The Poetic Quran ?

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The Poetic Quran ?

Guys so i've been searching for answer in non muslim sources and many of these are pretty convincing . But i have a huge problem, i live reciting quran and to listen to recitation by saudi imam's its really pleasing . I have a doubt . Why is quran written in a poetic style ? How could illetarae mohammed recited quran in a poetic manner to his disciples ?

And i saw many videos by Nouman Ali Khan its kind of convincing and it confuses me :( he says that he was an atheist once . Help me .i am very depressed

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1) Why do you think Muhammad

1) Why do you think Muhammad was illiterate?

2) Why do you think illiterate people can't be artful?

3) Where you born knowing religion? No. Everyone was an atheist at one time.

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The Quran being/sounding

The Quran being/sounding poetic is completely subjective. I personally really dislike quran recitations it sounds to me like a cat being strangled, and I really can't listen to it for more than a few seconds.

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Illiteracy means one does not

Illiteracy means one does not know how to read or write. It does not mean one cannot speak , be multilingual, sing , recite poetry . Being illiterate and reciting a poem is not evidence of a miracle.

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