Modern scientific finds strongly implies God exists

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I think anyone would be a

I think anyone would be a fool to deny the incredible influence christianity has/had especially in the 19th century.

Some you list like modern science, other religions can claim at least partial credit as well.

Pretty amazing how much that incredible influence christianity used to have has waned in a relatively small time. The NFL is more popular than any church on sunday during football season. They even play football on Christmas. And it has way better ratings then any christian program on tv. Christianity cant even claim victory on one of the most holy days of the year on the most powerful cultural medium of modern times, the TV.

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You think too small. 14

You think too small. 14 billion years, trillions of stars. Complexity like the earth's ecosystem and the human brain is a very likely "chance."

It is a given actually, considering we are apart of it.

No god thingamajig is needed.

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Larry has embarked that there

Larry has embarked that there must be a "cause" theory. We have hashed this shit out endlessly. The believers demand that there must be a first cause, AND they demand that that first cause is intelligent and must be their god. They don't prove a first cause. They don't make a direct link with any proof of a god. They just jump to an unsubstantiated conclusion.
Next, they cannot grasp the reality that the "bible" was compiled centuries after events that it describes. The fact is the first "gospel" is Mark (who knows the real author/folklore compiler). The three gospels (Luke, Matthew, and John) that follow are copy cats that added their own political slant. The fact is the first REAL bible was commissioned by Emporer Constantine which happened sometime after 324 AD. At any rate before that time and a good deal after there was no reason for a bible since 99.9% of the entire population could not read! Even if they could they would not have understood what they were reading.

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That is a powerful point, the

That is a powerful point, the literacy thing. It may even deserve its own thread if it has not been discussed here before in a while.

Also this communication/literacy concept has implications on new technologies like internet, or future technologies of communication not yet invented.

What happens when we can just d/l collective knowledge and experiences strait into our brains?

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I've only been on this site

I've only been on this site for a couple of weeks, but so far not a single theist has presented evidence to support his or her beliefs. Doesn't this sound any alarms in your heads, theists? Or do you just want to believe so bad that you are willing to ignore all the holes in your reasoning?

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Stop lying. It's terribly

Stop lying. It's terribly unintelligent and anti-scientific of you to lie. You want to deny God so badly that you will tell any lie, any time, and then proclaim yourself right and incredibly intelligent to boot.

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Apparently, freefromgod,

Apparently, freefromgod, their method is to simply call us liars, how convenient for them. It is a child like tactic people employ when they have nothing else, like actual proof.

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Larry what you have asserted

Larry what you have asserted is a typical religious persons view that is in actuality an argument from incredulity.

Because you cannot understand how something works, therefore god!

Can you provide one reliable scientific pier reviewed source that backs your claim? No, and I guarantee you never will.


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