Paris attack

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Paris attack

City of Light ...under siege ...... again!

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New, improved, and packed

New, improved, and packed with more terror. More than 150 dead and counting.

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I am so angry about it at the

I am so angry about it at the moment, that if I were to comment on it, it would actually be very prejudiced and hateful. They have made a mistake, a big mistake, and now they will most likely be crushed by a coalition of forces including US troops.

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...... are you implying we

...... are you implying we are going to invade france or pull an iraq?

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First off, why the fuck would

First off, why the fuck would we invade France to go after ISIS? Secondly, no, this won't be a solely unilateral action like Iraq; but a effort made with international support and troops. The terrorists stepped in it with this one, they have soured any chance they had of gaining any sympathy and support, and firmly shown the international community that they are a threat. With this many European countries will be forced to act, to prevent the same happening to them, and that will cause us to act as well. Like it or not, this was the bell for the next military action in the middle east, and no one can stop it now...

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........ we don't exactly

........ we don't exactly have a good track record of finding terrorists before they attack. Firstly, Sure we catch a lot, but many don't get caught until they kill people. Secondly, we don't honestly care about the browns in asia. Thirdly, virtually all the attacks occur on non arabic soil. So what do you propose?

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It isn't what I am proposing,

It isn't what I am proposing, it is what I am predicting. Just now the President of France called these attacks and act of war, other European countries will join in, and we will likely also join it. You are mistaking my in-depth explanation of what WILL happen, with what I WANT to happen. This is where things are headed right now, with no help from me, I just have the foresight to be able to see how these things play out.

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I would agree and I hope you

I would agree and I hope you are right, but...
I have thought that the radical Muslims and ISIS in particular have crossed that line several times before and very little has happened. To me, it seems that those in power don't want the terrorist threat removed. It keeps us distracted from their own incompetence and scandals.
Much like in "Wag the Dog".

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That is a keen observation,

That is a keen observation, Prag. But I think Travis is right and this is something the "Western" international community can't ignore.

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Well, I'm routing for me to

Well, I'm routing for me to be wrong...

Good thing the United Nations Climate Change Conference is going to be held in Paris November 30. It will be harder to ignore when many world leaders are going there so soon after the attack.

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I am happy to wait and see

I am happy to wait and see what happens, I have a high degree of confidence in my assessment.

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Unfortunately, the problem is

Unfortunately, the problem is that the U.S. keeps responding to these things with a "toe in the watyer" mentality. If we choose to get involved in these conflicts ( which I personally do not agree with) rthen go in there with everything you have level the whole damn place, forget about civilian casualties ( after 9/11, all bets should have been off...borders closed additionally) How many more of our soldiers, and people are going to be massacred before we use our military might to destroy the place??!! That same area of the world has been killing our people for decades...isn't it time to DO something drastic about it? If not, then STAY THE HELL OUT!!

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Ah, well, I only really see

Ah, well, I only really see us getting the support to take out ISIS and not the whole hydra that is terrorism. I don't see us actually doing much more than killing but a single band of extremists, then being ordered to pull out by both DC and the UN. I won't lie to you and tell you that I foresee something I don't, we have been pretty much shackled since WWII, which is why we haven't really won a major war since then. Our military is being run by politicians, in DC and the UN, who probably think a flanking maneuver is some kind of method for preparing a steak. No, we won't get either the support or leeway we need to actually end anything significant. This will be a defensive punitive expedition, I can almost guarantee it.

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Religious insanity strikes

Religious insanity strikes again.

I wonder if they even reflect on how they only damage their own cause. It's like a kid that keeps poking at a beehive...

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They should form a group

They should form a group called Anti-radical Muslim organization to make Muslims hunt down and report their own radicals hiding among them to the authorities by teaching that the only true Muslim is a peaceful Muslim and such nonsense etc....

At least this way we have religion hunting itself.

Then the country issues a law where all Muslims must be part of it to conform to the country basic laws, whoever is not is deported to a Muslim country

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Who created Terrorism in The

Who created Terrorism in The middle east ? dare you say who ?

Travis Hedglin's picture


Jeff Vella Leone's picture
"Who created Terrorism in The

"Who created Terrorism in The middle east ? dare you say who ?"

Religion combined with human flaws.
But without religion there is no organized terrorism since only those imaginary 72 virgins can make the most reliable suicide bombers.

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The Irgun with their

"Who created Terrorism in The middle east ? dare you say who ?"

@ othelo

The Irgun with their successful attack on the King David hotel.
There may have been others before then but that event changed the middle east by proving that through sneak attacks that government could be influenced.

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And lets not forget the

And lets not forget the constant attack on everyone in and around the Islamic State.


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The only way to solve the IS

The only way to solve the IS problem is to end the civil war in Syria and stabilise Iraq, and that needs the US, Europe and Russia to act in concert with boots on the ground. At least Putin has some idea of what needs to be done. With a weak US president and nothing coming from Europe, the situation will never change.

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This latest attack will give

This latest attack will give us a nearly blank check internationally, other countries too, so a coalition is far more likely now that it was a couple of days ago. Meanwhile, it is important to remember that Obama faced heavy criticism for sending boots into Syria not but a few short weeks ago, so you can't blame the entirety of Americas passive position on him. It is the people that soured of putting troops in the middle east, by and large, so that is why we have been pulling out so aggressively. It is why we pulled out of Iraq, and why we didn't get more heavily involved in Syria in the first damn place.

However, with this latest attack, I think military action in Syria is likely to gather much more public support; which will exert pressure on our elected officials to act.

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that doesn't solve the

that doesn't solve the problem of america only giving a fuck about the middle east because of oil. kill anyone and everyone, as long as we get the oil

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That is a pretty broad

That is a pretty broad statement, that includes all Americans, so I reject it.

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In essence, blaming action

In essence, blaming action based mostly on public opinion on the president is somewhat like this:


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Leaders are supposed to lead,

Leaders are supposed to lead, not follow. Obama is near the end of his presidency and has the chance to take decisive action without affecting his chances of re-election.

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Wow, okay, I see you want our

Wow, okay, I see you want our elected REPRESENTATIVE to ignore the will of the people he is supposed to REPRESENT. The president isn't a king, and shouldn't act like one, as they are only ever supposed to REPRESENT the American people.

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OK....... We seem to envisage

OK....... We seem to envisage some sort of "grande alliance".....

assuming all the parties can be held together in this effort (big ,BIG assumption).....

and assuming that the combined arms of this conglomerate force eradicates IS the Al Queda rump and any other assorted wanabe Salaladins that may present themselves (slightly less of an assumption ...but still not a given..).......

But ...what then ?

How do you see the lands of the Levant being eventually governed ....... What of Sunnis and Shia what of the Kurds ...what of Bashar Al Assad . what of the Iranians....what of the Christians ,the Yazidis ,the Zoroastrians ?

Remember what happened when the West left an empty vacuum in Iraq.

Do you see any Muslims being involved in this rebuilding...if not why not....if yes which and why?

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Oh, we won't eradicate Al

Oh, we won't eradicate Al Queda or likely even get a chance to fight them, just fight ISIS until the dickhead Assad can control his country himself and pull out. I doubt we will get any further than that.

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why don't we use a business

why don't we use a business strategy? destroy their funding base, disillusion their followers, and watch it crumble

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Yes....I must confess I like the idea of this sort of approach ..... its unexpected and somewhat "off the wall"...

Remember ,when the American Law Enforcement agencies repeatedly failed to stop Al Capone ..... they finally managed it by tackling his finances and nailing him on Tax evasion.

If the money markets can be mobilised to trace and track the routes used for funds heading for IS...... then those routes must be shut down...

Big donors must be arrested and held.......( not gently ,as in fraud cases, but with some force...... early morning raids ,whole families taken in.....)

Everyone implicated must be dealt with ....From student groups to Saudi Princes & Qatari business men .

The dealers and middlemen who handle the dispersal of IS' oil production must be shut down with such "extreme prejudice" that no-one else will be tempted to deal with them.

Off shore Banks too must be scoured to find out where all the monies stolen from the territories taken by IS have been deposited.
They control many towns and some cities....complete with banks , jewellery shops ,private wealth .....not to mention the looted antiquities sold on the black markets.

Where is this money ? They seem not to have upgraded their weapons....their heavy weapons and transport are still what they took from the fleeing Iraqi forces. So where is this wealth ??

If it could be found it might just serve to show the IS followers that far from being warriors for god ...they are just another bunch of thieving bandits....


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