The Pope resign. Anything special?

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The Pope resign. Anything special?

Things happens...records are broken, new happenings are bound to manifest. And here is one. Do you feel he portrayed a good example of Leadership? I can't do this anymore, due to my health, so I've got to resign! What a man!

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No, there is still problems

No, there is still problems in the church such as the molestation issue as well as the fact that they are the richest denomination in Christianity and yet does not give a good portion of it to the people that actually needs help rather than being taken advantage of by the church in order to get some converts. To me, he's basically running away from the problems rather than facing it head on which tells me that the Catholic Church is guilty of at least one thing.

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The fact that people still

The fact that people still care about a pope is sad enough to me. I believe that the church should have a lot less power than it does in this day and age. But even if it takes another century, i am sure we will get rid of religious control as a society sooner or later.

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I think the Pope has a secret

I think the Pope has a secret, something which could make him culpable regarding the charges of misuse of power in the priesthood surfacing in the church recently: better to step aside than chance taking the heat as Pope.

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For me there is nothing

For me there is nothing special if he resigns nor if the Catholic church have a new Pope who wanted to portray simplicity. I really don't care now about that special news for the catholic community even though I was once a devoted catholic. News about every movement in Vatican sucks for me now!

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Has a Pope ever resigned

Has a Pope ever resigned before? I think that the pope resigning breaks some of the facade of him being a chosen emissary of God... but people seem to be able to swallow anything these days.

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I believe the Pope is hiding

I believe the Pope is hiding something that may hold him accountable for the accusations of abuse of authority that have lately surfaced in the church: it would be better for him to resign than for chance to assume the role of geometry dash lite.

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