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It does seem hard to back up

It does seem hard to back up or prove that there is or isn't a higher being. It's just like life on other planets, we can't say for sure that there is and we can't say there isn't. It's just someone's personal opinion and there are a lot of people who go along with both sides of the statement.

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I think the reason the

I think the reason the universe looks like it was made to accommodate us is simply because we evolved here. If things were put together differently... let's say sulfur was the main ingredient in the atmosphere...gravity 3 times stronger...a 37 hour day...and totally different forms of life existed in those conditions...and one of those life forms was aware of itself with the capacity for's very likely that life form would conclude things were designed to accommodate them...if they were religious.

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Precisely. the "this can't be

Precisely. the "this can't be a coincidence" argument has always irked me tremendously.

Of *course* things look perfect from here. Hindsight is 20/20 after all.

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Atheists cannot prove that

Atheists cannot prove that there is god but they can't believe what theists claims about the existence of one supreme god. Topic about god is too complicated to be thoroughly explained but if god can be seen, then what makes him unique. If we can understand his thoughts, what makes him god? And if ever the case is that god can interact to us just like a king or leader, I'm sure atheists still won't call him god. Why? Because to be a god, one' must possess extraordinary and unexplainable characteristics and abilities.

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Actually you did really good

Actually you did really good on the spelling and Grammar. you seem to be an agnostic atheist just like me... no proof one way or the other so no belief until actually proven.


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