It's time to put an end to child abuse.

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It's time to put an end to child abuse.

'Our Father' coming October 14th. It's time to stand up to child abuse.

What's your opinion on the matter?


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Good stuff antix. Where is it

Good stuff antix. Where is it that your song is going to be released?

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Child abusers are the most

Child abusers are the most despicable kind of humans present in this world. I agree that they should be stopped with the help of authorities, parents and all concerned individuals. Children's future is at stake every time abuse happen so we must be united in protecting our children.

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I think everyone should be

I think everyone should be (concerned) in every way possible one could mean concerned when it comes to child abuse!

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It's not just the children's

It's not just the children's future that is at stake, it's the future of civilization that can be harmed with this ongoing abuse.

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Very inciteful point Efpierce

Very inciteful point Efpierce, true there is most definitely a butterfly effect that takes place when a child is abused and i can easily effect us all with continued child abuse it most definitely does.

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Let's everybody jump on this

Let's everybody jump on this thread and make sure everyone we know sees it. I can't stand anyone that would hurt a defenseless child or anyone else for that matter.

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To me it's not just an issue

To me it's not just an issue of not standing it, furthermore I can't understand it. I mean I get it in some cases what might drive a person to want to ring a childs neck for example but what would drive a person to actually do so or worse. I think people who do hurt defenseless children have something broken inside them, they are messed up in a way that I am not sure can be fixed. The same goes for people who would abuse animals in similar fashions. I think its a sign of a psychopath.

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Definitely, and like you said

Definitely, and like you said, it can only get worse.

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Antix, I like your use of

Antix, I like your use of live music, I can tell that you are singing from your heart and not just trying to be a rapper like many people in short what I am saying in short you are real, I know you know this as it's expressed in Listener. Dear Summer nearly made me cry. I will go to one of your shows if I see you are in one of my towns in the future. I like Sutures, Who I Am and Boxbeat, I like the honesty. That all being said, the genre you music would fit with is not my normal choice of music to listen to.

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Thanks for posting this, I

Thanks for posting this, I like it!

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Definitely no one should

Definitely no one should abuse anyone especially children. There should be end in any kind of abuse and there should be heavier penalties for child abusers.

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I think you are right about

I think you are right about the penalties needing to be much more severe. Abusing a child is much worse than abusing an adult. Neither should be done, but children are much more frail than adults and they can be injured more severely. I don't understand why some people see the need to do so in the first place.

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With regards to psycho people

With regards to psycho people who have satisfaction in abusing children and animals, I think the authorities should find out what caused them to became psycho. By knowing the root cause, we can eventually determine what are the other things to do to avoid child abuse in the future.

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I agree with you to a point..

I agree with you to a point... understanding any problem is key to finding the best solution possible.

However, let's not mistake understanding for sympathy.

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Yes, let's not mistake

Yes, let's not mistake understanding for sympathy. How to stop the problem? This is such a deeply ingrained problem in human society. There is not the space here to address an in depth analysis of what constitutes child abuse. We must all learn to be observant of the children around us -- listen to them; care about what their lives are like. Do what you can to help a child that you suspect is being abused. There are blatant forms of child abuse that must be reported to authorities. Less noticed forms of abuse, such as a parent constantly yelling at a child or belittling a child (there are many more such manners of abuse that escape me at the moment) must somehow also be dealt with. Wars teach children that solving problems by killing the enemy is okay. It also teaches them that its normal to have enemies which need killing.
We could peel back layer after layer regarding what societies teach children that constitutes child abuse, what parents teach their children, what schools teach their children.

In my heart I long for a Utopian world where children are not abused, but are each raised to reach their greatest potentials. I wonder if the human species will last long enough for that to happen. Grown human beings, who were most likely abused in some fashion, are responsible for raising their young. Abuse seems to be passed down from generation to generation. There are those who realize that they were abused and try to the best of their ability not to pass on the abuse. This, at least, brings about some change.
This post makes me think of a documentary I saw that was titled something like "The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan." I cried for those young boys who were being taught by adults in their society that this practice of pedophilia was normal and acceptable. Imagine the confusion of those young boys -- being made to participate in something that didn't feel right to them.
Sorry for my disjointed thoughts here. I've had to stop myself from saying more. I was unable to listen to the music via the link that was provided, as when I was redirected to the site there was a message saying the site was private. I've possibly missed the point of the forum due to not hearing the song others spoke of in their replies. I only know that child abuse is deeply rooted in human culture at many levels. Education must be the answer. Along with locking up the worst offenders, even though we understand why they have offended.

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I've never seen that

I've never seen that documentary, but it sounds horrific! Hopefully such practices aren't still in place to this day?!

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