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The reticence the question produces is always quite deafening.

The real irony is when after months of evading the question on here, religious apologists unashamedly claim they've already provided "evidence" and all the atheists are ignoring it. Of course requests for a link to it, orca brief synopsis are invariably met with exasperated histrionics, or more reticence.

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@Sheldon: But ... but....

@Sheldon: But ... but.... but..... If they answer the question there will not be a debate and AR will no longer be necessary. Old man would have no place to ride his bike, Captain would lose his ship, Tin's heart would no longer have a use, and what the fuck am I supposed to do with all this poo. THINK OF YOUR FELLOW ATHEISTS and change the question. (We all know they can't answer it.) :-)


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