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Live life to its full potential

Now that I no longer care with the religion that I had, my goal is to simply live my life to its full potential. I still believe in goodness so even if I no longer have a religion, I make that I do good in everything I do. I just found out I fell free now from traditional burden of having a religion, how about you guys?

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well religions generally

well religions generally teach that any way, so im not sure what your "no religion" is in reference to what is ur own personal religion, what is it specifically you dont care for? i was never burdened with strict religious parents, though i try to live by strict rules

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I think most atheists live

I think most atheists live good lives you dont need religion to be good thats a propaganda.

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This world don't really need

This world don't really need religion. I love the song Imagine of John Lennon. The message of the song speaks a lot of simplicity of life and real happiness that comes with unity.

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you may not believe in a

you may not believe in a religion you don't have to.. now at least or never..look around every once in a while .. go hiking, fishing do some activities have some fun, travel if you want .. you see what would you feel doing those simple things ?? if you come to me after all your adventures in life and give me pictures showing me where you went and telling me how you felt .. yes i can see you went there in the pictures .. but prove that you felt happy joy,and what ever feeling you had .. ok what if i can't feel feeling? .. what if you are the only person that can feel ?? why would i believe what you would explain to me? it would be frustrating trying to explain to people what feelings are , and they may not believe you .. i may have no religion now but there is things that i cant believe there is no god if it exist ..we can be creatures that have 6 fingers .. every thing we design is for 6 fingers people and we cant imagine who difficult it is to life with 5 .. we can have science people telling us how balance we are and how 6 is the perfect numbers for fingers .. i dont know why i chose fingers but lets roll with it .. what im trying to say yes we are balanced .. science explains .. but we could be those people with 6 fingers saying there is no god ..and yes science have some answers .. you can ask "why is ..whatever" and have the answer "because of this and that " but still it doesn't answer ..

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sorry for the misspellings ..

sorry for the misspellings .. "how difficult it is to live with 5 fingers" .. why there is no editing?

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Living life to the fullest

Living life to the fullest include the religion or belief that we are comfortable with. I'm comfortable with my religion so it makes my life complete. I can't imagine my life without Jesus and I can't imagine a life with no religion. Well, that's only my opinion. I know atheists can live without god or religion.

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"I'm comfortable with my

"I'm comfortable with my religion so it makes my life complete."

I know domesticated cage birds that would like to say the same thing :)

When you get used to the cage, you feel not complete without it.

Learn to fly Mardze, then think to judge how it is without your cage.

You can never understand an atheist freedom so you will never live your "life to the fullest".
I have experience both being a theist and an atheist and I can tell you that; a theist life is like living in a cage compared to an atheist life which is flying as high as you can.

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One must always live life to

One must always live life to the fullest and travel

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You can live a full life in

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Living life to the fullest

Living life to the fullest means embracing every opportunity for joy, excitement, and adventure. It's about savoring the moments, pursuing passions, and cherishing connections with others. Just like spinning the reels in a buffalo link slot machine, life is full of unpredictability and surprises. Each spin represents a new possibility, a chance to experience something wonderful and exhilarating. So, let's approach life with optimism and enthusiasm, ready to embrace the thrill of the unknown and revel in the richness of every experience

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