Pop Music Saved me today Not Jesus

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Pop Music Saved me today Not Jesus

Last night to get the kids to go to bed we told them that the easter bunny only comes when your asleep. That prompted my 8 year old daughter to ask for a piece of paper. She's quieter than her cousins and yet I can tell there is so much going on in that little head. She asked me how to spell a couple words as she was writing a letter to the easter bunny. I thought, why is she doing this now? If she's asks for something from the easter bunny I'm not feeling like running out at night to get a toy to save easter bunny face. It was a 2 page letter with a very cute picture to pre-thank the easter bunny for making her easter the happiest easter.
Now I was asked to church by my christian family for Easter Sunday. I haven't gone to church in years and don't plan on going again after what happened today. On the way to church with my two kids I wanted my daughter( she's my DJ) to play one of favorites, fake love by drake. Thought it would get me in the mood to handle church again. She wanted to play Katie Perry's Hot and Cold. We listened to the song and she bopped her head and sang some of the words. I asked her if she knew what the song was saying. no answer. She played it again and after she said " Mom, I hear a lot of opposites. " I said "Yes sometimes there are people that say one thing then they say the opposite. I love you. I hate you." She said "maybe their just nervous. " I smiled and said you may be right. I know get confused when I'm nervous. She smiled a shy smile and said "Me too Moma".
She played most of drake for me then back to her Katie Perry Hot and Cold.

WE arrive at church and my family wants to be right up front. not my choice. Music was ok and the young pastors daughter has the voice of an angel so she made it batter. She reminded me of my times in church plays and being apart of the praise as a young teen. Then came this video before they let the kids go to their Sunday school. This is a youtube video thats attached called its Friday but Sundays coming. it was fine at first but as soon as they started slashing Jesus and it got bloody I started getting concerned about my girl. She was watching intently and I whispered to my christian more liberal sister that I don't like my kid watching this. She said you can take her out which I was considering or putting my church program infant of her eyes. instead I whispered are you doing ok this is pretty gory.
Then it was over and my stomach was turning. I wanted to talk to her about what she just saw but they dismissed the kids and I was left with my 3 year old who laid on my lap the rest of the sermon.

Sis took the kids and I got to run home to let the dogs out and get the baskets for the hunt. Katie Perry's Bubble song played and made me smile. But really I wanted to vent post this because for the first time I was actually comfortable with myself in church. The sermon was bad simple minded and I felt this nervous energy from the pastor who knew me all my life and probably felt pressure from my parents to lead me back to christ. Because of the atheists in this forum I wasn't nervous because listening and talking to you guys has made me realize I'm not crazy for doubting this shit. Thank you for that.

Off to hide some eggs and forget today for a bit.


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Wonderful story Jamie! Thanks

Wonderful story Jamie! Thanks.

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Christians got to have their

Christians got to have their bloody and battered Jesus. Sick stuff to show children.

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Reggae Music for me. Although

Reggae Music for me. Although Drake's music is pretty good IMO. Sorry that church stuff had to be part of your day. At least it's over now.

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you felt kind of guilty ha

you felt kind of guilty ha?why are you going in and out of church for? You see the who thing as shit do you, well you missed the whole point of the service. Your so occupied with so many things you lost the significance of the true meaning of the servicePut yourself aside take a back seat approach and get on your knees and be thankful that we can still worship god in this country.And one more thing never call it shit again..

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Im sorry were you at my

Im sorry were you at my church today science follower ? I tell you what you think I missed because you seem to have me figured out. Ive been an avid church goer all my life and I've never actually paid complete attention like I did today. yes kids are distracting but I heard every thing that was said and what even crazier, I thought about it.
Male pastor started with his testimony. In 1973 he said he found the lord. He seems 55 plus now. He ran into his house and declared with such joy to his family " I AM NEVER GONNA DIE!" That did it for him. I need more to convince me than Just hearing a preacher telling me your never gonna die. Now onto DEATH. He talked about how over the years my wife and I have seen so many people die< he lists a bunch of people close to him. And I don't like death he said. Thats why its so great we are never going to die. Throughout his sermon he would tell everyone to raise their hands to Jesus and thank him. He said at one point "I know I have said this like 12 times already but raise your hands to Jesus and thank him.
Next came pastors wife whom I've always loved. in fact when I was like 14 my aunt had a dream that I married a dark haired pastor and became a pastors wife. My parents were so excited of the thought that I would be a pastor wife I met with her and that became my dream too. I had my eye out for some dark haired man of God that would be all I needed to grab my heart and make Jesus my all. I was a leader in christian club at high school and would set my bible on my desk read it when I could. I remember the cute surfer boy who sat behind me in history that would play with my hair call me beautiful and make me feel feeling of lustful sin. I showed him no sign that I was intrigued but mocked him like he was being stupid.
Anyways, I withstood temptation of EVERYTHING! Pastors wife sermon was based on Romans 12:2 "Do not be conformed to the ways of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind... Her thoughts on this passage was " I want you guys to loose your mind. Loose every way of thinking so that god can transform your mind.
And don't tell me what I can call shit. Shit was being nice.

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you are a profane person, the

you are a profane person, the spirit of god does not abide in you, You have one foot in the world and the other in a church.When are you going to renounce the things of this age and be conformed to Jesus Christ.You can`t have it both ways You know our lord says in the book of revelation that he doesn`t like people who are luke warm he spits them out of his mouth.Get serkious if your going to call yourself a follower of Christ.or stay the hell home.

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Oh for cryin' out loud

Oh for cryin' out loud science follower.
1) You aren't a science follower in the first place.
2) There is no point of the service because there is never a point to any religious service other than making you feel guilty and to pry cold hard cash from your hands.
So get off of your high horse.
Oh and by the way SHIT SHIT SHIT. Christianity is FUCKING SHIT. Christians are FUCKING SHITHEADS.
"and get on your knees and be thankful that we can still worship god in this country" bullshit as if worshiping was in any danger in this country. Free thought is in danger but worshiping that fucking shit god.
Don't you ever think that you have the fucking right to tell anyone to get on their knees. You don't have ANY fucking authority.
You can take your fucking god and cram him up your ass and then get on your kness and worship the shit out of him if you want but don't ever demand that anyone else worship your fucking shit god.
Heres a test. Why don't you pray and one hand and shit in the other and see what the fuck you have. You'll SHIT which is exactly what religion is. It's SHIT.
There you want to demand that I quit calling your fucking shit god a piece of shit? Hmmmm? Well pal it ain't gonna happen. Fucking shit god! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!!!

SecularSonOfABiscuitEater's picture
"There you want to demand

"There you want to demand that I quit.."

Maybe he should just pray for you to stop hahahaha

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why just because I have a

why just because I have a thing called reverence for god and the church.You see she didn`t hear one thing that the pastor said shes busy wordly music and easter eggs. Common when you go to church go to church to pray and reverence the lord.Or stay home like your atheist friends.

jamiebgood1's picture
Yes I will stay home in a

Yes I will stay home in a happy loving place with my atheist friends. You science follower are a mean person. Do you get that hatred from your loving God?

SecularSonOfABiscuitEater's picture
It's official. Science

It's official. Science follower/ Simply Agnostic/ whatever the name is tomorrow is an internet TROLL.

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Your story was great. It totally describes how we atheist are always put upon and forced to conform to christian idealism. And christianity IS shit.

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Mykcob4 You made me laugh so

Mykcob4 You made me laugh so hard every Shit u spat. a little gross with the shit in the hands lol. I adore you. So Fucking Funny:)

mykcob4's picture
Glad I could make you laugh!

Glad I could make you laugh!

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what sick humor, I guess when

what sick humor, I guess when your an atheist language has no bounds. You are a vulgar person, you are deceived by the philosophy of the current age which is anti-God It just shows that by what measure you would stoop to make your point.I pray for you that like Romans the 1st chapter that you would change from the destructive path that your living in.Long live king Jesus Alpha and Omega the first and the last. His word is final not you or any other atheist.

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Science follower: Tone down

Science follower: Tone down the attacks on well, everyone, and it won't be so obvious you are just trolling/flamebaiting.

Your content/background research and delivery is actually not half bad. You are almost believable if you did not attack every target you set eyes on.

I say this because a good non obvious troll can actually be fun to debate with. You are almost there buddy just refine your method a bit more instead of trying to machine gun the entire discussion board to get responses.

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Ok I shouldn't have laughed

Ok I shouldn't have laughed so hard at His cursing. Mykcob4 just knows that I like it when he curses with purpose. I've spent a lot of my life around Christians like you who choose to cast the first stone, have prayer time to pray Debbie stops being such a slut and Rogers sleeping with Sally did you know. lets pray for them. Hypocrites is what I have seen in the church. Our pastor confessed his affair with his assistant to ask for forgiveness from God and his congregation and guess who leaves the church. slut secretary of course. I think the purpose of the foul language was lost on you.

mykcob4's picture
@science follower

@science follower
What you guess is absurd as is your idea of right and wrong. You didn't think that YOU were WRONG when you DEMANDED that someone bow down to YOUR god. No one is deceived by the philosophy of the current age. I doubt very much that there is such a thing. I stoop to make my point to a level that YOU will understand and no further. That being said I had to stoop really really low.
And don't be so condescending to "pray for me'. It is a complete waste of time and is nothing more than a pathetic show. And "his" word isn't final, in fact, it never existed. the only ones that have spoken to have ever had words were human beings. So spare me your false indignation your platitudes of mythology.
BTW don't you think that "king" would be a pretty low rank for someone that claims to be a god? And you are the sick one, coming onto an atheist forum and chastising them because they don't conform to your mythology. That is the very definition of sick. It is the very definition of pathetic!

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"Science Follower " huh? My

"Science Follower " huh? My ass.

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