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DAN: Why do you bother.

DAN: Why do you bother. When you are logged into the Creationists sites all the little minions thing you are intelligent and have something wonderful to say. Around here we all know you are full of Bullshit. Did you finish High School? Your are either quoting from apologists who have no idea what they are talking about or just making shit up,.

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I am an amateur metaphysician

I am an amateur metaphysician. These are my ideas. They are works in progress rather than the finished article. And I long ago finished school.

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@ Dan Keyword: amateur. rmfr

@ Dan

Keyword: amateur.


EDIT: 2nd Keyword: metaphysician. No such thing. Just another word for Religious Absolutist Apologist.

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LOL, yeah it's like being a

LOL, yeah it's like being a part time tarot card reader; or beginner chicken bones shaker.

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"Metaphysics has many

"Metaphysics has many detractors. The man who aspires “to know reality as against mere appearance,” to use Bradley’s description, is commonly taken to be a dreamer, a dupe, or a charlatan. Reality in this context is, by the metaphysician’s own admission, something that is inaccessible to sense; as Plato explained, it can be discovered only by the pure intelligence, and only if the latter can shake itself free of bodily encumbrances. The inference that the metaphysical world is secret and mysterious is natural enough. Metaphysics in this view unlocks the mysteries and lets the ordinary man into the secrets. It is, not to put too fine a point on it, a study of the occult."

So you study the occult, as an amateur, I'm underwhelmed I must say.

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Keep it up Dan, and for only

Keep it up Dan, and for only $90 down, you can enroll in the University of Sedona, the world's largest (unfortunately unaccredited) university of metaphysics. Trust me, they have a long distance program you can complete on your computer. The program consists of 48 modules with 48 open-book exams. On completion you get a pretty certificate you can hang on the wall of your padded room.

I love item 40 on the Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.Msc, Controlling Psychic Vibrations in Your Immediate Environment.

I wonder why such a wonderful institution is stuck out in the middle of Arizona?

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Funny thing is that none of

Funny thing is that none of the degrees they offer are of anything I would even recognize as degrees. Just another degree mill that seems to make more money than the one Kent Hovind got his PHD (Piled Horse Dookie) from.

Hurry, Dan, you don't want to get left out. They may run out of spaces for you.


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1. Unevidenced assertion
2. Unevidenced assertion
3. Unevidenced assertion
4. Unevidenced assertion
5. Unevidenced assertion
6. Unevidenced assertion
7. Unevidenced assertion
8. "So a timeless, eternal God must have created time" Unevidenced conclusion based on a bunch of unevidenced assertions.

* Uses an argument from another thread summarised here. Assume time is infinite with events stretching back forever:
a. Unevidenced assertion
b. Unevidenced assertion
c. Unevidenced assertion
d. Unevidenced assertion
e. Unevidenced assertion
f. So time must of had a start Unevidenced conclusion based on a bunch of unevidenced assertions.

There, fixed it for you.

You do realize "time" is a word made up by humans to measure one event to another right? "Time as you describe it does not exist. Events happen and those events happen in a way where they can be compared to other events, and it can be useful to know how events compare to other events. (These events are always the measurement of "movement" too even if it is now down to the atomic scale.)



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Ladies and gentlemen, for

Ladies and gentlemen, for your musical entertainment, here is an oldie but goodie that seems rather appropriate for this thread. Enjoy.... *grin*...

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Thanks Tin-Man. After reading

Thanks Tin-Man. After reading all the crap filling this forum, my brain definitely needs some down time to recover.

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Great song Tin-Man.

Great song Tin-Man. Definitely needed that to just sit and let the mind empty and listen.


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@ TM

@ TM
this is what I get: : Video unavailable
This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Youtube are arseholes....

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Hey, Old Man, try this one.

Hey, Old Man, try this one. With any luck you can get this one.

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Of course for a more

Of course for a more dignified discussion of time you cant go past this:

A Serious Discussion on Time

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Once again god retreats to

Once again god retreats to the boundaries of our understanding; where he was created, and the only place he can exist.

If he was real he would be easily proven inside our current understanding by doing something i.e existing and acting/interacting.

Why is he fleeing from truth and fact like a coward? Like a monster from ones childhood. hiding on the borders of light and darkness where one could not see clearly.

You are not looking for truth, you are looking at the data with a conclusion in mind. Conclusions are supposed to follow analysis of data, not the other way around. That's one of the many problems with religion: It can't be objective, because objectivity kills God.

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saying "something" probably

saying "something" probably existed before this universe doesn't mean it has to be a god as taught by the big three.

how do people even think thats a proof?

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"how do people even think thats a proof?"

Too many theists were raised in an environment where obedience to authority reigned supreme, and challenging authority was/is forbidden. They then transitioned into being practicing members of their faith, and still lived under this system, that the religious leaders gave orders and proclamations that were never challenged. They are conditioned to believe that if someone makes a statement that involves their faith, it must be accepted by all.

We see it all the time, a theist wanders in here and makes all sorts of wild assertions. Those wild assertions are challenged, and they basically blow a fuse, they are suddenly in a land they have never experienced. Some just shut down and run away after the OP. Some double down and make even more ludicrous assertions, and others just stick to their guns despite overwhelming proof that their assertions cannot be proven.

And of course, some just live in a fantasy land of woo woo and are bat-shit crazy.

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@ Dan

@ Dan

You believe in a deity that wants to be found, wants us to find it, then why is it such a coward it has to play hide-and-seek?

You believe in a deity that is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent, then why is it so hard for this deity of yours to offer irrefutable objective hard empirical evidence of its existence?

You have also stated that you are Christian but do not believe in the deity of the Bible. Do you not see the problem?

Why is your deity such a coward?


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Well, I do know one thing.

Well, I do know one thing. Dan is logging in and reading posts. The only thing he is doing is clicking the "Disagree" button. Especially on my posts.

Dan, you are a coward. I never click the Disagree button. I just simply post why I disagree.


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@ Dan

@ Dan

Posted this in another thread.

One of the Omnis of your deity is omnipresence. If that is so, then why would it need a tribe of goat herders to spread the good word about it? Why could it not appear to all the peoples of the world at once? Why would it be such a coward and appear to only one tribe? Why won't it give all peoples irrefutable objective hard empirical evidence of its existence?


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A cynic might observe that

A cynic might observe that the "appearances" of deities, and supernatural claims in general seem to diminish in direct proportion to the proportion of the populace that receive an education, and of course modern technology that might record such events, were they real of course.

No supernatural claim has ever been objectively evidenced, and this includes the existence of any deity, that alone is sufficient for me to disbelieve the claims.

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DAN: Do you understand what

DAN: Do you understand what "Proof" is? You have offered nothing at all in the form of "evidence" for the existence of god. All you have done is string together a bunch of inane unsubstantiated assertions and then proclaimed "Therefore God."

PROOF: Proof is the sum of evidence which helps to prove something. Proof is the evidence, which you have none, establishing the fact of an assertion. Proof would be a logical conclusion based on "EVIDENCE." (You have offered no evidence what so ever.)

Evidence demonstrates something exists or is true. It refers to facts. You have offered NONE. Where is this proof you spoke of in your OP?

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Don't you understand this religious thing? You can't prove a god exists because you'll do Satan right out of a job. Satan doesn't like that, so even if your logic was sound (which it isn't) it can't prove a god because that would disprove Satan. You can't have one without the other; otherwise, your god would just introduce himself.

I'm sure everybody has proven their god exists in much the same manner, otherwise, they'd believe in your god, yet mutliple religions exist all over the world with the exact same evidence for their god as for yours.

I don't know why I bother though, if you could reason with religious people there would be no religious people.

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Hey Kataclismic, where the

Hey Kataclismic, where the hell ya been man. Missed you.

Kataclismic: "I don't know why I bother though, if you could reason with religious people there would be no religious people."

That one is so funny, yet so damned true. Really missed your intelligent quips.


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Where did that disagree come

Where did that disagree come from? LOL.

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@ Grinseed

@ Grinseed

I think JNV3 is going through every thread and hitting "disagree" with Arakish, myself and Sheldon for debunking his childish posts.

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Funny, but I suspect true as

Funny, but I suspect true as well. Teenage boys, what can you do?

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Grinseed: "Where did that

Grinseed: "Where did that disagree come from? LOL."

I have a secret stalker. All they do is login to this site and click "Disagree" on virtually everything I post.

Must have been Love at First Reading.


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@Arakish Re: Disagrees and

@Arakish Re: Disagrees and Secret Stalker

Hey, just wanted to let you know that last Disagree was from me. I'm practicing at being a copycat stalker.... *grin*...


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