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The old history

So, i've never read a single page of the bible, i only knew the basics like the names of these old timers.
Allthough i watched a documentary yesterday "God vs Satan", and after watching it I came to the conclusion that this world is filled with psychothic people with really big injurys. Priests (exorsists), people who thinks they are possessed by demons etc, its just plain sick. How can people really take this seriously? I now think of priests/bishops as people with really big psychothic problems, they should really lie themselves in on a healthcare hospital, along with all the people possessed by "demons". So they cant chant bullshit to eachother.

I mean we are in 2014, this sickness is a fairy tale.

The story itself makes a great movie allthough, it was interesting to watch, but i always looked on it as a movie with a really good script.

My question is, how can people take this seriously? How can they not see the big fraud behind this image, do they really think a God would not mention anything about the universe itself in these old tales?

My second question is, how can we get rid of this disease, it feels like im walking around in a world with 8 year old kids watching cartoons (religion)

Its just plain sick and twisted:S

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Sorry if im being too harsh

Sorry if im being too harsh on the writings, but I really think people need it in with a spoon to understand and wake up :P

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If you think that's sick, you

If you think that's sick, you should check out the oxymoron that is Christian Science. It's appalling.

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Christian scientists are

Christian scientists are dangerous! My wife had one as a teacher and she almost let her die in the classroom because of her own personal beliefs! When people push their religion on others, it bothers me but when they use it to potentially harm others, it down right angers me to no end.

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Do christian scientists not

Do christian scientists not believe in doctors? I don't understand, I know they have some strange beliefs about God's will but I would think they would do the right thing and take a child to a doctor is necessary.

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Long story short (it's a

Long story short (it's a really long story, they've got books upon books upon books) they believe that prayer, when applied in a specific fashion, can take the place of medicine and all other science.

It's pretty scary, especially when you consider these people will be having kids, who will of course be getting the usually kid sicknesses... and have the right to attend public school (in the US) and mix their untreated ailments constantly with the mainstream population.

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All religions, regardless of

All religions, regardless of their beliefs are dangerous, some more than others!

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Life is hard. Everybody

Life is hard. Everybody needs an imaginary friend. You may have noticed: no major culture has ever emerged without a religion.

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Rome? It had no unifying

Rome? It had no unifying religion and allowed each of it's colonies to keep their religion if it wanted to. It did try to unify the names of the gods (mainly for astronomical purposes at the beginning, as most of the cultures of the Roman Empire worshiped gods that were representative of astronomical bodies), but wasn't a terribly religious civilization beyond that. They were quite major.

Also, there were plenty of major civilizations in Asia that existed pre-Buddhism. What were their religions? Taoism is only vaguely reminiscent of religion, in my opinion, but I'm no expert there. Anyone have more insight?

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I hear you on Rome, but still

I hear you on Rome, but still it did not achieve its greatness without religion it had to accept religions to get there. but yes there was no unifying religion when it came to the Roman empire.

I almost said this myself but did not mention it because I figured Rome had many religions within its empire. Had Rome decided to eliminate religions within its empire I don't think its empire would have gotten so far. I think religious belief is to strong a force to build any relatively large empire without letting people continue to believe what they want to when it come to religious beliefs.

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I think one of the reasons

I think one of the reasons Rome was so successful was because it didn't mess with religion. People become really attached to their imaginary friends, and when an army marches in and says they've got a better one, it's war. I have no idea why people aren't as ready to fight over practical matters such as tax rates and fair distribution of resources, but whatever. For some reason wars over practical matters get settled more quickly than religious wars, at least from history as I've seen it.

Also, the Roman Empire was able to capitalize on the already existing religious infrastructures of it's territories, who usually already had channels of communication and commerce set up in their societies. This would save a lot of work, over coming in with a new religion and having to get the people used to a totally new way of doing things.

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To answer the first question,

To answer the first question, religions answer the great questions of life. Where do we come from? Where are we going? What is the meaning of life? Is this all that there is? Just to name a few. Whether the answer is correct is a different debate.

Why people don’t see the fraud? I think sometimes people get the answer and then that is the end of the debate for them. They no longer challenge what is being taught. I have discovered that people do not study or read the text that they claim to be so sacred. When they do, they do not read with a critical mind. They willingly submit to the “authority” on the matter since they are the expert in the supernatural.

Another aspect, religions teach not to lean on your own understanding, which of course reduces the critical thinking. Then consider that religion is passed on like genes and you get the idea. People are not to think nor do they really want to.

Do make the assumptions that these are unlearned or ignorant people. I know several PhD’s who are very conservative Christians. The one has done work in genetics and the other has done brain surgery on flies. Both are church leaders. Belief is not limited to any particular education class. It’s very complicated, to say the least.

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