Is Jesus really risen?

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Is Jesus really risen?

The Easter Sunday is mainly celebrated by Christians because its the day when Jesus rose from the dead.
Frankly, with all the testimonials, I'm quite not sure if I will believe that Jesus was actually risen.
For atheists, what do you thinks about the resurrection of Jesus? Even though you don't believe about god and that he is not god for you, then how did he managed to surpass death?

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How did he surpass death? I

How did he surpass death? I don't think he didn't, I think it was just fanaticism from the followers in an attempt to deify Jesus. That's what you do to people you worship, you put them on a pedestal and revere this person as if they were god, in this case, believe that this person is actually divine.

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How come he left no trace of

How come he left no trace of his dead body. Is the church too good enough in hiding the evidences?

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They would claim that he went

They would claim that he went to heaven with his body so there wouldn't be a dead body.

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I've heard claims that people

I've heard claims that people found his robes in the alleged cave area. Those could've been planted there. My ex- husband is a hardcore catholic. He used to tell me of miracles. It was interesting and really made me think. Like the vial of water that turns to blood ever Easter. He said it happens in front of the entire congregation. I'm not sure if I believe that, but I'll admit it piqued my interest.

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This was just a tale and

This was just a tale and nothing more. If anything happened that made it seem like he resurrected, it was probably staged.

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The whole ordeal he suffered

The whole ordeal he suffered could also be nothing but a tale. It's so hard to identify if anything the bible says is real or fake.

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He eidn mamage to surpass

He eidn mamage to surpass death because he died like any other human being does. The entire thing was exagerated for the purpose of a good novel.

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I'm still thinking where did

I'm still thinking where did the church hid his body. If it was just a novel, what was the life of the real Jesus?

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Several things bother me

Several things bother me about the resurrection.

First off, when Jesus arose from the dead, he looked *completely* different. None of the disciples recognized him, and his own mother didn't either! It was only "by the blood on his hands" that they realized it was him. Was it? Something tells me people wouldn't be so easily convinced these days... unless there was some other proof offered that was not recorded in the Bible.

And of course, then he vanished. Resurrected Jesus didn't really do much else with his life... which doesn't sound much in keeping with the kind of man he was.

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Yeah sammy the main problem

Yeah sammy the main problem with the whole thing is that it's all a big novel created by a lot of creative writers. Then it got blown out of proportion by people with power in order to gain even more profit from the fear of others regarding the afterlife.

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I always think that it sounds

I always think that it sounds really suspect that Jesus doesn't hang around very long after he resurrects. It's almost as if saying Jesus hung around for another few years might contradict other historical sources.

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Where did Jesus stay if it

Where did Jesus stay if it wasn't true that he died on the cross and rose again. Some assumptions claim that Jesus had a family and live far away from Israel. Some claims that they had found evidences that Jesus did not rose from the dead. These assumptions were considered by Christians as false statement from people who are trying to pull down his church..

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Some people make up shit.

Some people make up shit. They do it now and they did it back then. Why do people not want to admit that.

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Well there you go DarkLight -

Well there you go DarkLight - call it like you see it, don't hold back on us now :)

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