To people who like to post verses from the Bible.

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Hi, Matt. This isn't a forum

Hi, Matt. This isn't a forum rule. This was just supposed to be my own personal reflection and I opened the thread just to see what people thought about it.. Because I was tired of biblical posts with no intention of interaction. As you can see, not every atheist agrees on that.

You're free to do whatever suits you.

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If theists are dissuaded from

If theists are dissuaded from posting holy book quotes then atheists must abide by the same imposed rules IMO. There are a ton of quotes from these books that indicate how disgusting it really is. I'd hate to lose the ability to point them out because someone doesn't like quotes from the books being posted in a debate forum. Just sayin'

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Hi, Cyber. I said short and

Hi, Cyber. I said short and pertinent. I was referring to the tactics Longwinded77 uses. I come here, poop my thing and off I go.

John 6IX Breezy also uses quotes from the bible quite often, but in small doses, and I haven't complained...

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i say let them continue to

i say let them continue to post their quotes, it is the right to say whatever they like.
but perhaps we add the caveat of be aware that most atheist will literally scan one or two lines
before sighing and reaching for a caffeine laced beverage to offset the dullness caused.

Being from a very strict roman catholic family I've endured this far too much and now i literally
feel as if brain cells are entering a coma when i read this passages.

Perhaps add some substance, ask some questions, converse -

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For the most part I agree,

For the most part I agree, however to dissuade a person from posting a comment derived from whatever source it comes from is in a sense, censorship. We as Human Beings must acknowledge that a person's feelings have the right to exist regardless of being right or wrong. It is not up to any of us to diminish, devalue, or otherwise dismiss those feelings as it only fosters an environment of negativity, and gives rise to promoting intolerance.

What I do agree with in your statement is the fact it only shows a one dimensional side of someone who reads only the parts of ''The Book" some guy in a robe tells then to read, and how boring it can make one appear. I personally do not beLIEve in anything as I find that ideas, and beLIEfs are in constant conflict. BeLIEf is where ideas go to die, beLIEf is where ignorance rules with an iron fist, I will always hold up an idea, I will never hold on to a beLIEf.

I will share this one verse however as it supports the fact that religion is a cult, and not recognised by god, and if recited to any Jehovah's Witnesses, will have them telling you to "have a nice day" with their backs to you walking down your driveway. So it is useful as well, and reads for the most part as follows "God would rather you pray to "him" in the privacy of a darkened room, rather than exalt "his" name from the rooftops in the square"


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