Nature Loves Parasites

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Nature Loves Parasites

Nature loves and favor's a parasite. They are exceptionally successful species:

Why would the earth's " immune system" react against a parasite?

Parasitism is a very successful strategy!

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Being Parasitic is just a bit

Being Parasitic is just a bit of a misnomer, after all, life feeds on life. The distinction seems to be fairly vague and can be extended to any life form. "In evolutionary biology, parasitism is a relationship between species, where one organism, the parasite, lives on or in another organism, the host, causing it some harm, and is adapted structurally to this way of life. " I think the parasite generally feeds on just one or a few select life forms while those of us capable of mass murder and of devouring anything and everything are just considered "Top of the food chain." In the end, "LIFE FEEDS ON LIFE."

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Right. In a silly way, it

Right. In a silly way, it seems like what is or isn't a parasite; depends on how far away it lives from its food supply.

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