The Kalam Cosmological Argument

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@Josh: Are you asserting

@Josh: Are you asserting your god thing is a Being? How did you rule out "Natural Processes?"

RE: " If things do pop into existence, why don't we see it happen more often?" BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE PARTICLE ACCELERATORS IN OUR BASEMENTS. Virtual particles and quantum foam are doing this all the time.

RE: "Why should I believe in Newton's Laws of Motion / Gravity:
You are confused. You do not understand the meaning of the word Law in Science. Laws are "DESCRIPTIVE" and not 'PRESCRIPTIVE." A law is a law because that is our observation. The observation does not need your belief. It is a fact. The theory may change but the observation remains. Objects fall to the earth at 32ft per sec, per sec, and they do it whether or not you opt. to give credence to Newton's theory of gravity or Einstein's theory of gravity. "Gravity" is the observation and Theory is the explanation. With greater and greater knowledge the explanations change. THEY DO NOT REQUIRE BELIEF.

re: " I struggle to believe in something not obviously corresponding to reality." And yet that is exactly what you are doing with your God of the Gaps BS.

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@ Cog

@ Cog

Stealing this:
"Gravity" is the observation and Theory is the explanation. With greater and greater knowledge the explanations change. THEY DO NOT REQUIRE BELIEF."

Even a fucktard can understand it.

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@Old man shouts ..." You

@Old man shouts ..." You would think so wouldn't you. I KNOW we are both going to be proved wrong. Just wait........ it's coming..........

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Shit! My Todd pick is on my work computer!

(EDIT: Damn, I was re-reading posts and noticed this one. There actually was a caller called Todd, who called the Atheist Experience, and was posing the cosmological argument. Of course Matt ripped him a new ass and made him look like an idiot. I DID NOT POST THE LINK WITH MY COMMENT. Damn, I can be an idiot at times too.


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@Cog Re: "TODD CALLED THE ATHEIST EXPERIENCE! Wow! He's famous now!!!"

Yeah, maybe so, but not in a good way. I tried to talk him out of calling when he told me about all the crap he was going to tell Matt. But then all of his imaginary friends started pushing him toward the phone, so he stopped listening to me... *shaking head sadly*...

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@Tin: Well, in that regard

@Tin: Well, in that regard it is kinda hard to blame him. When those invisible friends start talking to each other it is really hard to figure out who is saying what. He talks to his invisible friend, his invisible friend talks to his invisible friend, they all call their invisible friends and soon you have a room full of invisible friends and end up drinking the bleach that is under the sink. Then they shove tubes down your throat and pump this white stuff into your stomach and suck it out again/ It's disgusting. **POP** What were we talking about? Oh year. Todds invisible friend. Just never trust invisible friends. That's my motto.


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