Please help me fight this extremist right-wing catholic community

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Please help me fight this extremist right-wing catholic community

E. Michael Jones (EMJ from now on) is a vocal anti-semite, a close friend with the european alt-right (Red-Ice Radio), people spreading fake-news every day (Alex Jones's Infowars) and a lot of christian anti-semites (Adam Green, G.D.L aka "Goyim" Defense League). He is even converting people to anti-semitism (popular youtubers Computing Forever and Blonde in the belly of the beast).
He is even close friend with mysoginist who said "women are nothing but lubricated holes", ex-P.U.A Roosh-V, now spreading only anti-semitic and anti-homosexuals messages.

EMJ is spreading the lie that pedophile catholic priests are "actually" homosexuals and jews who "infiltrated" catholicism.

Please, give me a couple of minutes of your time and expose those people like the evil monsters they are.

What can you do?

1- Create an anonymous account on, preferably using an anonymous e-mail (, if you want to stay anonymous (and a VPN if you have one).
2- Help me fight their poisonous community by posting anti-pedophilia images with optional messages in

PLEASE, this is SERIOUS, they are a team with an Opus Dei operative, they are actually defending pedophiles ALL THE TIME.

I'm sick of those people, please, give me some of your time, and help me stop those pedophile enablers.

I have numerous anonymous accounts fighting them. Upvote my anti-pedophilia and pro-LGBT pro-humanity messages. They are defending known pedophiles. HELP ME

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No, I don't think so. Nor do I respond to click bait from anyone I don''t know.

Your post comes across as hysterical and obsessive.

You are a stranger who has joined my forum with an agenda . I have no reason not to believe you or to trust you.

You have made some very serious claims and allegations .You can prove them all of course?

Opus Dei exists in my country and they are attacked from time to time. However, no allegations of law breaking have ever been proved in Australia.

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"EMJ is spreading the lie

"EMJ is spreading the lie that pedophile catholic priests are "actually" homosexuals and jews who "infiltrated" catholicism."

Hmm, I do not know about the Jews, but I do not rule out that being a roman catholic priest is a tempting job for a pedophile.

In fact, one can argue that if a pedophile intended to find an occupation (boy scout leader, sports coach, etc.) that allowed him to prey on children, being a priest is the best choice because if caught, the church will come to his aid.

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Conspiracy Theory 101 Currently in progress. Drop you intellect at the door and put on your secret Power Ranger underwear. If you do not have a pair, one will be provided for you upon request.

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Re: OP - "1- Create an

Re: OP - "1- Create an anonymous account on, preferably using an anonymous e-mail (, if you want to stay anonymous (and a VPN if you have one).
2- Help me fight their poisonous community by posting anti-pedophilia images with optional messages in..."

Oooooooo.... Sounds exciting!.... Almost like some super-duper secret double-agent action stuff!.... *briskly rubbing hands together in excited anticipation*.... Hmmm.... Just to set the right mood, I think we need some appropriate theme music to listen to during our preparations....

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@ Tin-Man

@ Tin-Man

Go your back tinny, covering the 6.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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Here a tinny is a 6 foot aluminium rowboat usually with an outboard motor. Blokes use them for fishing . The the actual purpose is to take an Esky (cooler) full of beer and drink it with your mate 2 or 3 miles out. It amazes me that I honestly can't remember the last time some drunken idiot in a tinny fell in and drowned. Perhaps the wives of such dropkicks don't bother to report the fools missing.

Link to an appropriate song .

PS I have always found Mike Myers as funny as cancer. Same goes for Jack Black , Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferell -------------

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@Cranky: Love the song.

@Cranky: Love the song. "Never go fishing with a man too drunk to fish!" You might want to avoid this guy as well. If you have not seen these, and you enjoy fishing, you are going to laugh your ass off.

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cranky: Re:PS I have always

cranky: Re:PS I have always found Mike Myers as funny as cancer. Same goes for Jack Black , Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferell -------------

Wow, just who is funny then? Let me guess, Keaton but not Chaplin, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin maybe. How about the Stooges, Abbott & Costello?

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"Wow, just who is funny then?

"Wow, just who is funny then?"

That's very short list.

But seeing as you asked. IMO a sense of humours is purely subjective, but----------

My favourite standup comedian was George Carlin. Loved the late, tragic, Robin Williams. He once accurately described cricket as "baseball on valium". Probably before you were born, I thought Lenny Bruce was the shit *** . Currently I like Sarah Millican and the gentle Pam Ayres.

Australian humour tends to be dry. I grew out of physical humour (Jerry Lewis,Lucille Ball) when I was 12 .

Rowan Atkinson as Black Adder is hilarious to me. Also loved Stephen Fry as Jeeves in " Jeeves and Wooster" (the original books by PG Wodehouse are even funnier)

Oh, I love the wit of 'Boston Legal' .

I simply can't see the point in making fun of dysfunctional people. EG Raymond's toxic family, and the group of shallow, narcissistic people in Seinfeld. Quite possibly because Raymond's family is much too much like mine. But I just don't like Jerry Seinfeld .He comes across to me as a creep and his friends as a bunch of boring losers.

You asked, I've given a brief answer about my sense of humour by way of explanation. I have no need to defend my tastes or seek your approval.

** I highly recommend. Lenny's book "How To Talk Dirty And Influence People" ------George Carlin owed Lenny Bruce a lot. So did later great American stand up comics such as Richard Prior, and Chris Rock.

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Cranky ...” I just don't like

Cranky ...” I just don't like Jerry Seinfeld ”

Fuck! I loved that show. I was married to “George” pre kids (yah, I should have been picker)

I love Will Ferrell comedy also ... i laugh at about anything when I actually think about it.

Except Tin man ... he sucks. Never gets a laugh out of me. Juevie canned humor ... I will hum his songs though- he’s got a pinch of talent there...

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Tin Man ? Humor? Good god

Tin Man ? Humor? Good god woman they aren't strangers they are on different continents.

Now Tin Man does not "suck" or we would be much better friends...or at least on better terms. Trustt me the terms that I moved in on required a lot more of, shall we say "vacuum" effort from the alloy boy. Lately midget Bononbo porn seems to have caprured all his attention, and most of the lubricant gel.

Tin Man has no "songs" he merely ( as is distressingly commonplace in this century) posts links to those talented enough to attract his juvenile tastes.

You love Will Ferrell? ...Oh how trite. Commonplace and over acted...hmmmm....

And Cranky doesn't like Jerry Seinfield because his life exactly reflects the pointless "no story" that that towering genius of comedy is reflecting each and every episode.

Now, Mrs Doubt...errr whitefire grab you rolling pin, fill it with liquid and prepare to baste Cog. After all he is the father of humor ( he says) on this site.

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No one has mentioned Mel

No one has mentioned Mel Brooks? Many of his movies are epic. Blazing Saddles, Men in Tights, a long list of pure humor.

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"No one has mentioned Mel Brooks? Many of his movies are epic. Blazing Saddles, Men in Tights, a long list of pure humor."

For me, '"Blazing Saddles "is an exception to the rule. Also loved "The Producers" and "Young Frankenstein"------------If Mel Brooks doesn't strike some chord ,you gave no heart. imo.

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@David K. Re: "Got your back

@David K. Re: "Got your back tinny, covering the 6."

Roger that! Lay down suppressive fire! I'm starting my attack!...

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No mercy !!!
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He is not that far off. The

He is not that far off. The response of the Church hierarchy from Benedict to the bishops to my local priest to the priest on the steps of the Baltimore basilica in response to the pedophile crisis was the same - The standard lecture on the sanctity of the penis.I learned that to the clergy - women are nothing but soul less objects that God created to worship men and breed.

The founding president of our local KOC auxillary shouted out "Speak English" to group of people across a parking lot. I had been proud that Catholicism was a world wide religion welcoming everyone.

The state officers were so HAPPY when Trump was elected.

The Australian canon lawyer and the sociologist published two documents. The first is a legal report entitled “Canon Law – A Systemic Factor in Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church.” (Free download from National Catholic Reporter) written for the Australian government. The second is the lay version “Potiphar’s Wife.” (Buy on line for real money). I verified the information with the author of the second book and the legal firm from the movie Spotlight. A third is “Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church; An Interpretive Review of the Literature and Public Inquiry Report” another free download through the Center for Global Research; School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT Both books thoroughly document how the vatican ORDERED the bishops to protect the pedophiles starting 100 years ago. They include more detail on the Pontifical Secret that Francis just abolished. &

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Thank you Mrs. Paul Owczarek,

Thank you Mrs. Paul Owczarek, a voice of reason. It is a shame you could not be Pope.

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@Mrs Paul Owczarek

@Mrs Paul Owczarek

A thoughtful and sadly all too accurate post.

Imo you are far from alone among Australian Catholics as well as Catholics in most other countries

I have a cousin whois very devout. A few years ago, I asked him how he could remain a Catholic in the light of child the sex abuse scandal. His response was the abuse was by some weak, immoral men. BUT their crimes do not invalidate any of the teachings of the church. .I thought that was a pretty good response.

Having said that, I'd like to recommend a book to you,. It's by Geoffrey Robinson QC. . A very slim volume 'The Case Of The Pope'. Robinson explains why in his opinion the pope is culpable in the child abuse scandal. He also explains why the Vatican may be a defacto state it does not meet the criteria fora state . I found it fascinating.


A review, in full:

The first child sex scandal in the Catholic church took place in AD153, long before there was a "gay culture" or Jewish journalists for bishops to blame it on. By the 1960s, the problem had become so dire that a cleric responsible for the care of "erring" priests wrote to the Vatican suggesting that it acquire a Caribbean island to put them on.

What has made a bad situation worse, as the eminent QC Geoffrey Robertson argues in this coolly devastating inquiry, is canon law – the church's own arcane, highly secretive legal system, which deals with alleged child abusers in a dismayingly mild manner rather than handing them over to the police. Its "penalties" for raping children include such draconian measures as warnings, rebukes, extra prayers, counselling and a few months on retreat. It is even possible to interpret canon law as claiming that a valid defence for paedophile offences is paedophilia. Since child abusers are supposedly incapable of controlling their sexual urges, this can be used in their defence. It is rather like pleading not guilty to stealing from Tesco's on the grounds that one is a shoplifter. One blindingly simple reason for the huge amount of child abuse in the Catholic church (on one estimate, up to 9% of clerics are implicated) is that the perpetrators know they will almost certainly get away with it.

For almost a quarter of a century, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the man who is now Pope, was in supreme command of this parallel system of justice – a system deliberately hidden from the public, police and parliaments and run, so Robertson maintains, in defiance of international law. Those who imagine that the Vatican has recently agreed to cooperate with the police, he points out, have simply fallen for one of its cynical public relations exercises. In the so-called "New Norms" published by Pope Benedict this year, there is still no instruction to report suspected offenders to the civil authorities, and attempting to ordain a woman is deemed to be as serious an offence as sodomising a child. There have, however, been some changes: victims of child abuse are now allowed to report the matter up to the age of 38 rather than 28. If you happen to be 39, that's just tough luck. As Robertson wryly comments, Jesus declares that child molesters deserve to be drowned in the depths of the sea, not hidden in the depths of the Holy See.

How can Ratzinger get away with it? One mightily important reason, examined in detail in this book, is because he is supposedly a head of state. The Vatican describes itself on its website as an "absolute monarchy", which means that the Pope is immune from being sued or prosecuted. It also means that as the only body in the world with "non-member state" status at the UN, the Catholic church has a global platform for pursuing its goals of diminishing women, demonising homosexuals, obstructing the use of condoms to prevent Aids and refusing to allow abortion even to save the life of the mother. For these purposes, it is sometimes to be found in unholy alliance with states such as Libya and Iran. Neither is it slow to use veiled threats of excommunication to bend Catholic politicians throughout the world to its will. If Pope Benedict were to air some of his troglodytic views with full public force, Robertson suggests, the Home Office would have been forced to refuse him entry into Britain.

In fact, he argues, the Vatican's claim to statehood is bogus. It dates from a treaty established between Mussolini and the Holy See, which Robertson believes has no basis in international law. The Vatican has no permanent population, which is a legal requirement of being a state. In fact, since almost all its inhabitants are celibate, it cannot propagate citizens at all other than by unfortunate accident. It is not really a territory, has no jurisdiction over crimes committed in its precincts and depends for all its essential services on the neighbouring nation of Italy. Nor does it field a team in the World Cup, surely the most convincing sign of its phoniness.

"Petty gossip" is how the Pope has described irrefutable evidence of serious crimes. His time as the Vatican official in charge of overseeing priestly discipline was the period when, in Robertson's furiously eloquent words, "tens of thousands of children were bewitched, buggered and bewildered by Catholic priests whilst [Ratzinger's] attention was fixated on 'evil' homosexuals, sinful divorcees, deviate liberation theologians, planners of families and wearers of condoms".

Can he be brought to book for this? As a widespread and systematic practice, clerical sexual abuse could be considered a crime against humanity, such crimes not being confined to times of war; and though Ratzinger may claim immunity as a head of state, he is also a German citizen. The book comes to no firm conclusion here, but the possibility of convicting the supreme pontiff of aiding and abetting the international crime of systemic child abuse seems not out of the question. The Vatican, in any case, is unlikely to escape such a fate by arguing, as it has done already, that the relations between the Pope and his bishops are of such unfathomable theological complexity that no mere human court could ever hope to grasp them.

This is a book that combines moral passion with steely forensic precision, enlivened with the odd flash of dry wit. With admirable judiciousness, it even finds it in its heart to praise the charitable work of the Catholic church, as well as reminding us that paedophiles (whom Robertson has defended in court) can be kindly men. It is one of the most formidable demolition jobs one could imagine on a man who has done more to discredit the cause of religion than Rasputin and Pat Robertson put together.

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@ Cranky, great review. As an

@ Cranky, great review. As an Anglican/Presbyterian refugee, I have always regarded Catholicism with morbid fascination.

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Ah yes, Anglicanism, aka Catholic lite.

--I once attended evensong at the chapel of Kings College Cambridge. (my hostess had 2 sons in the superb choir.) This is high church of England .The only way I could tell it was not a catholic church was there was no picture of the pope. I couldn't tell from the ceremony; they even crossed themselves.

In Oz Presbyterians in Oz are now Uniting church. Formed by a union of them, Methodists and Congregationalists in 1977.

They've loosened a little since then. Was a time they were all dead set against sex. (lest it lead to dancing)

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@ Cranky

@ Cranky
The most curious thing about my deaf mute parents was that they never argued over anything other than money and what church I should have been christened in.
So rancorous was this dispute I was never christened at all.
My mother was C of E and the old man was Presbyterian although neither ever went to church other than for the socially obligatory christenings, marriages and funerals. I eventually fell under my maternal grandmothers influence. She was an ardent socialist and one time suffragette and much more fun and challenging than either of my parents.
My mother claimed Jesus appeared to her twice in her life and communicated to her in sign language. My grandmother was keen to secretly point out to me that signing should not have been necessary for an omnipotent deity.

I only became aware of Catholics as a child when they started throwing rocks at me.

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"I only became aware of Catholics as a child when they started throwing rocks at me.'

I believe you.

I started school at a local convent and was taught by nuns. One day our teacher admonished us. We were told not to throw rocks at the protestant children on their way home from school---We should be kind tot them . After all it wasn't their fault they were all going to hell. (true I swear)

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After it compared women

After it compared women priests to pedophiles, I wrote it and told it exactly what I thought of it. I included the T-shirt that completely summed up its entire religious belief system. "I'm with Stupid Arrow down" Shortly afterward, it resigned. The package might have gotten through.

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Hey! If she dressed up like

Hey! If she dressed up like a guy she could, right?!?!?

Grinseed's picture


Nah, that didn't work out quite so well last time...or so the story goes.

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