent predictor of a person's success in those areas.

It gets much less accurate past it's normal range, by the time you get to numbers above about 134 it no longer is particularly accurate. But intelligence is a real thing and is substantially genetic as has been demonstrated repeatedly. Strict egalitarians are uncomfortable with that concept, but alas, ideology does not overrule reality.

The fact that human intelligence exists proves it is hereditary, otherwise there is no possible way that evolution could produce it. Natural selection favors the more successful organisms to pass on their genes. If intelligence were purely random, natural selection would not have any effect.

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i hear that IQ is inherent

i hear that IQ is inherent and fixed though. math language and logic skills can easily increase with practice and help , especially math. How does that gel with the idea that IQ is fixed?

so......... once you get past two SD's, it gets less accurate? so a IQ rise from 2 SD to 3 SD on the tests doesnt indicate anything? I hope so, cuz i dont really think a better test score indicates anything useful

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IQ is a real measure of

IQ is a real measure of cognitive ability, but it's not the only factor that determines intelligence. Genetics, environment, education, and experiences all play a role. While IQ can change over time, it's not the sole indicator of intelligence. It's important to consider various aspects of cognitive abilities when take iq test free and personal growth beyond IQ scores.

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I think that IQ opens a lot

I think that IQ opens a lot of possibilities for people. Mostly for their future and their development in terms of finance in the first place

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Well i think that you are

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