Is joy of satan-jos is legitimate

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Is joy of satan-jos is legitimate

Hello my name is austin...I'm an atheist and my previous view is Christianity......recently my logical eyes opened and realised religions are day I heard about website called exposing Christianity and I'm intrested...they debunked the Christianity with tons and tons of evidence....but it is written that all judeochristians religions are made up by jews and satan is the real god....they claiming the Mesopotamian gods Ea is the real god and they have solid evidences for it....does anybody have a clue what's happening here and please help me I'm new to atheism and I'm getting confused by all this



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@Austin: all judeochristians

@Austin: all judeochristians religions are made up by jews

Nope. Australians like Ken Hamm, New Zealanders like Ray "Banana Man" Comfort and Americans like Jim Bakker are still making it up.

I don't know about Satan. My guess is he's too busy not existing to do anything worth bothering about.

Atheism is very simple. Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc., disbelieve all gods but one. Atheists go one step further.

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G'day Austin, looks like you

G'day Austin, looks like you have stumbled upon a Satanist website and probably a LeVayan Satanist website I think from the pic you loaded. Anton LaVey began the movement back in the sixties I think, in protest against the blatant hypocrisy of the churches and their teachings.
While some Satanists are atheists, ie with a lack of belief in gods, atheists aren't necessarily Satanists. Satanists don't believe in the Christian god in particular. Strangely enough they don't claim to believe in the devil either. They believe in the freedom of the human mind, unshackled by the superstitious restraints of monotheistic dogma or something like that...they worship the freedom to enjoy all the things the Bible condemns, but insist they do not condone murder or torture or harming people,(without just cause) or being cruel to animals or children for any reason.
They like to dress up in their weird devil costumes for their "Wednesday night meetings" and perform rituals with pentagrams and stuff because they hope to annoy conservative christians and act out their protest.

Literally, and maybe even literaturely, if you follow the ancient religions back to Mesopotamia, they are quite right in naming Ea as the real, well, original god. From the Mesopotamian myths you can follow a path down through history that leads to Jehovah/Yahweh because the Pentateuch was just a rehash of all the older religions that preceded and even competed with the early forms of Judaism until up to Roman times.
From what I have read they don't really believe any of it. They see themselves as a focal point to oppose organised religion and to combat the limits they place on mankind.

Being an atheist does not make you a Satanist.


PS This is the sort of thing those public minded Satanists get up to in the States.

I hope I got all that right, no doubt a real Satanist in AR will correct me if I am wrong.

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Yeah bro I know about lavey

Yeah bro I know about lavey Satanists but these groups claims they are totally different from normal satanists....will you please go their website that I added to the post and read that stuff plz plz

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I have read some of the

I have read some of the material there. This group is different in that they really seem to be selling the black magic stuff. But what they are selling is no different than the sort of christian magic stuff the mainstream religions are pushing.
What specifically worries you about this Joy of Satan group? You need a website to debunk what these guys are claiming? Let me help, its bullshit, all of it.
You have just relieved yourself of the burden of religious church lies, just apply the same sort of logic you used to this satanic website. Apply your newly found critical thinking skills.
Just because they refer to ancient history does not give their claims any authority. And some of it is not exactly correct from my quick read.
I will read more of this site this weekend and give you a better review. In the meantime, relax. If you have just realised gods don't exist, why would you think devils do? Mankind has created imaginary versions of both.

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It really will not matter.

It really will not matter. The Satanists use the same bullshit arguments for the existence of Satan that the Christians use for the existence of their God. It's all superstitious WooWoo. What you may want to do is find a site with "Logical Fallacies" and learn a few before you go wading through Spiritualist WooWoo.

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Well I started to read the

Yes, what Cog just said.

I started to read the first of the three chapters of The Origins of Satanism and its a poorly constructed fabrication of history, very selective in its interpretation and heavily biased against Judaism and Catholicism all wrapped in an outrageous conspiracy theory which has supposedly been going on for thousands of years which keeps 'real spiritual power' in the hands of a few secret, "gasp*shock*horror", which is loopy enough to make my bullshit deflectors spring into action.

Chapter 1 goes on to detail how a lot of symbols and meanings, doctrines etc were always "stolen", on purpose, redacted, heavily edited and mangled from earlier mythologies, including, one suspects from this religion of Satanism. Did you know that Enki is Satan?...who was one of the first Nephilim to arrive on earth...where a lot of different alien races have come and lived amongst mankind.....the pyramids were built by the Gods and inscribed with truth...theres a lot of presumptions about ancient symbolism, snakes and bulls and other references which makes absolutely no mention of matriarchal belief systems which were fundamentally important before the rise of specifically patriarchal systems like well Judaism...I am struck with the claim that the double snake emblem is supposed to represent the DNA double helix way back four thousand years ago when they mapped the human genome, when it was simply a way of reinforcing the powerful symbolism of the serpent with its male/female symbolism (penis/vagina) and immortality (the ability to slough its skin to rejuvenate) like the waxing and waning moon (usually considered female with its close relation to menstrual cycles) and it was associated with the tree of life because thats where you usually found snakes, around trees, which were considered sacred because they connected the earth (morther) with the sky (father).....

No. After just half an hour, I just cant read any more. I dont care to comment any further. Its insane bullshit with nonsensical distortions of history, myth and definitions. I only get one weekend a week and my love of free time is not worth wading through this silly retelling of history and fables.

Austin, there is nothing to any of this. Forget this site, its for idiots with lives and time and intellect to waste. Get back to enjoying your new found freedom of thinking for yourself without guilt or condemnation. Be an atheist.

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Hey there, Austin! Welcome to

Hey there, Austin! Welcome to our merry little band of heathens here at our humble little AR. *grin* You've come to the right place for info and knowledge.

Listen to Algebe, Grinseed, and Cog. They really know their stuff. And I'm sure a few others will be along soon to further help put your mind at ease. For now, though, don't sweat it. Like they said, those Satanists who actually believe in and worship the devil are no different than any other theist or religious group. So why worry about any nonsense they spew any more than you would about the nonsense any Christian or Muslim would spew?

As for those Satanists groups who simply want to annoy and protest against other organized religions, I think it is hilarious. If they can get under the skin of major religion sects, then more power to them. *chuckle* Plus, having read some of their "doctrines", I found I actually agree with much of their mindset. My wife even has a friend who claims to be a Satanist. Use to worry me a bit until I learned more about them. Now I'm cool with it. Thing is, though, I never really knew any of these things until joining this site. Great place to hang out, have fun, and learn many interesting things. Welcome aboard.

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Thank you grinseed and

Thank you grinseed and cognostic its very helpful, and grinseed special thanks to you coz....your comment is brilliant and thanks for the time you took to go through that u said I applied the same critical thinking technique in this website claims and I realised its bullshit... Thank you so much

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Austin - ...they claiming the

Austin - ...they claiming the Mesopotamian gods Ea is the real god and they have solid evidences for it...

Skeptic alarm at 95%.

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