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Aw, another 'club' I am not a

Aw, another 'club' I am not a member of. I gotta work on offending theists more, rather than just mocking them.

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@ Tin-Man Re: "Practice Works

@ Tin-Man Re: "Practice Works Towards Perfection"

I don't mind. Practice all you need. ***smile***

@ Secret Admirer

At least when I do click the Disagree button, I am man enough to post why I disagree. Unlike some childish juvenile delinquents.


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1. Axiom: ‘events in time are

1. Axiom: ‘events in time are caused by events’

PSR(Principle of Sufficient Reason) is not a universally accepted concept in ontology. Furthermore, It is underpinned by outdate Aristotelian logic that does not follow the physics.

2. Can’t get something from (the philosopher’s) nothing

Physical events (axiom) and Theoretical nothing, do we see an issue here? If you can make both physical, can you identify and/or define actual nothing.

3. So something must have existed always (because we exist and from [1])

The universe.

4. Time has a start *


5. So nothing can exist forever in time


6. So something must have existed forever outside of time

You appear to be defining time as a material dimension, how is something outside of it?
However, time is more roughly put, what we perceive as the increase in entropy in the universe.

7. Existing outside time would mean not subject to axiom

How is something outside of time, entropy and so fourth but can intervene, transcend etc. within time? explain.

8. So a timeless, eternal God must have created time (which is real - see below)

Please define or describe the first effect made, otherwise this is essentially a god of the gaps fallacy.

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Interestingly, maybe the

Interestingly, maybe the beginning of our universe was not the beginning of time.

So it cannot be stated that time had a beginning.... at least in respect to our universe.

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No every thing that

No every thing that "EXIST" has Archaeological record of existence. You can fool other people here with your philosophical crap (its only thing that you have, really) but give me Archaeological record of god and his deeds (you remember ofcourse from your holy books that he created a great flood and other things - like us. so he's a real thing you dont need philosophy here (its only for pretentious c..ts, who likes to show how smart they are in philosophical debates).

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Troll. rmfr




Attach Image/Video?: 

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there is another proof.above

there is another proof above - religious user can only post "shit" on the forum lol.

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@ SergiG

@ SergiG

And what is that story about the pan and the kettle?


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"No every thing that

"No every thing that "EXIST" has Archaeological record of existence."

Say what now?

"You can fool other people here with your philosophical crap (its only thing that you have, really) but give me Archaeological record of god and his deeds "

You know what the "atheist" in Atheist Republic means right?

Is this header for real? It's becoming harder and harder to tell.

"(its only for pretentious c..ts, who likes to show how smart they are in philosophical debates)."

As opposed to ignorant cunts who are way out of their depth in any kind of debate you mean?

Being angry and chippy doesn't you make your claims any less erroneous.

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@ SergiG: Why do you insist

@ SergiG: Why do you insist on using the "CRAPPIEST" of arguments against religious claims. Every page of the bible is an archaeological discovery.

a discovery in Giv’at ha-Mivtar, a Jewish neighbourhood in north-east Jerusalem, proves that a victim of crucifixion could receive a proper, honourable Jewish burial. The story begins in 1968 when building contractors unexpectedly uncovered an ancient burial site containing about 35 bodies.

One tomb contained the bones of two generations of a family who lived in the century before the time of Jesus. One member of that family was Yehohanan, who was between 24 and 28 years old when he died. He had been crucified. His bones were discovered in an 18-inch long limestone ossuary (or bone-box), and a seven-inch nail had been driven through the heel bone of his left foot.

Archaeology has also added to this literary evidence. The evidence on the ground in Nazareth gives a good indication of the ancient date of the village. For example, archaeological digs in the vicinity of Nazareth have discovered tombs dating from the first century AD confirming the village was a strongly Jewish settlement. Then, in December 2009, archaeologists from the Israeli Antiquities Authority, excavating in the grounds of a former convent, unearthed a house from first century Nazareth. According to excavation director Yardenna Alexandre: “The discovery is of the utmost importance since it reveals for the very first time a house from the Jewish village of Nazareth and thereby sheds light on the way of life at the time of Jesus. The building that we found is small and modest and it is most likely typical of the dwellings in Nazareth in that period.”

Were I to go on and on and on there are hundreds if not thousands of archaeological findings that support the stories of the Bible. Basing a refutation of Jesus, God or the Bible on the supposed lack of archaeology is FUCKING STUPID. Especially if you are not an archaeologist whose specialty is first century Greek and Roman archaeology. You sound as stupid as the Creationists. All you are doing is making one inane assertion after another. Any intelligent theist would make you look like a moron.

You do not get support on this site, even if you are an atheist, for bad arguments and inane assertions. Please read a frigging book and think about the things you say.,


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